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Valeriy Kuchkovskyy


Valeriy Kuchkovsky is the CEO and designer of AUDOLICIFor the past 20 years, he has developed audio-technique devices and prototypes, most of them used in Europe and the former USSR.  His research and experience in the audio field allowed him to build a new philosophy for the construction of excellent sound reproduction equipment.


This philosophy is an actual contribution for the audio design theory, including new methods, technical solutions and know-how, for achieving high standards of specifications for the tube audio amplifiers.


In order to consistently ensure the improvement and introduction of new technologies and products in the future, AUDOLICI works together with INESC Porto in Portugal, a world-class Research & Development institution with remarkable audio expertise. 


This R&D capacity is available for the creation of exciting new products with superb audio quality.

Valeriy Kutchkovsky - Audolici CEO and Designer

Superb tube integrated amplification ...


Check out the AUDOLICI Swing integrated amplifier at our showroom, in white finish, a lovely retro-look.


50 watts of  Svetlana 6550 valve driven power.  An all-rounder one-box amplifier for all seasons, a beautiful balance of power and subtlety.


Experience the soundstage, wonderful detail, and natural rendition of timbral texture through excellent uncompressed tube amplification ... reasonably priced.


Audolici Swing 50


Audolici Swing I-50 in white finish


Jacintha endorses Audolici


Singapore's Jacintha endorses Audolici Jazz I-50


Audolici I-50 Integrated Amp Series

The Audolici I-50 series is the result of 20 years of audio engineering experience.


The idea was born from the unfortunate reality that the majority of today's valve amplification designs lack the legendary character of classic valve designs.


Audolici's objective is to restore the typical character of 60/70's valve designs coupled with modern innovations.


Audolici manages to achieve the legendary vintage sound, yet faster, more detailed and extended in frequency response than vintage Luxman or Dynaco designs.

This result was achieved through the incorporation of Valeriy's own ideas on the amplification process.


Most classic valve amplifiers use strong current •heavy• output valves : 12BH, 6884, ECC85, ECC88 and similar. This is almost a trademark in all valve designs of the last 40 years.


These current heavy valves make it very difficult to achieve speed because they are heavy for the power supply.


We use a different philosophy: to relieve the behavior of the output valves by matching them with other types of driver valves, 6N1P and 6N2P Russian New Old Stock military standard valves.

We match these driver valves with Russian New Old Stock 6L6 valves for the •Jazz• model, and also with Russian modern valves, EL34's from •Electro-Harmonix• for the •Blues• model and 6550 from Svetlana for the •Swing•.


With these combinations, we are making it easy for the power supply, increasing it's integration time for peak signal.


This is a small part of the secret to achieve transient response speed. We also use modern technology in the production of our own transformers.


Our transformer cores achieve a more effective induction for the same size/weight, thus delivering extended bass response and dynamics than conventional transformers. They also present a very low parasitic induction factor.

Many amplifiers lose dynamics, soundstage, frequency response because of primitive switching. This is why we keep our designs  simple (two inputs on the I-50 integrated).  We also use a proprietary special relay switching circuit for the purpose: Audolici I-50 selector.

Furthermore, we use high quality components like carbon resistors, polypropylene capacitors, ALPS potentiometers and our own networking cabling, all contributing to Audolici's highly detailed and uncompressed sound.


Audolici I-50 Series: 

Audolici I-50 "Jazz" (6L6 Tubes / 2 x 25W)
Audolici I-50 "Blues" (EL34 Tubes / 2 x 40W)
Audolici I-50 "Swing" (6550 Tubes / 2 x 50W)


* Available in Gloss Black, White, and Red



Audolici Swing 50


View one of our client's simple but highly musical system driven by the Audolici Swing I-50


AUDOLICI's products use mainly electron tubes made in USSR/Russia. There are two categories of electron tubes that are used: input tubes and power output tubes, both selected with individual strict criteria.

Input tubes:


The most important criteria is to make sure of the origin of the components. We only use tubes from suppliers that are top quality manufacturers, based on superb tube technology, which means they assure the highest quality - Reflector / Sovtek; Svetlana / SED; Kaluga ...


Every tube has passed rigorous quality control military standards.

As a result of this rigorous selection, our products have minimum level of microphonics effect, and some of the the best signal/noise ratio, as well as reduction of external artifacts and environmental disturbances.


The quality of the glass and of the vacuum allows each tube the maximum lifetime, which is a clear advantage over other international manufacturers.

Power Output tubes:
6P3C / 6L6
EL-34 / 6CA7
6550 / KT-88
G807 / 807
6P1P / 6V6
6P42C / EL 500


The criteria for selecting input tubes also apply to power tubes: superb manufacturing technology and rigorous quality control.

For example, tubes such as 6L6, made in USSR, have been flagship tubes ever since the 50's. For over 60 years the manufacturing experience with these tubes has established the best possible reputation for the highest quality standard.

Tube technology characteristics:
TOR-surface technology for the cathode emitter
Special shape design and materials used for the tube plate (nickel carbonization}
Specially designed filament heater structure
Gold plated electron grids
Punching technology for grids' manufacturing
High resistance tube bulb glass


Audolici Swing Red I-50

Audolici I-50 "Swing" (6550 Tubes / 2 x 50W) - White Finish


Audolici Swing Red I-50

Audolici I-50 "Jazz" (6L6 Tubes / 2 x 25W) - Red Finish


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