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Astra Suite


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Voxativ Ampeggio by Schimmel Pianos ... from Germany


Click or tap here to check out some feedback on the fabulous Voxativ Ampeggio loudspeakers



The Lavardin IT-15 Integrated Amplifier


Now on demo at our showroom, check it out.


Lavardin IT-15

Lavardin IT-15 integrated amplifier


The Lavardin IT-15 is a solid-state amplifier that has the good sonic qualities of the best tube amplification around, without the tubes.

Lavardin’s elimination of “memory distortion” effects in components coupled with its latest technology of optimizing components even

further has produced a truly remarkable musical amplifier. Wonderfully transparent without sacrificing musicality, a natural sound.


Lavardin IT-15

Lavardin IT-15 integrated amplifier


Arguably the best solid-state integrated amplifier we have heard.  If you thought the legendary Lavardin IT was great,

you got another thing coming, the IT-15 raises the bar much higher.




TAS Golden Ear Award for Da Vinci Audio

Once again, Da Vinci Audio Labs garners a TAS Golden Ear Award. For 2011, the Da Vinci AAS Gabriel MKII turntable with the Da Vinci Grandezza tonearm.

Also watch out for the full review of the AAS Gabriel + Grandezza cartridge on the The Absolute Sound magazine, issue 216 - "Simply Terrific"



The New Da Vinci Virtu Tonearm


1. Invention of a four point fixed gimbal mount magnetic and ruby bearing

2. New VTA & azimuth adjustment

3. Exchangeable tone arm tubes for best matching with your cartridges  


Basic version tube will be a mix of copper, ebony wood, steel and aluminium with SME-type adapter    


Below is a picture of the prototype arm assembly. Only 3 stages left in production, it should be ready for the market in just more or less a couple of months.


Da Vinci Audio Virtu tonearm   



Interchangeable Da Vinci armwands, both rigid and removable headshell type.

Improved superior bearing, watch the video below of the new bearing system.

With a very light flick of a finger, the bearing response is excellent.



Da Vinci Virtu Tonearm Bearing System


Neodio ... from France ...


NeoDio keeps impressing me on the tonal color and bass elasticity resembling much of my Da Vinci LP setup....I have not heard a better source playing vocal, violin and cello!! The realism just thrills me up!!”

“I would not spend the time to tell you all the scores by attributes if my "gang" over here was not "floored" by it. It (Neodio) eclipses the Zanden 2000p/5000s by a wide margin, as musicality seems to be newly discovered from the same records over and over."

Read more excerpts from Hongkong forum

►► Experience it at our showroom

NeoDio CD NR 22 CD Player

Neodio CD NR 22 CD Player


We bring you CD playback that will remind you of great vinyl, with USB 24/196 digital capability for high-rez files.


“…the detail of dCS, the naturalness of Wadia, the stage-width of an Esoteric and the bounce of Naim. It manages to mix the best of these without sacrificing the whole.”

“A strange aspect of the NR22 that is also common on good vinyl – but rare on CD – is its ability to change tonality with each new disc.” “…but most CD players blur this distinction.”

“The NR22 is a world class player that can do both (play CD and process Hi-Rez files via USB) well”

- from HiFi+ Issue 76


Forum discussions about Neodio


Other Neodio Reviews

• High quality CD Drive / Efficient isolation / Aluminum Remote control
• Low jitter by memory buffering Asynchronous Upsampler
• Innovative very low jitter analogue clock 24 bit / 192 kHz D/A converter

(no usual digital clock here)
USB 24/196 digital input

• High speed & high current output stage buffer and filter

• Toroidal transformers 150 Watts, 4 supplies, 7 regulators

• Constrained layer chassis (7mm)

• Weight 12.0 kG Dimensions 460 x 115 x 400 (mm) (W x H x D )


►► Click to read more at our Neodio webpage


* Excerpt from 2011 TAS/HiFi+ Preamplifier/Amplifier Guide


Da Vinci Audio Labs' AAS Gabriel/Da Vinci MK II Turntable

with Da Vinci Grand Reference Tonearm Grandezza

"As I tried to say in my Technical Brain review, when a source, a speaker, or a piece of electronics gets timing right—the sequence of events, fine and coarse, that go into the sounding of a note—it also gets spatiality right.


You not only hear what’s happening more clearly; you “see” each instrument and performer imaged more clearly.


For fidelity-to-mastertapes and absolute sound listeners, this is a huge advantage, like having not just a window on the orchestra but also a window on the performers and on the score.


