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Idris' System

System Configuration

Phono Cartridge Jan Allaerts MC1B phono cartridge  (moving coil) replacing a Micro Magic Virus cartridge
Turntable Roksan TMS2

Naim Aro

Phono Stage

FM Acoustics 222, enhanced with a souped-up HiFi Builders power supply

CD Player Sony XA50ES
Preamplifier FM Acoustics 255
Power Amplifier FM Acoustics 811
Speakers Naim Audio DBLs
HiFi Rack


Music Genre All


First of all, Idris is Singapore's number 1 dealer for some of the rarest of records, in his spare time.  Coupled with his knowledge of rare records is a love for music of all types, a potent combination.  In addition, he has a super high-end system to entertain his guests and clients.  If anyone is interested to get in touch with him for rare records, Email Us! and we will provide his contact details.


After we hooked up the Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge and listened to a few albums, he asked us to inform Jan Allaerts on how happy he was with the results, even before being burned-in, and that it was well worth the long wait. 


IMHO, the system was too "hot" the last time we heard it, tilting towards edginess.  The Jan Allaerts MC1B introduced a proper balance into an already outstanding system, and no matter how loud the system was played, it never lost its poise and balance.  Timbre and tonality has gone up a notch, and these were some of the criteria he wanted to improve on.  There is just the right amount of bloom now, more harmonic richness in the presentation, where previously, it was drier and less natural.  Drums and bass still sound as real and awesomely delivered as before.  Vocals are now portrayed as they should be - without stress (and less stressful on the listener), and are more natural-sounding this time around.  The inherent quality of this super high-end system is revealed even more, and will improve further with break-in of the cartridge, and further fine-tuning.   The replaced Micro Magic Virus is an outstanding cartridge in its own right, but IMHO the Jan Allaerts MC1B matches the system better, an unorthodox pairing of Naim with FM Acoustics.


And here's a good LP recommendation from him, "The In Sound From Way Out!", instrumental music composed and performed by The Beastie Boys.  Really groovy and funky, "endlessly enjoyable".


The electronics


The speakers and power amp


The Jan Allaerts MC1B phono cartridge on a Naim Audio Aro tonearm


A closer view of the Jan Allaerts MC1B phono cartridge


A much closer view of the Jan Allaerts MC1B phono cartridge


The turntable

Check out that rare 12" record


The FM 222 and FM 255


The CD player


The FM811 power amplifier


Drool at those records, only the tip of the iceberg


Some great finds on display


A closer view of a rare and interesting cover / album

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