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SKR's  System

System Configuration


BIX turntable - for temporary use only until main turntable is settled

Tonearm Schroder Model MK 2 tonearm - Pertinax version, 9.5"
Phono Cartridge

Lyra Helikon standard

Phono Stage GSP Audio Era Gold + GSP Audio Elevator EXP
CD Player Sony XA777ES

Quad ESL 989

Preamplifier Rogue Audio
Power Amplifier Jadis JA-40
Music Genre Vocals, light jazz, easy listening music


SKR is another veteran audiophile, having been at it for over 20 years - playing around with Avant-Garde, Wilson Audio, Nagra, etc. Featured here is one of the systems in one of his homes in the city of angels.  The gear is gradually being built up, where he is getting familiar with each component before moving on.  SKR has been very enthusiastic about the GSP Audio phono stages that he has 2 sets, one in another house (Click Me! to read his comments). 


The electrostatic character is easily identifiable here, although the Quads are more on the silky-smooth side compared to Magneplanars or Martin Logans.  Overall, the sound has been tuned to be more on the velvety side, with the tubes and speakers appropriately chosen to get the desired sound.


SKR knows the obvious upgrade needed is on the turntable, and we suggested a more powerful amplifier for the Quads, especially if he decides to keep the Shunyata Hydra power conditioner.



The System


View from right angle


View from left angle


The Rack


The turntable and Schroder Model 2 tonearm


A view from the left


A view from the front


A view of the tonearm


A closer view


The GSP Audio (Graham Slee) Era Gold MKV and Elevator EXP


The CD player


The Rogue Audio preamplifier.  It has a built-in phono stage, but is bypassed

by the superior GSP Audio phono stage


His trusty old Jadis JA-40 power amplifier


The Shunyata Hydra 4.  Our impression is that it is audibly limiting

the amplifier's power or current delivery after testing with and without,

made more obvious with the current/power-hungry Quads.

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