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TKP's  System : Apr 2008, Nov 2007

System Configuration

Amplifier Lavardin Technologies Model IT

TW Acustic Raven One turntable

Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat


Thorens TD-124


Triplanar Seven

TW Acustic Vivid Two

Phono Cartridge

Audio Technica AT-33 PTG

Audio Technica 45th Anniversary

Phono Stage

Tron Seven Reference

Phono Accessories

KAB Speedstrobe Turntable Speed Tester

Headphone Amplifier Graham Slee Solo
SACD player Sony SCD-777ES

Le Contoure Stabile 160 by Lavardin Technologies

Cables Lavardin Technologies speaker and interconnect cables
Accessories, ...

Symposium Ultra, other Symposium shelves, Symposium Roller Blocks, Stillpoints, Shunyata Hydra 8, Eighth Nerve, Michael Green, ASC bass traps, plywood, Argent Room Lens.

Music Genre Vocals, Jazz


Update - Apr 2008:

TKP shows his resourcefulness by having a separate armboard and base made of brass manufactured for him locally.  Check out the photos.

The Tron Seven Reference phono stage has also come into the system to replace the Graham Slee phono stage, offering a huge improvement ... and the Graham Slees are no slouches, they are reference phono stages in their own right.


Update - Nov 2007:

The TW Acustic Raven One turntable has been added, as well as the Le Contoure Stabile 160 by Lavardin Technologies


New Photos taken in May and Apr 2008


TKP System


TKP System

TKP System TKP System

Some photos below can be clicked on to enlarge if desired


Previous Photos taken in November 2007


The Le Contoure Stabile 160 loudspeakers, by Lavardin Technologies

TKP System


The Electronics

TKP System


The amazing Lavardin Technologies Model IT

TKP System


Lavardin Technologies Model IT - a closer view

TKP System


An array of Graham Slee units

TKP System


The outstanding TW Acustic Raven One turntable

TKP System


TKP System


TKP System



The TW Acustic Raven One turntable's power supply

TKP System


Audio-Technica 45th Anniversary cartridge

TKP System


Thorens TD-124

TKP System


The CD player

TKP System


Power distributor

TKP System


An array of cable lifters

TKP System


Behind the loudspeaker ... note the switches for

adjusting bass and treble

TKP System

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2005  June 2006 Current     Back to  main Customer Systems List



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