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Boulder Amplifiers, Inc.


Boulder Amplifiers, Inc.


Boulder 850 monoblocks

Boulder 800 Series


In year 2006, Boulder debuted the 800 Series. The 800 Series marks a new level of price point for Boulder products without sacrificing Boulder quality.


The 850 Mono Amplifier is the first to be released. The 800 Series, Boulder•s initial crossover into multi-channel and surround-sound technologies, is a new product line that not only encompasses single-box players, surround processors, media servers and amplifiers, but also includes new audiophile-targeted integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, and phono preamplifiers.

Boulder 850 Monoblock Power Amplifiers


The Boulder 850 monoblock amplifiers

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Boulder 850


"The 850 Mono Amplifier is a relatively diminutive (30 lbs.), half-width (8.50•) amplifier producing 200 watts of high-current output power into an 8 ohm load.


Circuit features include Boulder•s balanced instrumentation style input section, an all-analog power supply and output section with low heat radiation, full input, output, thermal, and clipping protection circuitry, and supervising microprocessor control.


Total BoulderLink communication capability and a complete array of custom installation/external control connections are present on the 850 Mono Amplifier, and will be standard on all 800 Series products.


Above all else, build and design quality standards are equal to all other Boulder products.

The 850 Mono Amplifier is essentially one-half of one channel of the acclaimed 1060 Stereo Amplifier. Distortion and noise are exceptionally low while sonic performance and bandwidth are exceptionally high.


The majority of retail cost savings results from the reduction of monolithic chassis components and the lowering of maximum output power.

Intended to be just as •at home• in a staggered and triggered theater system as well as in a dedicated audio system, the 850 Mono Amplifier was designed to be as flexible as possible. The user isn•t forced to choose between a •theater• or an •audio• product • the 850 Mono Amplifier is adaptable to either scenario without compromise.


Entirely conceived, engineered, and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, the 850 Mono Amplifier is a complete proprietary Boulder design.


Avoiding off-the-shelf, switch-mode modules and topologies ensures much better performance and protects residual value.


Well known for the most accomplished and advanced cost-no-object products in the world, Boulder has traditionally manufactured products priced beyond the reach of most enthusiasts.


With the release of the 850 Mono Amplifier, the Boulder performance they desired but could never afford is finally attainable. "



The Boulder 850 monoblock amplifiers, rear view

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Boulder 850


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