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TPH's  System

System Configuration

Loudspeakers Living Voice Avatar 2 - in Santos Rosewood finish
Amplifier Sugden Master Class
CD player Linn Genki  (to be upgraded with a better player)
Speaker Cables MIT
Music Genre 99% Classical


TPH's previous stand-mount Sonus Faber speakers in the small listening room, about 3m x 3.5m, was ok with simpler instruments and solos, but just didn't have the scale when it came to more complex classical orchestral pieces, and TPH felt the stand-mount speakers were straining to meet the demands of this type of musical pieces.  The change to the Living Voice Avatar easily addressed the problem of scale, and TPH now felt the Avatars still had a lot more to give, still well below their limitations when it came to reproducing bombastic orchestral pieces, and music was no longer sounding stressed.  Well, TPH, enjoy !


The System


A bit closer ...

Note that the tweeters are positioned on the outside.  This was deliberate, as we

wanted to expand the soundstage width in the small room.

Nice rounded corner behind the right speaker. 


The electronics


The speakers - striking patterns on the wood finish, matched

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