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FT's  System


Updated System Configuration - Year 2006


Scheu Premier MK2 turntable - 80mm platter, black, 2-tonearm plinth version


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat, active carbon mat

Rudolf Bruil Universal Record Stabilizer Ring (URSR)


Scheu Classic MK2 tonearm - 12" version


SME 3009R, 9"

Phono Cartridges

Audio-Technica AT-33PTG MC cartridge

Grado Reference MM cartridge

Phono Stage Red Rose
CD player/transport / DAC A few
Loudspeakers Audio Artistry Beethoven
Preamplifier Ayre
Amplifier Ayre power amps driving speakers active (used to also have another Burmester driving triamp)
Room Treatment ATC
HiFi Rack Soundstyle (FT likes the Hutter racks, but they wouldn't fit in his control room)
Cables Many
Accessories, tweaks Many
Music Genre Mainly Classical, a few pop, rock, jazz


Mr. Koh, fondly called "FT" by peers, is one of the true veterans in the Singapore high-end scene, probably almost every veteran high-end dealer knows him.  Although he has tamed down quite a bit, he still keeps himself updated listening to new high-end products that interest him, or trying out various accessories.  And of course, listening to music still occupies much of his time, having a great collection of classical LPs.


With the introduction of the Scheu Premier MK2 / AT OC9 into his system, the gains that FT reported are better pace, rhythm, and timing.  Overall, a more lively and dynamic presentation compared to his previous Walker Gold Proscenium turntable / Clearaudio Insider.


Listening to the system with various music, the above assessment is evident.  On the rare box set LP "Dead Man Walking" soundtrack (if you have the album for sale, please let us know),  we can add that timbre reproduction is very good, with detailed yet natural highs, courtesy of the Scanspeak Revelator tweeter.  And Audio Artistry's claim of "unboxy" speakers holds water, the system was open and free from any sort of boxiness, with the speaker panels of the folded baffle design helping in this department.  FT know his stuff, and the bass modules were unobtrusive, like they weren't there at all, reminding us of the Genesis 1.1 speakers in other systems we've heard.  Ultimately, with the system in an open air environment, compromises have to be accepted.  But in a dedicated enclosed room, this system will be awesome.


Part of the system


A closer view


The "control room", separate from the listening area


A closer view of the "control room"


The Scheu Premier MK2 turntable, with the Rudolf Bruil Universal Record Stabilizer Ring (URSR)

Cartridge has since been changed to Audio-Technica AT-33PTG


Side View


A closer view.  Notice the layers of isolation, FT definitely takes it seriously

Under the motor is a custom-built wooden box filled with sand

Under the turntable, we have Symposium super couplers, Shun Mook wood board,

2 Black Diamond Racing Shelves of different thickness, BDR cones, Titan granite slabs


A unique home-made cover built with cardboard and thin acrylic

Lightweight, easy to take out and put back


The phono stage


The speakers


The power amplifiers driving the speakers, active configuration. 

A Burmester power amp was also previously used to tri-amp.


The speakers' active crossover, wooden block placed above it


One of the passive crossovers

The wooden tweak is to reduce hash, supplied and recommended by Walker Audio when FT was

still corresponding with Lloyd Walker when he still had the Walker Gold Proscenium turntable


The preamplifier, with Shakti Stone


One of the power amplifiers, also with Shakti stone


The Day Sequerra FM Reference tuner


The speakers again, drivers shown


The speaker from behind


Some of the music software

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