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DNC's  System

System Configuration


Linn LP12

Naim Audio Armageddon power supply

Tonearm Naim Audio Aro tonearm
Phono Cartridge Jan Allaerts MC1B MC cartridge
Phono Stage Naim Audio Prefix "K" with Naim Audio Supercap power supply
CD player Naim Audio CD 5i
Loudspeakers Naim Audio DBL
Preamplifier Naim Audio NAC52
Power Amplifier Naim Audio NAP 135 monoblocks
Cables Naim Audio
Music Genre All


High-Octane System


What else would one expect from a good Naim system ?  Emphasis on good as there are some that are unremarkable too, one of the quirks of Naim systems.  IMHO, these can be sensitive to setup and matching, where even 2 similar systems can sound different.


At only 10 hours of play, 90 more hours to go, the addition of the Jan Allaerts MC1B resulted in a significant increase in detail.


Quote from DNC - "Tons of low level resolution and articulation ... The cartridge is particularly strong with vocals, voices seemed to stand out even more from the surroundings ... Bass articulation is superb ... The MC1B managed to address the pitch problem of the LP12 matched with the former cartridge ..."


If you've heard the Naim DBL speakers sounding like bad PA speakers before - think again, not with the Jan Allaerts MC1B in tow.


It was a night of mostly heavy metal for us.  Listening to Metallica's covers of Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate, the system majored in outstanding, dazzling bass definition and rendition, one of the best we've heard.  Balance and timbre were topnotch, where instruments and voices on complex passages were clearly delineated, while keeping the musical flow intact.  The grip on rapid  driving bass lines was superlative, and delivered with the speed and bite that good Naim systems are uniquely capable of.  The massive 15-inch woofers of the DBLs with their foam surrounds definitely help, and transient recovery and attack  were first-rate.  IMHO, there really is nothing like a good floorstander for scale.


The Loudspeakers


The Gear


CD Source and Preamplifier/Power Supply


Power Amplifiers


The Analog Source


Another view.

In case your'e wondering, that's the poster from

the Black Crowe's "Amorica" LP on the wall


The Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge on the Naim Aro tonearm


A Closer View


View From Another Angle


A Closer View


A Close-up


Some of the vinyl albums


More Vinyl and CDs


Vinyl serves well as room treatment products :)

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