The music is easier to take in, the performance easier to appreciate, the orchestration or instrumentation easier to “decode.”

When such neutrality and transparency are joined, as they are in the Da Vinci Mk II, to unstinting energy at very low levels and very loud ones, you get (with the best sources) a leap in fidelity and realism."


"I will have more to say about the Da Vinci Mk II—about its low noise, its transparency to sources, its superb bass, its overall realism—in my upcoming review. But for the nonce, suffice it to say that, in combination with the superb 12" Da Vinci Grand Reference Grandezza tonearm, this is one of the two highest-fidelity record players I’ve heard."


- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Apr 18 2011


►► Click to read more ...

 AAS Gabriel
* image from our client's system

Living Voice Avatar

Some Living Voice Setups ... in Norway

with some from Singapore - Topic : Living Voice    - in very rough English translation - Topic : Living Voice    - in original Norwegian



►► A Schroder tonearm is back with us  ◄◄


The TA-1 tonearm from Artemis Labs


Designed by Frank Schroder (Schroeder)


Only USD 3700 (SGD 4699 as at Jan 27, 2011) - 9.5" version


* Also available in 12" version for only USD 400 more


►►► Very exciting tonearm, read more about it ...


Artemis Labs TA-1 tonearm


Tron Syren 2 Reference Preamplifier - another superb product you can check out at our showroom,

while it still is here ...

Tron Syren 2 Preamplifier

Tron Syren 2 Reference Preamplifier, input selector


Tron Syren 2 Preamplifier

Tron Syren 2 Reference Preamplifier, now with separate power supply


►►Best Sound of the Show  (Cost No Object) : CES 2011 ◄◄


Da Vinci Audio Labs AAS Gabriel turntable at the CES 2011, Las Vegas


Right after we posted our impression further below about the Da Vinci turntable set as the best we've heard that passed through our doors, we bring the following news.


Veteran Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound (and formerly of Stereophile) votes the room with the Da Vinci Audio turntable set as his Best Sound of CES 2011. 


"But the system that gets my vote for Best Sound was the Wilson Alexandria X-2 driven by the Lamm ML3 Signature power amplifiers, LL1 Signature preamp, LP2 phonostage, da Vinci AAS Gabriel turntable with a da Vinci Grand Reference Grandezza tonearm and Grand Reference Grandezza cartridge."


"The system simply didn’t sound like hi-fi. The immediacy of the music was palpable, the expression laid bare with seemingly no electronics or speakers between me and the musicians"


"This was one of the best systems I’ve heard at any show. It was also signficantly better in every way compared to the sound in my previous room."


►►► Read more at The Absolute Sound AV Guide website


►► What the room looked like


Exactly as we heard from systems with Da Vinci .... they simply don’t sound like hi-fi

 Da Vinci AAS Gabriel turntable

* Pictures taken from a client's system ...


Simple Musical Systems


We don't only carry super high-end systems.  Let us help you build superbly musical systems at more affordable prices too.  They may be simple, but we will start you with an excellent foundation for musicality and high fidelity sonics from some of the best like wonderful classics from Living Voice or Lavardin and the new but classic-designed Audolici ... minimal systems that will run rings around many other so-called "high-end systems" ...

 Living Voice Avatar, Audolici Swing I-50

* Picture taken from a client's system ...


It's about bringing out the passion in music at high fidelity, not just sound that may be good but lacking soul ...

Like a ballerina technically perfect but lacking flair, passion, emotion ...

Korean Janggu drummer

Project Z band


We don't believe that price accounts for sonic quality, as we have had high performance products at lower

prices surpassing many much higher priced ones.  But this system is one of the rare exceptions. 


For the fortunate few who can afford it, the Da Vinci analog system is truly a sublime music-making instrument

set, a top pound for pound sonic product.  Awesome, to put it mildly.  Magical ... a client sums it up in one word.

 Da Vinci Analog Set


* Pictures taken from a client's system ...


Da Vinci Audio Labs, Switzerland

Da Vinci Audio Labs : Nifty Preamplifier with Phono

Da Vinci Audio Labs Nifty Phono Preamplifier


Da Vinci Audio Labs of Switzerland extends its outstanding product range to more music lovers through a more affordable preamplifier with phono stage ... the Nifty preamplifier with phono stage.


Elegant rendition and styled to impress, unblemished sound. 

