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Da Vinci Audio Labs : AAS Gabriel Turntable



"The Cutting Edge ...


The AAS Gabriel / Da Vinci turntable with Da Vinci Grandezza twelve-inch tonearm is the best non-linear tracking record player I've ever heard (and by a country mile) ...


Hats off, gentlemen, a work of genius!" -


TAS, 2009, Jonathan Valin





Da Vinci AAS Gabriel Turntable

Da Vinci In Unison


The reference for turntable sonic quality


Da Vinci "AAS Gabriel" MKII turntable


Swiss elegance, manufacturing, craftsmanship, precision, superb build


HBH System

* Picture taken from a client's system


Da Vinci Audio Labs' AAS Gabriel/Da Vinci MK II Turntable

with Da Vinci Grand Reference Tonearm Grandezza

"As I tried to say in my Technical Brain review, when a source, a speaker, or a piece of electronics gets timing right•the sequence of events, fine and coarse, that go into the sounding of a note•it also gets spatiality right.


You not only hear what•s happening more clearly; you •see• each instrument and performer imaged more clearly.


For fidelity-to-mastertapes and absolute sound listeners, this is a huge advantage, like having not just a window on the orchestra but also a window on the performers and on the score.


The music is easier to take in, the performance easier to appreciate, the orchestration or instrumentation easier to •decode.•

When such neutrality and transparency are joined, as they are in the Da Vinci Mk II, to unstinting energy at very low levels and very loud ones, you get (with the best sources) a leap in fidelity and realism."


"I will have more to say about the Da Vinci Mk II•about its low noise, its transparency to sources, its superb bass, its overall realism•in my upcoming review. But for the nonce, suffice it to say that, in combination with the superb 12" Da Vinci Grand Reference Grandezza tonearm, this is one of the two highest-fidelity record players I•ve heard."


- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Apr 18 2011


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Everything began in the 1980's when a sensitive music lover and engineer named Hans-Peter Gabriel, in search of a mature turntable, found no suitable products.   So he decided to design the first AAS Gabriel himself.


The precondition was that his turntable must be able to play all kinds of music genre in a perfect way. At that time,  he owned 3 tonearms and a few cartridges. His idea was to use 3 tonearm bases on one turntable. Such an approach at that time was not available.  The idea of a magnetic bearing fascinated him as well.


Finally, the first analog audio system (AAS) Gabriel turntable was born.


With every further model the turntable has been optimized. The current model 3 has been largely developed by DaVinciAudio. (Bearings, motor, motor controllers, feet).


The advantage of the magnetic bearing is that the 24kg platter of the vertical bearing will not be charged. Thus, noise transmission is largely avoided.

In our concept, it•s not advantageous to use a magnetic drive, and with our motor / motor controller and the philosophy of the loose belt, we achieve a very perfect speed.


Both the base and tonearm pillar are built of plywood board. The motor part is milled of a full aluminum block. The hollow spaces of the wooden pieces are filled with a special compound.

The requirements of a stable and silent motor and motor controller by Peter A. Brem were very high and were not easy to find.  For this reason we decided together with a friend to develop our own stepper motor and motor controller. When you turn the engine, a start ramp accelerates the platter to its speed. Once the desired speed is reached, the flow is reduced and the platter maintains the required speed.


Peter prefers that the belt going from the motor to the table be very loose (low tension). It is Peter•s philosophy that only so with this motor concept and the loose belt can he expect to prevent the disturbance of the motor to the platter.


Da Vinci Audio Raffles Hotel

* source : Raffles Hotel inhouse magazine

For Raffles Hotel guests around the world, check out your Raffles Hotel magazine for the Gift Ideas section.  Make an impression, consider giving a loved one, a business associate, or yourself the Da Vinci AAS-Gabriel turntable - a superbly Swiss-made music making machine, guaranteed to be a hit in conversations while relaxing to music reproduced with the highest fidelity.


