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Scheu Cello turntable, clear, with record weight


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat

Tonearm Scheu Cantus tonearm - clear, 10" version
Phono Cartridge

Denon 103-R

Phono Stage Dynavector P-75
CD player Marantz CD-67SE modified by Diva Audio
Loudspeakers Living Voice Auditorium MK2 loudspeakers - cherry finish


Soundcare Superspikes (thread size M8) to protect floor from sharp spikes.

Amplifier Jolida SJ-502A
Cables Zu Wax speaker cables and jumpers
Music Genre Jazz, pop, rock


Replacing monitor speakers, the introduction of the Living Voice speakers resulted in a more transparent and illuminative sound, with obviously more scale, body, and speed, with soundstage likewise broadening further.  Bass is very slightly rounded due to the tubes, but is also the most telling improvement, IMHO - high definition bass quality is now on offer, compared to the lesser defined bass quality earlier.  Another testimony for good floorstanders over smaller speakers.


Despite the room's  aesthetic bare design which does not permit any room treatment, no significant room-related issues.  Musical is the impression that comes to mind.  The Denon 103-R MC cartridge proves to be a good match with the tonearm/turntable and listening environment, reminiscent of good MM qualities and without the high frequency anomalies of some poor MC cartridges, good cartridge at its price range.


LPs spun tonight were Leonard Cohen's excellent album "Ten New Songs", LA 4's "Going Home", Diana Krall's "Girl In The Other Room", Eric Clapton's "Unplugged", etc. ... and a fun but great  track, "Hawaii Five-O" from the album "Kojak and Beretta".  Anyone with a US/UK/German/Holland pressing for sale, please contact us, we are now looking for it :)



The System


View from the right side


The speakers.  All Living Voice wood finishes are light when brand-new.

These darken over time, with the wood patterns emerging into a rich finish.

Notice the Soundcare Superspikes, perfect for protecting floors and for

easily moving the speakers around for positioning. 

Highly recommended over coins or cups for Living Voice speakers,

but ONLY when the floor has to be protected from sharp spikes;

otherwise, use the original spikes.


Top view of the Scheu Cello turntable with Scheu Cantus tonearm


Front view

Notice the isolation employed, two pieces of wood,

each supported by Vibrapods


A view from the right side


A closer view of the Scheu Cantus tonearm


The cartridge.  The photo makes it appear like VTF setting

is very low at the tail, but is only slight in actual


Top view of the headshell


The amplifier


Top view of the amplifier


Jumper connections

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