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LBK's Current System


Updated System Configuration - Oct, 2006


Scheu Premier MK2 turntable - 80mm platter, black, 1-tonearm plinth version


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat


Schroder Model 2 tonearm

Phono Cartridges

Audio-Technica AT33 PTG Prestige Model MC phono cartridge

Loudspeakers Vienna Acoustics Haydn
Preamplifier Diva M7 (Singapore product)
Power Amplifier Diva Tian Zhu with M6 tube  (Singapore product)
Accessories, tweaks Maple boards, Qi Cones
Music Genre Jazz, Vocals


Thanks to LBK for the photos below.


With the introduction of the Schroder Model 2 into the system, which LBK set up himself, we shall quote him - "this guy really sings, and we still have to fine-tune it yet."  Well that speaks volumes.


Some photos below can be clicked on to enlarge if desired


* Best viewed on a calibrated monitor.  We recommend Gretagmacbeth display calibrator, or you can try this free one (although not the same quality).


The System

LBK System


From a different angle

LBK System


The Scheu Premier MK2 turntable, before the change in tonearm

Scheu Premier MK2 with Scheu Classic MK2 tonearm


The  Schroder Model 2 tonearm now mounted on the Scheu Premier MK2 turntable

LBK System


The Schroder Model 2 tonearm

LBK System


Schroder Model 2 tonearm's arm assembly

LBK System


From another angle

LBK System


The Audio-Technica AT-33 PTG cartridge

LBK System


Diva M7

LBK System


Diva Tian Zhu

LBK System


Diva power supply

LBK System


The loudspeakers

LBK System

LBK System

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