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TP's  System

System Configuration


Scheu Premier MK2 Black

Tonearm SME 309 tonearm
Phono Cartridge

Dynavector 20XH

Phono Stage Graham Slee Jazz Club MM phono stage, adjustable EQ
CD Player Esoteric DV50s universal player

Living Voice OBX-R2, bird's eye maple


Soundcare Superspikes gold version

Preamplifier Mark Levinson 380
Power Amplifier Goldmund Mimesis 18.4 monoblock power amplifiers
Speaker Cables Analysis Plus Oval 12
Music Genre Pop/Rock, British "alternative"


TP first and foremost is a music lover.  First album for this session was by The Who, one of TP's favorite bands.  This was followed by Genesis, and others.


TP's new Living Voice OBX-R2 speakers bring about a transparency that brings to light previously unheard detail and a deeper sonic insight into the music, as well as an agility and speed that is essential to TP's type of music.  In comparison to the previous speaker system with a subwoofer, it was very obvious that a thick veil has been lifted from the music.  Bass is now more tactile and articulate, with micro-dynamic nuances in heavy mixes revealed.


Of course, the switch to a floorstander resulted in a bigger scale presentation.


Previous System



The System


View from a left angle


View from a right angle


The Speakers


The turntable system


A closer view


The phono stage


A view of the cartridge


The electronics, and one of the Living Voice OBX-R2 crossovers


The other external crossover, and power amps


The power amplifiers


A mouth-watering collection of CDs, and the LPs are not yet

shown.  TP is definitely a true music buff.

That's a Jimi Hendrix photo on the wall ...


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