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Jag's  System


System Configuration - Dec, 2005


JAW Andromeda turntable

Tonearm Graham 1.5
Phono Cartridges

Jan Allaerts MC1B   (not currently mounted, phono stage currently unavailable)

Phono Stage Whest   (back in factory for checking)
CD Player Sony
Loudspeakers Living Voice OBX-R2, burl oak finish
Preamplifier Naim Audio NAC 282
Power Supply Naim Audio Hicap-2  (x 2 - awaiting other piece)
Power Amplifier Naim Audio 250-2
Cables Naim Audio cables
Music Genre Heavy metal, rock, pop, jazz


Jag is Loth-X's turntable designer.  Note from the photos his own turntable design, under the JAW brand (Jagdeep Analogue Works).  For any enquiries on these turntables, please Email Us! or  Fill Up an Enquiry Form for JAW's contact details.


With regards to system sound quality, we are glad that Jag is immensely happy with the introduction of the Living Voice OBX-R2, which replaced another pair of speakers which cost more than 3x.  With the Naim gear installed, even more fun is up ahead :)  Megadeth should be rocking well in this system, one of Jag's favorite artists (as well as ours), and Kari Bremnes' voice should soar to new heights.


Some photos below can be clicked on to enlarge if desired

Full System

Living Voice OBX-R2 and Naim Audio


Full System - different lighting

Living Voice OBX-R2 and Naim Audio


The loudspeakers

Living Voice OBX-R2


Additional wooden speaker stands, used to raise the speakers higher to match Jag's listening seat height. 

In between are the external crossovers of the Living Voice OBX-R2 speakers.

JAW can manufacture these stands, for any speaker.  For more information, please Email Us! or  Fill Up an Enquiry Form.

Living Voice OBX-R2 extra stands


The rack

Naim Audio


A closer view of the Naim elecctronics, all-new series

Naim Audio


The JAW Andromeda turntable

JAW Andromeda turntable


The tonearm

Graham 1.5 tonearm


The logo

JAW logo

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