Scheu Premier MK2, Schroder dps, Jan Allaerts MC1B, Living Voice Mystic Mat, Hutter RackTime Basic, KAB Speedstrobe




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Mike's Previous System : Mar 2006



Previous System Configuration - Mar 2006


Scheu Premier MK3 turntable - 80mm platter, clear


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat

Acoustic Solid bubble/weight - selected to match the chrome motor

Black Diamond Racing The Pits 3B & Shelf under Turntable


Schroder Model DPS tonearm - 9.5" version, bocate finish, with fine adjustment weight, Schroder tonearm cable



Phono Cartridges

Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge

Denon DL-103R

Phono Stage/Preamplifier Manley Steelhead as preamplifier and phono stage
CD player Marantz SA-11S1
Loudspeakers Avantgarde Acoustics Uno
Amplifier Wavac MD-300B  (allmusic 300B, Telefunken ECC801S & GE JAN NOS 6Y6)

Shunyata Lyra speaker cables
Kondo KSL-SPz speaker cables as jumpers on Unos
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 1m RCA (Phono/Pre to amp)
Purist Audio Design - Museaus 1m RCA (CDP to preamp)

HiFi Rack and Accessories Hutter Racktime rack (with Finite Elemente Cerabase as footers)
Golden Sound DH cones under Steelhead & Powersupply
Stillpoints under Wavac
Black Diamond Racing The Pits MK 3 and DIY base under Unos
Mains PS AUDIO AC Power Ports
Shunyata Hydra 4 and 2
Shunyata Diamondbacks
Audience Powerchord
Vinyl Accessories KAB speedstrobe
Shure Stylus Force Gauge SFG-2
ONZOW zerodust
LYRA SPT stylus cleaner
Decca 2+2 LP brush
Nitty Gritty 1.5Fi cleaner
Music Genre Jazz, vocals


Earlier Notes:


With the introduction of the Schroder Model DPS tonearm into the system, it is now a new ballgame.  For example, in his own words - "The instruments have more natural decay and tones seem to be suspended while weighty".  The Manley Steelhead can accept two tonearms at the flick of a switch, which facilitates playing of both tonearms.


Some photos below can be clicked on to enlarge if desired


The system

Mike System


The speakers

Mike System


The amplifier

Mike System


The electronics

Mike System


Manley Steelhead phono stage as well as preamp

Mike System


Scheu Premier MK3 turntable with SME V and Schroder Model DPS tonearms,

and the latest addition - a Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge

Mike System


Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge mounted on a Schroder Model DPS tonearm

Mike System

View from the top


View from another angle

Mike System


Schroder Model DPS tonearm top view

Nice photo by Mike


The SME V tonearm

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