"Swiss audiophiles DaVinciAudio Labs have created a unique reference turntable that produces incredibly accurate sound reproduction. Hefty cylinders, one for the motor, one for the turntable and one for the 12-in tonearm (you can have up to four, each tailored to a different style of music), sit on custom-turned feet, with silent magnetic bearings reducing extraneous noise to nearly nothing.

This gorgeous Ferrari red is one of a variety of colours available, and you can specify your tonearm 24ct gold-plated, adding to the whopping 313lb weight of this mighty music machine."




AAS-Gabriel Turntable


Da Vinci AAS Gabriel Turntable"The Cutting Edge ...


The AAS Gabriel / Da Vinci turntable with Da Vinci Grandezza twelve-inch tonearm is the best non-linear tracking record player I've ever heard (and by a country mile) ...


Hats off, gentlemen, a work of genius!" - TAS, 2009, Jonathan Valin


►►► Read full TAS Review (pdf format)



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Da Vinci Audio AAS Gabriel turntable, Monument model at the 2009 Munich show

 AAS Gabriel Model 3 Monument


The most important aspect for the development of the tonearm Grand Reference Grandezza was to reach the highest musicality.


Crucial to this was the selection of materials that controlled resonances, as well as weight distribution and the high precision in the manufacturing process.

Our tonearm bearing concept: We want to emphasize that we do not use conical bearings, but 8 rubies in ancient watch-making tradition. The accompanying steel bearing bolts would be accurately fitted by hand from an experienced watchmaker AHCI member from Switzerland. Only this way can the remarkable precision be guaranteed.


To achieve a high musicality with the Grand Reference Grandezza tonearm, we deliberately omit some adjustment features. All kinds of adjustment are potential sources of error.

For this reason, we have consistently focused on errors that are not necessarily waived, one of them was the azimuth. To all we say: add the cartridge and listen to the music, then you will understand why we made the omissions. This tone arm is built to bring all the musicality of your LP•s.

With the feet we send a special platter mat to you. Did you not receive it? For each turntable, we provide a very special very fine leather mat. Included is a special clamp as well.

Our own developed feet are vertical damping feet. Hope you understand that at this moment we don•t want to give out more details about this.

The weight with one tonearm board is approx. 88kg.


In the maximum expansion, the Monument,  4 tonearms can be used, please check picture.  142kg.


Da Vinci Audio Labs

AAS Gabriel Turntable


  • highly stable basis

  • completely silent magnetic bearings

  • motor and motor control unit developed by Da Vinci Audio

  • an absolutely stable power supply

  • adjustable feet developed by Da Vinci Audio

  • high mass, approx. 88kg weight for standard version

  • Leather (chamois) mat

  • Available in various car colour finish


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Da Vinci AAS Gabriel Monument Turntable


- click to enlarge -

 AAS Gabriel Model 3 Monument


With a Da Vinci turntable system gracing one's home, any version, its luxurious looks will certainly bring a sense of high-quality art into any residence, and will be a testament to the owner's first-rate taste.  A Da Vinci turntable system is not just another banal, average machine passing off as art.  Beautiful form and function are combined to produce a deluxe work of art, proudly made in Switzerland, with full attention to quality. Best of all, it sounds superb.


Da Vinci turntables are available as a Luxury Edition in car colour finish and 24k gold-plated platter.  Above is the AAS Gabriel Monument 4-tonearm model, in a popular Ferrari red car finish.

The real 24 carat gold plated version of the platter entails a lot of work - layering a copper coating, hand-polishing, a silver coating, hand-polishing, and finally the 24-carat gold layer.  All this work is due to the nature of the alloy used for the platter, it's not just another metal.  Price will depend on current gold prices.


The car colour version (e.g. Ferrari Red, Bugatti Blue, Lamborghini Orange, etc.) may be ordered without the gold platter.


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AAS Gabriel Footprint Dimensions


Da Vinci AAS Gabriel


The highly polished platter as packed inside the box

Da Vinci AAS Gabriel


A closer view of the massive magnetic bearing

Da Vinci AAS Gabriel


The Clamp

Da Vinci AAS Gabriel clamp


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