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Danny's System


Updated / Latest System Configuration - June, 2005

SACD/CD player

Marantz SA11S2  2-channel SACD


Michell Orbe turntable / SME V tonearm /  Purist Audio A K Limited Edition phono cable

Phono Cartridge

Jan Allaerts MC1B MC Phono Cartridge


Hovland HP100P with MC Step up

Power Amplifier

Hovland Sapphire Hybrid


Kharma Ceramique 3.2


Finite Elemente Pagode HD Master Reference with Cerabase upgrade


Kimber Select KS-1030

Speaker Cables

Kimber Select 3038

Power cords

Shunyata Anaconda Vx, Taipan Alpha

AC Power conditioner

Shunyata Hydra-8 / Dedicated Lines to MCB  

Room Treatment

Eighth Nerve

Corners, Seams, Echos, Floorstander, Framed


Echobusters, Double Busters, Bass Busters


Hallograph Diffusers

Sonus Faber

Diffusion Panel

RPG clones

4x Onix Diffusers (Ceilings)

Other tweaks

  • Harmonic Technologies RF-999MT spike bases for speakers

  • Symposium Rollerblocks series 2

  • Stillpoints

  • ERS cloth

  • Sistrum SP-004 platforms

  • Symposium Svelte platform

  • VPI Bricks

  • Cable Lifters+

  • Cardas Blocks

  • Ringmat Statmat

  • Auric Illuminator

  • Audio Industries Trimmer, Filter, Terminator

  • VPI 16.5 RCM


Coming from Sonus Fabers previously, still a great-looking system.


Like our other client SS, Danny can rightfully claim to be an authority of room treatment products, after testing and installing the major brands represented in this roomWith the right products, any room can be tamed, without damaging the integral harmonics.


It's easier to tame speakers of their frequency extremes, than not to have it in the first place.  A small room should never be a deterrent in having good floorstanders (emphasis on good) in them.


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The speaker area

Danny's Kharma Ceremique System


Danny's equipment and rack

The equipment and rack


Danny's Kharma Ceremique Speaker and rack


The turntable

Michell Orbe turntable


The Jan Allaerts MC1B MC phono cartridge

Jan Allaerts MC1B

Jan Allaerts MC1B


A view of the turntable setup, at an angle

Michelle Orbe with Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge

A view of the turntable front from above

Michelle Orbe with Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge


Michell Orbe power supply on Symposium shelf

The turntable power supply sitting on a Symposium shelf


By the way, those are dedicated lines ... US sockets


The Marantz SACD player

Marantz SACD CD player


The power conditioner with vpi bricks

Hydra power block


The sweet spot

sweet spot


Room Treatment - diffusers, absorbers, Eighth Nerve diffuser/absorber

Eighth Nerve room treatment and others


Room treatment where needed

Eighth Nerve room treatment and othersEighth Nerve room treatment and others  

Shakti Hallograph Diffuser

Shakti Hallograph Diffuser


Intriguing tweak, but Danny demonstrated it and it works !

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Living Voice

Lavardin Technologies

Artemis Labs

Jan Allaerts

Isenberg Audio

Da Vinci Audio Labs

Kondo Audio Note Japan

Horning Hybrid


Tron Electric

My Sonic Lab









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