Special Feature


Audio Video Show 2004

Bangkok, Thailand

June 24 - 27, Emerald Hotel





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Bangkok, the City of Angels in the Land Of Smiles - Thailand ... with lots of live bands serenading people, some complete with dancers, one would think it as a City of Music as well.  A "happening" place, vibrant, pulsating, bacchanal if one wishes.


While we were there for other reasons, we might as well share some show photos with our website visitors who might find them interesting.


Vinyl playback is truly alive and thriving in Bangkok, and the show sponsors were committed in promoting analog.  They set up an event called "Live-On-Stage, Vinyl Never Die", with a stage and presenters, where the sonic virtues of vinyl were expounded on and demonstrated.  And there were many rooms with turntables set up.


We do agree that in general it's not the most expensive that sounds best.  But in this show, our votes for best sonics go to the more expensive systems.  Likewise, there were some outstanding lower-cost systems that did themselves proud over more expensive offerings.  Unfortunately, in our excitement, we were unable to take photos of what we thought was the best budget system in the show, amplification made in Thailand.


And now, on with the show ...


The promotional poster with the list of sponsors

Audiophile magazine, Coca Cola, EMI, Universal, etc.


At the main entrance - the LCD screen occasionally showed what was

going on in each room, cool.  At this floor level, sales of vinyl, CDs, DVDs,

magazines, accessories, and other items were being held. 

No entrance fee for this floor, way cool !

Once one  goes up to the demo rooms, one gets a free promo CD

featuring some great female jazz vocalists, sponsored by Motorola


Just one of the vinyl sale sections, they were all over the place.  Mostly jazz, vocals, classical, and other  audiophile gems.


A sample of the heaps of CDs on offer



A function area dedicated for vinyl, CDs, magazines, accessories, and other

sale items.  Special sofa seats that resembled theater seats were also on

sale, drinks holder and all included.


A stage set up especially to talk about and demonstrate vinyl,

sponsored by the major music labels - EMI, Warner, Universal,

Sony, BMG, and even Coca Cola.

Live-On-Stage, "Vinyl Never Die" (colloquial phrase :-) )

There were cameramen all over, it probably would make

it to the evening news


And below are the presenters on "Vinyl Never Die",

Audiophile magazine's own top writer

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