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Phil's  Previous System : 2005

System Configuration


Scheu Cello turntable, black, with record weight


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat

Tonearm Scheu Classic MK 2 tonearm - clear, 10" version
Phono Cartridge

Audio Technica 430E OCC

Phono Stage Audio Note R-Zero RIAA
CD transport CEC TL-2
DAC Audio Note DAC 1

Magneplanar 1.6QR

Preamplifier Croft
Power Amplifier VTL 80
Music Genre Vocals, light jazz


The latest addition to this system is the turntable, replacing another brand.  In Phil's own words, he is now listening much more to LPs than CDs :)


Overall, the system's sound is transparent, light and airy - "boxless" due to the planar speakers, with a good soundstage.  As it is, an enjoyable system.


Keeping in mind his preference for an all-tube system, his next upgrade is a better tube phono stage.   Alternatively, other suggested upgrades for the future would be a better tube preamp with a good built-in phono stage. And of course, a better cartridge at a good price, ideally a Denon 103-R or an Ortofon MC 10 Super MKII, both of which will suit Phil's music tastes and system well.



The System


The rack

The turntable sits atop a custom-made solid block of maple


The turntable - top view


Right front view


Left front view





The speakers

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View June 2006 system << Go back to the Customer Systems List



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