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PH's System


Updated System Configuration - Apr 2006

CD Player Naim CD5X CD player (replacing the Cyrus CD8x CD Player still in the photos)

Lavardin Technologies Model IS


Harbeth HL-P3ES-2, in cherry finish


On Target stands, with Soundcare Superspikes

Cables JPS Labs speaker cables
Music Genre Pop, Rock, Jazz, Vocals


Another Musical Remedy


We are glad that PH has also found synergy with the Lavardin IS for his Harbeth loudspeakers, way beyond his previous amplifier.  He can now finally listen without wanting to turn off the system after a short period.  Once again, the system is transformed for the better, without doubt.


Listening to the system gives credibility to Harbeth's design goals on these speakers, as a replacement for the venerable LS3/5A.  The system indeed reminded us of an LS3/5A in the room, tiny speakers that sound bigger than they look, with none of the tricks of other small speakers like boosting up the midbass artificially to sound big.  In this sense, the Lavardin IS helps bring out the speakers' true character.  The CD player is alright, but PH knows it can be better, and we have recommended him a Naim.  (* The CD player has been changed already to the Naim CD5X CD player.)


Some photos below can be clicked on to enlarge if desired


The system

PH System


The system, from another angle

PH System


The components, Lavardin Technologies Model IS under the Cyrus CD player

(The Cyrus has already been replaced with the Naim CD5X CD player)

PH System


The components, from another angle

PH System


The left speaker, colour slightly off due to the lighting

PH System


The right speaker, closer to the actual colour, cherry

PH System

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