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AYL's System : Sept 2005

Turntable Scheu Premier MK2 - transparent plinth, 50mm platter
Tonearm Scheu Classic - 9"
Phono Cartridge Music Maker MK2 Improved (previous cartridge Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood still shown in the photos below)
Phono Stage Pathos In the Groove MK 2 phono stage
CD Player Sphinx Myth 9
Preamplifier Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS
Power Amplifier Conrad Johnson Premier 11


Metaphor 2

Tuner McIntosh
Power Distributor PS Audio Power Director
Music Genre Pop/Rock


A well-balanced and tuneful tube system.  High musicality factor, everything in the right proportions.  Liquid highs and midrange, but not overdone, with adequate extension and quality in the bass regions.  All LP tracks we played were served well - Scorpions "Gold Ballads", Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over", England Dan/Joh Ford Coley's "Best Of", etc.  Once seated, it was easy to get immersed in the music..


Full view


Full view in a different light

Now includes the CD player


The Scheu Premier MkII turntable on top of the rack


A closer view, transparent plinth, fully-loaded with lead shots as requested

A Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge is shown 

(already replaced by the Music Maker MK2 from The Cartridge Man,

and the Music Maker was used for our listening sessions)


Top view of the Premier MK2


The Premier MK2 now shown with the motor, in matching silver

The Music Maker MK2 cartridge is now mounted


The Music Maker MKII Improved cartridge, viewed from the side


Pathos phono stage and PS Audio Power Director


The Sphinx Myth 9 CD player


A closer view of the CD player


Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS preamp on top

Conrad Johnson Premier 11 power amp below


The McIntosh tuner

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Sept 2005  Oct 2005 June 2006 July 2006 Aug 2007 July 2009 Back to  main Customer Systems List



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