Scheu Premier MK2, Living Voice Mystic Mat, Jan Allaerts MC1B, Graham Slee Era Gold V, Graham Slee Elevator EXP, Eighth Nerve




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SS's System

Previous System Configuration

Main Audio

Turntable Scheu Premier MK2 Black - 80mm platter


Thorens Q-Up Auto Arm Lift

Phono Cartridge Jan Allaerts MC1B    (replacing an Audio Technica OC-9 ML2)
Phono Stage GSP Audio Era Gold MKV + Elevator EXP  (replacing a Mark Levinson Reference No.32 Phono Module)
Digital Source Esoteric (Teac) DV50 universal player  (replacing Marantz SA1 SACD/CD Player with LC Audio XO3 clock mod and a Philips SA963)
Preamplifier Goldmund 27+  (replacing a Mark Levinson Reference No.32)
Power Amplifier Goldmund Millenium Edition 28M


Wilson Audio Sophias - with extended puppy paws and coupled to floor using Isobase Isocouplers




Audience AU24 between GSP Audio Era Gold MKV and  Elevator EXP, as well as from Era Gold to preamp  


Goldmund lineal interconnects between pre and power  (replacing Nordost SPM Reference Balanced)

Speaker Cables Goldmund speaker cables with impedance matching network boxes   (replacing Nordost SPM Reference)
Power Cords PS Audio Xtreme throughout


Power Products

Power Source 3 x solid core copper dedicated lines installed direct from fuse box
Power Distributor PS Audio


Room Treatment

ASC Panels on side walls and ceilings to tame reflections
Echo buster bass busters x 4 for front walls
Eighth Nerve Room Pack

Eighth Nerve Framed
Floor: Normal thick carpet


Video System

Philips SA963 DVD/SACD player
Pioneer 2011 7.1 HT Processor
Sony VW10HT LCD Projector
Stewart Firehawk 16:9 92 inch wall mount screen
Centre, 2 x Rears and 2 x Side speakers are Sonus Faber Solo and Wall respectively
Sub: Sunfire True Sub MK 4



Pure Magic and Voodoo isolation boards
Bright Star board
Cardas RCA and XLR Caps
Audio Quest RF Tubes
Isobase isocouplers's Pavane tweak
Cable Elevators from
Gryphon system demagnetiser
Bedini clarifier
Audio Quest quite lines
Pro Gold contact cleaner
Nordost Eco Static Inhibitor



Coherence Audio Racks

Music preferred: 60's Rock, Jazz and some orchestral works and Classical. Also the normal audiophile 'Vocals' fare.


No doubt about it, SS knows his stuff.  This system is a wonderful all-rounder, one that definitely floats our boat - fast, dynamic, gutsy and powerful, articulate bass.  Not for the faint-hearted - it shakes the foundation, but in a very enjoyable way, without bass problems in the small room.  A big system that delivers the goods.  The first track on Felipe de la Rosa's "Flamenco Fever" LP from M&K was magical - and it's not even one of those super-explosive tracks from the album, just a normal traditional song.   Janis Ian's "Breaking Silence" track is definitely a show-stopper in this system.


The above is a description of the system with just a budget phono cartridge.  The recent introduction of the Jan Allaerts MC1B phono cartridge makes this system one of the best we have ever heard.  The texture, the layering, the timbre, etc. in this system are stunningly rendered, it gives new meaning to the "artist is in the room" experience.


Click Me! to view the previous system.


View from the right

View from the left

A closer view


The new addition, a Goldmund 27+ preamp


The Scheu Premier MK2 turntable with a Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge

mounted on an SME V tonearm


A closer view


A view from the front, at eye level


A closer view of the Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge


A close-up view of the Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge


A new addition, the Thorens Q-Up Auto Arm Lifter.

Try to spot where it is.  Hint: it lifts the arm up at the end of the record,

saving the cartridge stylus from gathering vinyl particles unnecessarily


Found the auto arm lift yet ?


There it is, blending in so well like it was part of the tonearm


Also added are the GSP Audio Era Gold phono stage + Elevator EXP head amp,

on top of the Goldmund 27+ preamp


The main electronics


Also another addition is the Esoteric DV-50 universal player


Left Wilson Sophia speaker - in Mercedes metallic silver

(The previous Mark Levinson preamp still shown)


Right Wilson Sophia speaker

(The previous Mark Levinson preamp still shown)


Goldmund speaker cables on cable elevators


Some LPs ready to play - that's Claudia Gomez's

"Salamander" album in front - from Clarity recordings,

one-step pressing, single-side 2 LPs - Latin flavor


Lots of CDs and DVDs lining the wall behind the listening seat

Notice the strategically placed Eighth Nerve Echo behind


The projector, and Eighth Nerve products in sight,

as well as an ASC ceiling panel


Eighth Nerve and ASC room treatment


ASCs tube traps and Eighth Nerve


ASC wall panels and an Eighth Nerve Seam behind the right speaker




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