Class A, solid state, with LCR RIAA and own separate MC Transformer and output Transformer Potentiometer.


DaVinciAudio designed this very special moving coil transformer to reproduce a superb soundstage, and accuracy of the original performance. In short to bring you closer to the fascination of music.

MM PhonoPreAmplifier NIFTY:

This single ended, class A, solid state PhonoPreAmp "NIFTY“ with LCR RIAA and Transformer potentiometer brings you closer to the pure fascination of music.


Design criteria:
1. Single ended class A operating point
2. Input gain switchable
3. Output transformer potentiometer

4. Own high quality special hand-wound transformers
5. Special for DaVinciAudio developed c-cores



NIFTY MC Transformer:


The NIFTY MC transformer can be purchased separately.

Design Criteria:

1. Own high quality special hand-wound transformer
2. Switchable gain 20 or 26dB
3. Switchable impedance

4. RX jack for impedance fine adjustment

5. Input RCA
6. Output RCA
7. Ground jack

It gives two impedances, related to low and high gains selected.

At 26dB gain, one can adjust 3 Ohm, 5 Ohm, 10 Ohm, 20 Ohm.
At 20dB gain one can adjust 40 Ohm, 80 Ohm, 160 Ohm and 400 Ohm.

The transformer is flexible and will cater to any cartridge impedance, no limits. Rather than put in loads of switches (which will affect the sound) for different impedance settings, one can cater to other cartridges whose impedances are not in the list through the RX plug fine adjustment. This is the method where one is able to use resistors without having to go inside the preamplifier, and eliminates any switches.

There are two extra RCA plugs (left and right) near the RCA outputs of the transformer, and are called RX plugs.

Just ask someone to solder a resistor into two RCA plugs (left and right), and this RCA plugs with resistors are plugged into the RX plugs in the transformer and that's it. There is a formula for which resistor to use which is provided.

If one needs certain impedance values, we can also get it provided from Da Vinci.


MM PhonoPre: h 240mm / large 200mm / d 300mm
MC Transformer: h 240mm / large 110mm / d 300mm
PowerSupply: h 85mm / large 150mm / d 350mm


Da Vinci Audio Labs, Switzerland


Da Vinci Audio Labs Master's Reference Virtu Power Amplifier

Da Vinci Audio Labs Master's Reference Virtu Power Amplifier


Da Vinci Audio Labs of Switzerland designs its first solid-state power amplifier, with the utmost consideration that it will be close in musical performance to its sublime tube power amplifiers.


Emphasis is on musicality rather than power, and the Master's Reference Virtu amplifier is a Class A 20 watt design (100 watts in Class A/B).


Class A that will not get hot like a frying pan, safe to touch, safe for children. 


The casing has been designed to eliminate the heat, and these monoblocks can be stacked on top of each other, without heat problems.  Carved out of full high-grade aluminum block.

The cover alone is 20kg in weight for each, and is designed as a heat sink by itself.


Dimensions (each) :

Width:  450 mm

Height:  121 mm

Depth:  400 mm


* The first Da Vinci Master's Reference power amplifier that will arrive in Singapore will be partnered with a pair of Tidal Audio Contriva Diacera loudspeakers.  Musicality, emotion, and inspiration first ...


Living Voice Vox Olympian


The Living Voice Flagship :

Living Voice Vox Olympian


"The result of almost a decade's painstaking design, listening and refinement - the Living Voice Vox Olympian

horn loudspeaker.  More information available soon, but meantime, Click Me! to read the 6 Moons industry feature

which covers some of the background and development history of our finest loudspeaker to date."


Living Voice Vox Olympian


Living Voice Vox Olympian


Da Vinci Audio Labs of Switzerland


One of our client's AAS Gabriel Limited Edition Aston Martin turntable

Awesome sonics, impeccable build

JonL System

More pictures of above client's system ...


Another client's AAS Gabriel Limited Edition Aston Martin

HBH System

More pictures of above client's system ...



►►► Read more information on the AAS-Gabriel Turntable


Da Vinci AAS Gabriel Turntable"The Cutting Edge ....


The AAS Gabriel / Da Vinci turntable with Da Vinci Grandezza twelve-inch tonearm is the best non-linear tracking record player I've ever heard (and by a country mile) ...


