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Kenneth C's System : Apr 2005

Previous System Configuration : Apr 2005


Kuzma Stabi

Living Voice Mystic Mat

Tonearm Schr•der Model 2
Phono Cartridge

Denon DL-103R

The Cartridge Man Tracking Force Gauge

Phono Stage Herron Audio VTPH-1mc Tube preamp
Digital Transport CEC TL-2 Transport
DAC Meridian 566 DA converter
Tuners Pure Digital DRX 701ES Tuner
Magnum Dynalab ST-2 Tuner
Preamplifier Diva M7 Tube preamp
Power Amplifier Diva Blue Sky Signature Tube amp


Cabasse Baltic speakers/Cabasse Thor subwoofer

Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cables

JPS Digital AC powercord
Apogee Wideeye Balanced Digital Interconnect
JPS Superconductor FX Interconnect
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference Interconnect
Belden M8719
Cardas Golden Reference
JPS In wall power cord. Power cord

Others PS Audio P-300 AC filter

DH Cones Super Tweak
SolidTech Feet of Silence Tweak
Unicones Unicone Tweak
DH Cones Squares Tweak

Music Genre All except heavy metal


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Full view


The components


The Kuzma turntable


The Living Voice Mystic Mat and Schr•der Model 2 tonearm


The Schr•der Model 2 tonearm, with a Denon DL-103R cartridge


TheDenon DL-103R cartridge


The Schr•der Model 2 detachable headshell


left speaker

right speaker


A closer view of the sphere, port hole on bottom left



from top left angle


from top right angle


Diva preamplifier


Diva power amplifier


Top view, Diva power amplifier


CEC TL-2 Transport and Meridian DAC


phono stage


Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cable

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Living Voice

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Isenberg Audio

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Horning Hybrid


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