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Danny's Previous System


Room Dimensions: 12ft x 12ft x 8ft (Square Room!!!)
Listening area (After room treatment/Carpet Area) 11ft x 7 ft x 8ft
Listening seat to speakers 5 feet

SACD/CD player

Accuphase DP85 2-channel SACD


Michell Orbe turntable / SME V tonearm

Phono Cartridge Jan Allaerts MC1B MC Phono Cartridge
Preamplifier Hovland HP100P with MC Step up phono stage
Power Amplifier Hovland Sapphire Hybrid


Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor

Subwoofer Sonus Faber Cremona Subwoofer
Rack Finite Elemente Pagode HD Master Reference with Cerabase upgrade
Interconnects Audience Au24 1.0m CDP to pre, pre to amp
Speaker Cables Audience Au24 4.0m
Power cords Audience Power Cord
AC Power conditioner JOB Sweeter power conditioner (for front end only) on Symposium Svelte platform/Feet of Silence on floor
Room Treatment
Eighth Nerve 4x Corners, 4x Seams, 2x Echos, 1x Floorstander, 1x Framed
Echobusters 4x Echobusters (center front wall between speakers, first reflection points, behind listening seat), 2x Double Busters (beside listening seats), 2x Bass Busters (left/right corners front walls behind speakers)
ASC 6x ASC wall panels (front left corner)
Combak/Harmonix 36x Room Tuning Discs (inside cabinets)
RPG clones 4x Onix Diffusers (Ceilings)
Others Spotlight Floor rubber mats taped to all glass/wood cabinets
Other tweaks

Bedini Ultra Clarifier

Nordost Eco-3 Static inhibitor

Sound Improvement Disc

JM-Reynaud Magic CD


A good-looking system, eye-candy for sure.  Wonderful sound too, transparent and dynamic, and reminiscent of a properly matched and more expensive Sonus Faber Extrema system we have heardOverall, however, Danny's system was more expressive, most likely due to the superior source components.


Now he is not a neophyte in this hobby, and can rightfully claim to be an authority of room treatment products, after testing and installing the major brands represented in this room With the right products, any room can be tamed, without damaging the integral harmonics.


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The Jan Allaerts MC1B MC phono cartridge

A closer view of the cartridge

A view of the turntable setup, at an angle

A view of the turntable front from above

The turntable power supply sitting on a Symposium shelf


By the way, those are dedicated lines ... US sockets



Above:  Room treatment products


Left: Source, amplification and rack


Eighth Nerve Seam straddling a

wall-wall corner, and an Eighth

Nerve Corner (the triangular piece)

Eighth Nerve Floorstander in black

used to simulate a left wall to help

achieve symmetry with the right wall

Eighth Nerve room treatment products in black, Echobusters, and Onix as well

Another view of the room treatment products


The speakers and subwoofer, viewed at an angle. 

Front view from above


In case you're wondering, those are Combak Harmonix discs on top of the speakers

The sweet spot
The blue glow is striking !
Tubes !
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Artemis Labs

Jan Allaerts

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Da Vinci Audio Labs

Kondo Audio Note Japan

Horning Hybrid


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