Hats off, gentlemen, a work of genius!" - TAS, 2009, Jonathan Valin


►►► Read full TAS Review (pdf format)



High Caliber Phono Cartridges


My Sonic Lab Ultra BC cartridge on a da Vinci Nobile tonearm

* Note :  The Ultra and Eminent models are now EX versions, higher grade, sold outside Japan only

My Sonic Lab Ultra BC


My Sonic Lab Eminent EX MC Cartridge


"My Sonic Lab’s Eminent EX is among the finest, most skillfully balanced cartridges I’ve heard."

- Michael Fremer, Stereophile, June 2010 review


My Sonic Lab Eminent EX


Artemis Labs SA-1 Turntable


Made in USA by Artemis Labs,

designed by Frank Schroder of Germany


Feed Forward Circuit designed by John Atwood,

former technical editor of The Vacuum Tube Valley journal


"I’d say, in general, that the Artemis Labs SA-1 would be a turntable for discerning music lovers rather than for audiophiles questing for a component that would reveal utter details like the smack of lipstick on a wet pair of lips. Yet I never got a generalized slurry of mood or presentation; instead, the SA-1 delivered an articulate brocade of audio precision, each note there to be recognized, both in its individual gleaming and also its intricate interweave with the entire musical tapestry.

The opposite of analytic, it was all about flow, solidity, coherence, and timing, rather than flattering the fantasy of measurable micrometers of detail.

In talking with Sean Ta of Artemis Labs, I joked that, to maintain my credibility as an audio reviewer, I was looking very hard for negatives and drawbacks to write about. So far, I hadn’t come up with any.

The SA-1 won me over. The charming simplicity of its look, the complete ease of its operation, and the accuracy and fabulous tonality of its sound -- all came together to make for entirely pleasurable, unfussy musical experiences."

- Garrett Hongo,

►►► Read the full review at Ultra  - the reviewer also writes about the design goals, check it out


►►► Read / Print the PDF version


AYL System

* image source


"If you are into bling and wish to impress your friends with a 1,000 lb chrome covered turntable that requires the manufacturer to install it on your site, the SA-1 is not for you. If you want to spend your time listening to music rather than fiddling with your turntable, you need to give the SA-1 a listen."


To my ears, the SA-1 is as quiet as a direct drive. It has excellent speed stability. It doesn't take up a lot of space in your listening room, which for those of us with smaller listening rooms is important.

The SA-1 is very easy to set up and once set up you can forget about it.

And most importantly, the SA-1 allows the emotional content of the music to come through to you."


- Roger Gordon, Positive Feedback

►►► Read the full review at Positive Feedback 


►►► Read / Print the PDF version


From the mind of Frank Schroder, maker of some of the most highly sought after tonearms by analog enthusiasts in the world today.  Everyone also knows it will take years to get a tonearm.  In the case of the SA-1 turntable, manufacturing is entrusted to Artemis Labs from Southern California, USA, and lead-time is only approximately 3 weeks, not 3 years or more !

The Artemis Labs SA-1 turntable is a unique design among modern turntables, and the SA-1 turntable performs way beyond its price, designed to surpass contenders in the USD 20,000 region.  And our experience (and yours) have proven that higher prices indeed do not automatically equate to significantly superior sonic quality, although there are a few exceptions.

►►► Read more about the Artemis Labs SA-1 turntable and view more pictures ...


Da Vinci In Unison Turntable


The Da Vinci "In Unison" Turntable may be the smaller model, but is sonically impressive

and beautiful as its bigger brethren.


- white car color, standard chrome platter -

(standard colors are matt silver and black)

Da Vinci In Unison White

* image source


Clients ask us to expound more on the Da Vinci's magnetic bearing.  Basically, the concept is similar to an inverted bearing.  Instead of a bearing ball, repelling magnets are built into the bearing and in the receptacle where the bearing goes into (under the platter).  In effect, the platter "floats" on a cushion of air.


Will the magnet affect the cartridge ?  Not at all, of course, it's all taken care of by the turntable designer.  One advantage of a magnetic bearing is that the 24kg platter will not be charged. Thus, noise transmission is largely avoided.


With the super smooth bearings of both the cartridge and the turntable, we have a superlatively designed music machine.


Da Vinci "In Unison" Luxury Edition Turntable

- car color and 24k gold-plated platter

Da Vinci In Unison Luxury


Read or view more ... In Unison Turntable ...


