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Mr. Lee's System

System Configuration

Amplifier Lavardin Technologies Model IS integrated amplifier
Speakers Living Voice Auditorium 2 - walnut finish
CD Player

Naim CD5i  (previous Wadia CD player still shown in the photos)

Speaker Cables



Soundscape DIY of cable used in Scheu tonearms  (to be replaced by Naim interconnect)

Music Genre Classical, Opera


We are honored that Mr. Lee chose a system from us, being a consummate musician - a pianist, a classical music conductor, and also involved in opera.  We're delighted that he is so involved in the music that he can't help but do some conductor flairs on air while auditioning or listening at home :)


Like many musicians, he has no interest in certain audiophile qualities like soundstage and imaging.  He was more interested in making sure that the macro and micro dynamics and transients were intact, and particularly that the system didn't fail in reproducing the crescendos and climaxes in classical pieces, especially when loud.  And of course it helped that the timbre was properly rendered.  Songs from the "Chanson D' Amour" album by the King's Singers was used to test voice, and the interplay between the tenors and baritones was just delightful.  We've got to find one of their albums now  :)  


As you can see, the requirement was tough.  There was to be no compromise for the piano, it has to stay in the same position, nor arguments.  Speakers cannot be raised too.  The system could of course be more optimized, but that's just us being audiophiles.  This system definitely does not conform to the usual positioning practices, but the end result worked quite well and happily meets the main criterion required.


Boom ?  Totally none, the custom built-diffusors for the piano really work for the hifi system !!


Just looking at the way it was set up will make any audiophile cringe.  But believe us, it works well in this room.  However, this is most likely unique to this room only.  Even we had serious doubts at the start, but it turned out well.



Mr. Lee's personal music room where he listens to and plays music. The LV Auditoriums are in illustrious company, straddling a Steinway piano.   Note the custom-built diffusors on the wall behind the speakers - aesthetic, and very effective, no sense of damping at all, just control.  We need to find out who installed it, great job!  The opposite wall behind the "listening chair" (not seen) is a sliding glass door with curtains, opening into his driveway.


The Lavardin Model IS on the far end near the wall, CD player, and CD recorder on top of bookshelves.

That's a very nice piece of woodcut art on the wall depicting musicians.


The left speaker, about 7-8 inches from the wall.  He still has space to pull out the piano chair.


The right speaker, also about 7-8 inches away from the wall.  The right wall is a sliding door into the living room.


The centerpiece of the music room.  We should have removed the cover for the photo shoot. 

Yes, we know, we should have taken out those Wadia and Lavardin boxes under the Steinway too :)

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