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2005  June 2006 Current     Back to  main Customer Systems List

TKP's  Previous System : 2005

System Configuration

Amplifier Lavardin Technologies Model IT

Scheu Premier MK3 turntable - 80mm platter, black

(photos still show previous Scheu Premier MK2)


Living Voice Mystic Mat turntable mat


Scheu Classic MK2 unipivot tonearms (two)

Phono Cartridge Audio Technica AT-33 PTG
Phono Stage Graham Slee Audio Era Gold MKV
Phono Accessories

KAB Speedstrobe Turntable Speed Tester

SACD player Sony SCD-777ES

Harbeth Super HL5

(photos still show Reference 3A MM De Capo i speakers, replaced by Usher speakers for a very short period)

Cables Lavardin Technologies speaker and interconnect cables (photos still show YBA)
Accessories, ...

Symposium Ultra, other Symposium shelves, Symposium Roller Blocks, Stillpoints, Shunyata Hydra 8, Eighth Nerve, Michael Green, ASC bass traps, plywood, Argent Room Lens, anti-vibration wood blocks from a centuries-old Japanese wooden temple that has withstood all earthquakes, while the other buildings nearby did not - and it works great :-).

Music Genre Vocals, Jazz


Full-Sized Sound - previous system


Don't let the stand-mount speakers fool you, the sound in this system is huge.  The crossover-less speakers output tremendous energy, with a full-sized, full-bodied sound that can embarrass bigger stand-mount speakers and even floorstanders in terms of bass, certainly one of the best around.  The system's bass definition is superb, as well as its timbre and transparency - and many other systems will sound veiled in comparison, in part due to the crossoverless design of the speakers.  Of course, it's a combination of the entire system, room treatment, and careful tweaking as well that has produced the excellent results.



The System - under mood lighting


The System - under a different light.

The silver YBA 1 Alpha HC preamplifier and power amplifier

units shown are the previous amplification used.  Also previously

tried was a Sun Audio 2A3 power amp, an excellent amplifier within

its limited volume range before it lost steam.


View from a different angle


The amplifier


A closer view


The analog source



A view from the top.  The diminutive GSP Audio Era Gold MKV phono stage

can be partially seen behind.


The SACD player


The loudspeakers


A closer view of the loudspeakers.  The woofer drivers are not Kevlar, those are carbon


The centuries old earthquake-proof wood under the stands


The Hydra 8, GSP audio PSU1 power supply, cable elevators, cables, more Symposium.

The Lavardin Model IT amplifier's power cord will be tried directly into the

wall once the units have been rearranged for the power cord to reach the wall.

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2005  June 2006 Current     Back to  main Customer Systems List



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