Special Feature


Audio Video Show 2004

Bangkok, Thailand

June 24 - 27, Emerald Hotel




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Some Client System Pictures

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The rooms at the Emerald Hotel had various sizes, some good-sized ones, and some smaller ones.  Exhibitors knew their stuff and there was no hint of boom in any room we visited, except in one room.


Our 2nd Best System at the show


DCS Purcell, Elgar Plus, Verona

VTL TL 7.5, VTL Siegfrieds 800w monoblocks

Aerial Acoustics 20T

Kuzma Stabi Reference, Triplanar MK VII, Benz Micro LP Ebony

(Analog system not heard)


An entry-level Kuzma Stabi S on static display


Kuzma Stabi S, Stogi S, Benz Micro Ace

Ayre CX7 MKII, Ayre AX7 MKII

Totem Rainforest


Audio Research

Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors


McIntosh MRT200, MVP851

McIntosh LS340, HT5, HT12, LS320


Audio Research VM220 power, Ref 2 MK II pre

McIntosh MCD1000 transport, MDA 1000 DAC

Sonus Faber Amati

XLO Signature 2 cables


Our 3rd Best System at the show

On the next day, the Amatis above were replaced. 

This room still had boom but less than with the Amatis. 

Ignoring the slight boom, vocals sounded very good on this system,


McIntosh MCD1000 transport, MDA 1000 DAC

Audio Research Ref 2 MKII

Tenor 300HP monoblock power amps

Sonus Faber Stradivari

XLO Unlimited cables


Pathos In-Power, In-Control

McIntosh MCD1000 transport, MDA 1000 DAC

Kharma 3.2

XLO Unlimited cables

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