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Mike's Previous System

Previous System Configuration


Speakers: Living Voice Avatar - in  natural  santos rosewood


Pre Amp : Hovland HP-100

Power Amp : VTL MB-125 Monoblocks


   Transport: Meridian 506 CD Player

   Sound Improvement Disc (SID)

   DAC:        Electrocompaniet ECD1


Speaker Cables:  Shunyata


Tweaks: DH Labs Cones



Matched color theme !  Beautiful and spacious place.  The cabinet may not be ideal at the moment, but it is a temporary feature.


Main music genre : Jazz, Vocals


Previous System Photos

Top:  An excellent picture of the Hovland preamp


Left:  A beautiful picture too of the Avatars.  Note the matching wood veneer of the front.  This applies to all sides of the speakers.

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