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The Cartridge Man




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The Cartridge Man



Digital Stylus Gauge



Introduction Specifications Magazine Review Excerpts


The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge


The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge
    The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge    


The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge - Introduction

"Users of vinyl are well aware of the importance of being able to accurately set their cartridge tracking down-force. Failure to do this can result in anything from degraded sonic performance, through to mistracking and even damage to the record and stylus.

The only readily available method of setting the down-force has been the Shure Force Balance - fine value for money, but suffering from only 0.1g resolution, somewhat fiddly set-up and a slightly non-optimum measurement height.

The Cartridge Man has now introduced a highly accurate, enhanced measurement range, easy-to-use and competitively priced all-electronic Digital Force Gauge. The unit will prove itself indispensable when requiring an absolute and consistent tracking force reference (emphasis on consistent)."


Once you start using it, there is no turning back to lesser products, unless it was an emergency.  It instills confidence, and is truly convenient.


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The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge - Specifications

  • Measurement range:- 0.2g to 4.0g.
  • Accuracy:- better than 0.05g over full measurement range
  • Resolution:- 0.02g
  • Useable period:- 30 minutes per full charge
  • Display:- 3-digit LED
  • Status indication:- Display test, battery, nulling, overload
  • Recharge cycle:- ~ 14-24 hours
  • Useable temperature:- 5oC to 35oC
  • Weight:- 150g nominal
  • Dimension:- 45mm h x 87mm diameter
  • Construction:- Non-magnetic, anti-slip feet
  • Charge unit:- 9V D.C. @ 100mA output supplied


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The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Gauge - Magazine Review Excerpts

Dec 2005


by Edward Barker

"For instance, I used the Shure stylus gauge for years but its accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. So of course I fell into the trap of buying one of those 1/100gm digital jeweler's gauges from Ebay. $60 for a high-quality one. Needless to say, it was a nightmare. Never managed to get a repeatable measurement out of it. The pressure pads are not designed for a stylus and in any case, it was too thick. I tried building an extension ramp to lower the level but it still didn't give repeatable measurements. In the end, I went back to the Shure."


"The Cartridge Man's stylus gauge. This thing is heaven. It's genuinely accurate, designed specifically for styluses, with a dimple in the miniscule measuring tray that sits 3mm above the platter (i.e. a 200gm record). " ...


Read more on the Digital Stylus Gauge review at (scroll through the page)


Hi-Fi News

3/1999, P21


Andrew Harrison

... this electronic balance offers the element of repeatability, such that fine-tuning can be cross-referenced to accurate readings, and 'sweet spot' settings can be noted down. ... the Digital Stylus Force Gauge makes it far, far easier - and still more precise.

... this balance also offers an order of magnitude greater precision, and the confidence that the three-significant figure display corresponds to the actual tracking force (QC calibration is made with lab-grade weights and the unit is temperature compensated).


Ultimate Audio

5/1998, P2

Myles B. Astor

A Technics calibration standard (1.525g) was used to test and verify the 'Cartridge Man's' accuracy ... yielding an average of 1.49g +/- 0.03g (SD) immediately upon turn-on, compared to 1.51g +/- 0.01g (SD) three minutes later.

... The best news of all is that the 'Cartridge Man' is a huge improvement over the Technics Electronic gauge - ease of use, easier-to-read LEDs, more stable readings, and a 'zero' that doesn't fluctuate.

Don't wait until it's too late; get these babies while they're still available!



2/1999, P51-52


Michael Fremer

... This neat little digital-readout device sells for $299 - a little more than a third of the cost of the Winds gauge - currently the industry standard. ... One thing I really like about the new gauge is that, unlike the Wind's weighing beam - which protrudes from the side, ... the Cartridge Man's beam is well protected. I used a 2g brass weight lab-certified ... the Cartridge Man measured the weight as 1.98g, which for me is more than adequate.


Hi-Fi Plus



Roy Gregory

... The Cartridge Man's balance may seem expensive at 199, but it pales into insignificance against the Winds. ... I love the Winds, but what price its simplicity and cool looks ? Me, I'll settle for the Cartridge Man balance. It does exactly the same job, it just places a little more onus on the user.


Hi-Fi Choice

1/1999, P13


Jimmy Hughes

Obviously, the 199 asking price is high for something the average punter will use rarely, and on cost grounds, will be limited to serious vinyl enthusiasts, retailers and reviewers. Nevertheless, a worthwhile investment for those unwilling to accept second-best!


Hi-Fi News

3/2000, P7-8


Victor Kempt

(letters page)

I bought the Cartridge Man's DFG ... and have found its performance well on par with the Winds device, which retails at nearly four time the price. That is what I call value for money.


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