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Artemis Labs TA-1 Tonearm

The TA-1 tonearm from Artemis Labs


Designed by Frank Schroder (Schroeder)



Artemis Labs TA-1 tonearm

* In Black metal finish


Once again, we bring you Schroder tonearms, with a much faster delivery time, only 2 to 3 weeks.


This is now possible as the tonearm is produced by Artemis Labs in Southern California. Designed by Mr. Frank Schroder of Berlin, Germany.


Adjustability is also user friendly.  The TA-1 is 9.5" tonearm.  Also available in 12" version, the TA-1L tonearm.


Artemis Labs TA-1 Tonearm Specifications:

Armwand Type

Kingwood - "it is brownish-purple with many fine darker stripes and occasional irregular swirls.

The wood is very dense and hard and can be brought to a spectacular finish. It turns well but due to its density and hardness it can be difficult to work with hand tools.

It is available only in small sizes (it is yielded by a smallish tree, Dalbergia cearensis, restricted to a small area in Brazil). Other woods yielded by the same genus are cocobolo, rosewood, blackwood and tulipwood."

- wood info from Wikipedia

Armwand Holder

The material that is holding the arm wand and arm rest is Silk impregnated for sound quality

Effective Length 239.3mm
Pivot To Spindle Distance 222mm
Offset Angle 23•
Overhang 17.3mm
Effective Mass

14gr with the supplied Certal cartridge mounting plate

Plus 5gr with the optional pressure treated brass plate

Cartridge Mounting Plate 12.5gr. with ultralight cmp

Neutral balance arm, no change in VTF when altering VTA or record thickness


Friction free magnetic skating force compensation (for up to 2.3gr. VTF)


►► From the TA-1 setup guide:


"The skating force compensation of the Artemis Labs TA-1 is sufficient for a tracking force up to 2.3 gr. Upon request higher tracking forces can be compensated for by exchanging the antiskating screw (available upon request).


In any case a slight undercompensation is always to be preferred over even the slightest overcompensation. The use of most test records and their •torture tracks• (>80μ) will yield too high a compensation because there are no continuous signals of this magnitude on any record.


As a start, just put the stylus/needle on the space between the leadout grooves (or a •blank• record, i.e. Cardas sweeper record) and adjust antiskating until the arm/cartridge combo wanders slowly towards the center of the record.

From then on, use your ears..."


All parameters adjustable: VTF, VTA, Overhang, Offset angle, Azimuth, Anti-skating. 


Effective mass can be altered.

Shaft Diameter 23mm
Distance between mounting surface and platter level ~25-60mm, best:~30-35mm

Ceramic hybrid bearings with unprecedented low friction: <2mg vertically, <3,5mg horizontally. 


Raised bearing technology, not unipivot, not gimbal

Damping Internal magnetic damping for the horizontal movement
Wiring Cryogenics treated, low loss, high purity copper wiring (single run from cartridge clips to RCAs), 1m from arm to RCAs

Double.  "Lower counterweight can be changed to an optional lighter or heavier cylinder, allowing for an increase or decrease of total counterweight mass without altering the overall mass distribution of the arm.

This way, even ultra light or very heavy cartridges can be used as long as their weight/compliance yields a fundamental arm cartridge resonance frequency of 8-12Hz."


* Soundscape note : resonance frequency can be tested using the HiFi News Test Record, for example

Metal color Available in black and silver


►►► Schroder TA-1 Setup Guide - The setup guide provides valuable information on the TA-1 tonearm features



Artemis Labs TA-1

* In Silver metal finish



Artemis Labs TA-1 tonearm


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