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We no longer carry Analysis Plus cables.


Analysis Plus






Patented Hollow Oval Audio and Video Cables


From the physicists and engineers who helped NASA, Motorola, Mitsubishi, and others, you would expect a special cable performance ... and you get it.



A Musician Appreciates Analysis Plus Cables

Analysis Plus - Joshua Fineberg

"I'm a composer of contemporary classical music and a teacher of both composition and music theory at Harvard University. But prior to accepting this teaching position, most of my secondary work was in recordings as an artistic director. In this role, I have spent time in some of the best recording studios and concert halls in the world. These studios and their no-holds barred efforts to reproduce live music formed my frame of reference for what a recording should sound like."


You see, I have been in the hall and the mixing for everyone of my test recordings so I KNOW what they really sound like and for the first time in my life, I could hear them again at home.

On some of the audio web sites people speak of golden eared listeners and I'm never sure what they mean, but I can tell you that record companies and ensembles pay me to listen to their recordings and tell them how to make things sound better.

And without hesitation, I can say that these cables made my system sound absolutely wonderful. I am so happy with how these wires make my system sound that I sometimes take things home from the studio to check how they will sound here."


With Sincere Thanks,
Joshua Fineberg


"... a new line of cables that defied the price-versus-performance conventions, I was literally all ears. That was their Oval Nines cable, if you remember, that went on to become an instant success and place Analysis Plus on the audiophile map. Analysis Plus• Oval Nine had set a benchmark because they proved superior sounding cables didn•t have to be expensive while many inferior cables were. In one fell swoop, I concluded back then that on a shoestring budget, and armed with an open-minded approach, you could easily own some of the best cables available •regardless of price• for about $400. If you read my first encounter with this affordable cable, you may recall that it outclassed my former reference, the Harmonic Technology cables (which by the way were twice the asking price of the Oval Nines)."

- Clement Perry, Stereo Times, Oct-15-2003, "Analysis Plus Golden Oval Cables"

Graham Slee

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Analysis Plus


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Analysis Plus, Inc. has provided electronic and electromagnetic simulation and analysis for a host of companies since its inception in 1993. All the members of our team hold advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering or Physics, and our specialty is the art of computer simulation. We are experts in the use of Saber, Matlab, Ansoft, and Spice, among other tools, as well as in the testing and measurement of physical devices.  This expertise allows us to bring the appropriate tool to bear on the task at hand.

For this reason, our consulting work has been wide-ranging to include the following companies - M
otorola, Ford Motor Company, TRW, Stryker Medical, Bonart Corporation of Taiwan, MIS of New York, Pollack.


We've also done work for XLVision, ITT, American Cooling Systems, Braden Shielding, American Metal and Plastic, American Electronic Components, Sinosonic Industrial, MAGNA and other companies, though we're not at liberty to discuss any details.


Computer simulations show that not all geometries use their conductors uniformly.  As frequencies rise, less of a typical round conductor is used ,as presented in the current density plots (Fig A below) for cables of the same cross-sectional area, plotted on the same scale.  The Analysis Plus hollow oval design clearly uses the conductor more efficiently, and the result is shown in the measured resistance.  The hollow oval cables maintain a low resistance value, even at 20kHz, where the resistance of the round cable has increased dramatically.  This design principle is utilized throughout the Analysis Plus product line.


Fig. A

Analysis Plus


Fig. B - Example Cross Section

Analysis Plus Cross-Section


Analysis Plus Signal Graph





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