The Da Vinci Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm


"This 12" transcription tonearm is a genuine work of audio art.  A gorgeous concoction of tone wood, wolfram, platinum- or gold-plated bronze and stainless steel (with its jewel of a double-gimbaled ruby bearing assembly made for Da Vinci by an ultra-high-end Swiss clockmaker), it is a thing of indescribable loveliness, and sounds as wonderful as it looks.  As neutral and as nearly invisible as air, it is a truly transparent tonearm, capable of revealing tremendous detail with tremendous energy, within a tremendously large, beautiful laid-out soundstage.  Costly, but worth it, the Grandezza is the best pivoted arm Jonathan Valin has heard or used."

- The Absolute Sound (TAS) Editors' Choice 2008


Well, the Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm just got even better ! 

Now available with the black Ebony wood armwand, at the same price.  Cocobolo wood still available.


The Da Vinci Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm with the new black Ebony wood armwand

* 12" Rhodanized version shown here

Da Vinci In Unison White


Hot on the heels of the Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm is its "little" brother, the Da Vinci Nobile tonearm.  Sporting the same bearing as the Grandezza, with a carbon fibre armwand, the Nobile tonearm is certainly among the top performers in the upper level of the tonearm hierarchy.


Da Vinci Nobile tonearm on an Artemis Labs SA-1 turntable

Test it out at our showroom ... sonically natural

Feel the fluid, frictionless, no-resistance bearing movement

Da Vinci Nobile


Da Vinci "Preziosa Basis" System


Swiss elegance, manufacturing, craftsmanship, precision, terrific build


Unique, Out Of The Box Design, State-Of-Art, Upgradeable !


Click on image for more pictures of the Da Vinci Preziosa preamp and power amplifier

in a client's system

Da Vinci Preziosa


Horning Hybrid Loudspeakers


Horning Eufrodite

Sonic and musical performance as a whole is our top priority when evaluating a system, and the Horning speakers deliver with aplomb. We agree with one review, to quote - "you hear the sound, but you also feel it all around you. It doesn't stay put in front by the speakers, but kind of envelopes the listener."


Most visitors who have listened at length to the Horning Eufrodite MK3 loudspeakers have a common question - what makes them deliver excellent bass quality - texture, definition, resolution ?


Of course, bass is not everything, but the Horning's bass quality indeed can catch one's attention, especially since these Horning speakers are of the high sensitivity horn design family.  One visitor thought we were driving them with hundreds of watts, but we were actually only using a parallel single-ended 20-watt tube amplifier.

We are very particular about bass quality, and we would rather have a system with high quality bass than high quantity, average quality. A lot of music are enhanced with the presence of bass or percussion instruments, driving along the rhythm - jazz, vocals, country, rock, classical, etc. - it's just inescapable.


We are certainly pleased with the Horning speakers' bass performance in both quality and quantity, never lumbering behind the other parts of the sonic spectrum, which includes output from the very fast heavily modified Lowther midrange drivers.


►►► Read more about Horning Hybrid loudspeakers ....

►►► Check out the fantastic Voxativ by Schimmel Pianos loudspeakers as well if one prefers a pure single-driver concept, where these speakers are really the best.


In Good Company ...


Artemis Labs SA-1 turntable + da Vinci Nobile tonearm +

My Sonic Lab Eminent phono cartridge + Artemis Labs PL-1 phono stage

AS Room


My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent EX


The new My Sonic Lab flagship cartridge has now been launched, the Ultra Eminent EX, with ultra-low internal impedance of 0.6Ω (loading of 100 - 800Ω).


Email us or fill up enquiry form for My Sonic Lab prices.


Ultra Eminent EX, 9.5g in weight, VTF at 1.9 - 2.2g, 0.3mv, 0.6Ω (DCR) internal impedance, loading of 100 - 800Ω

My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent BC

My Sonic Lab Hyer Eminent

My Sonic Lab Eminent

My Sonic Lab My Sonic Lab




Do they still make phonographs ?

Yes, they do, although they are more commonly called turntables these days.


We still consider sound from records through well-matched good turntable systems and phono stages as superb .  In short, very high fidelity regarding timbre and tonality, musicality and soul.


It used to be that a system was incomplete without a CD player.  But time is fickle, and the best systems in the world now have a turntable as their primary source ... This time, a system without a turntable seems incomplete ...


Then again, having a turntable setup does not guarantee high quality.  Proper matching and setup are paramount to get the best out of them, these are not plug and play music tools. 


We can help clients through this, it's not rocket science like many will have you think so.  In fact, many of our clients have managed to adjust their analog systems on their own effectively after some time.

Phonograph - Turntable - TW Acustic, DPS, SCheu

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