Living Voice Auditorium 2, Graham Slee Era Gold V, Graham Slee Elevator EXP




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John's Previous System


Previous System Configuration - Sept 2005


Michell Gyrodec with QC power supply



Phono Cartridge

Audio-Technica AT33 PTG Prestige model

(replacing a Shure V15 vxMR cartridge)

Phono Stage GSP Audio Era Gold MKV + GSP Audio Elevator EXP
CD Player Naim Audio CDX / XPS
Tuner Naim Audio NAT 05
Preamplifier Naim Audio NAC82 + Naim Audio Supercap
Amplifier Naim Audio NAP250


Living Voice Auditorium 2

Cables Naim Audio NACA5 cables, Analysis Plus Oval One interconnect between GSP Audio boxes
Rack Particular Basis with Isodiscs   (has been replaced with Hutter Basic racks)
Music Genre Pop, Rock, Jazz, Vocals



Another synergistic system.  The brute power, speed, detail, and dynamics of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and "Sad But True" on vinyl are well served, demonstrating this system's prowess, true to the Naim Audio reputation.  A worthy Naim system.  We're sure it can sail through the mellower stuff as well.


Full system view


The rack


● A closer view of the turntable

● Guess which album that is, European pressing with the famous

Vertigo swirl label

Hint: It includes the superb rock ballads

"Unforgiven" and "Nothing Else Matters"


A closer view of the Audio-Technica AT33 Prestige phono cartridge


A closer view of the GSP Audio Era Gold MKV phono stage and the

GSP Audio Elevator EXP head amp/step-up


The LV Auditoriums in matched cherry finish

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Oct 2005 system  Mar 2006 system July 2006 system Back to Customer Systems List



Living Voice

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