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Song's System : May 2007


Current System Configuration - May 2007


TW Acustic Raven AC, long belt version


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat


Schroder Model No. 2 fw

Phono Cartridge

Jan Allaerts MC1B

Phono Stage Ensemble Fonobrio with the Powerflux Gold FSF supply PC
Transport CEC 51x
DAC Benchmark DAC
Preamplifier Conrad Johnson Act 2.2
Amplifier Conrad Johnson 350
HiFi Rack DIY "Mana"

Transparent Opus MM 10ft with spades

Power cord to CJ Act 2.2 Transparent Powerlink MM 15amp version

PC to CJ 350 Transparent PL MM 20amp version Connected direct to an Isoclean wall socket

Interconnect from CJ to CJ Transparent Reference 1.5m

Interconnect to phono stage MIT Oracle V1.1 1.5m

XLO signature 2 4.2b aes/ebu

Powerlink reference PC for my digital equipment

Power Conditioner Exact EP15A - everything through this except power amp.  Prefer amp to power conditioner if it's for jazz or vocal. For classical and rock music, direct to wall much more dynamic
Music Genre Most



Song has the first TW Acustic Raven AC turntable in Malaysia :)


His initial impressions, analogue : Before burn-in, set up sounds dynamic and bass is wonderful.


* Thanks for the photos ...


Some photos below can be clicked on to enlarge if desired

The System

Hong System


Hong System


The analogue system

Hong System


Hong System


Megadeth on cue ! :)

Hong System


Hong System


Hong System


Hong System


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