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Artemis Labs Schroder SA-1S Turntable

* Limited Edition Turntables *

100 pieces only, 50 within USA and 50 outside : USD 11,000


Frank Schroder-designed Artemis Labs SA-1S turntable

The new version for 10.5" to 12" tonearms


These models are very labor intensive due to the materials used and are limited in quantity.


Coco Palm Wood Version

The center is ebony and bamboo of different strands. The strands are tightly pressed together.

Sonically results in better detail and more pronounced fundamentals.

Schroder SA-1 Turntable Plum


Coco Palm and Bamboo Version

A combination of bamboo and coco palm.  Sonically similar to the Coco Palm version above.

Schroder SA-1S Turntable Coco


Except for the construction itself of turntable, main design and operation is the same as the standard model, the Schroder SA-1.


Read more at the Schroder SA-1 webpage ...


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