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Da Vinci Audio Labs

Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm

Da Vinci Audio Labs of Switzerland  builds music reproduction devices for connoisseurs who demand the finest products available.


Da Vinci Audio products are the brainchild of Peter Brem, the head designer and developer who lets slip not only his ideas, but also his soul and heart into these devices. 


In Peter's own words regarding Da Vinci Audio Labs high-end products :


"It is probably a similar comparison between a Leica and a Nikon (camera), or a mechanical chronograph and a Quartz watch. Needless to say, all my components are selected primarily for their aptitude and not their datasheets or prices -- all are verified by endless hours of listening, listening and listening again."


"I insist on the highest requirements regarding the quality of components ..."


Words spoken like a true Swiss craftsman ...

Da Vinci Audio Labs AAS Gabriel turntable

da Vinci AAS-Gabriel Luxury Edition turntable,

Grand Reference Grandezza tonearm, Grandezza cartridge


Da Vinci Audio Labs -  Table Of Contents:

Da Vinci Audio Labs Tonearms

Phono Cartridge




Phono Stage


Da Vinci Audio Labs Preziosa Basis Preamp

Da Vinci Preziosa


Da Vinci Audio Monument AAS Gabriel turntable in Ferrari Red

 AAS Gabriel Model 3 Monument


Da Vinci Preziosa C-PSE 300B power amp

Da Vinci Preziosa


Da Vinci Preziosa Basis Preamp

Da Vinci Preziosa


Da Vinci Analog System


Superbly designed tube phono stage, with massive transformers and four high transconductance

6C45 tubes for exceptional performance in preamplifier and driver circuits, cartridge impedance

loading design without compromise, adjustable gain too.


Da Vinci Audio Labs : Preziosa S Phono Stage (MC)

 Da Vinci Preziosa phono stage


Combined with the Da Vinci Turntable Set consisting of the Da Vinci AAS-Gabriel turntable, Da Vinci

Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm, and Da Vinci Grandezza Grand Reference cartridge, this analog

system is a masterpiece in sonic reproduction and  musicality.  The turntable set alone is the best,

without doubt, of the many that have passed through our doors, and those we've heard elsewhere.


We don't believe that price accounts for sonic quality, as we have had high performance products at lower

prices surpassing many much higher priced ones.  But this system is one of the rare exceptions. 


For the fortunate few who can afford it, the Da Vinci analog system is truly a sublime music-making instrument

set, a top pound for pound sonic product.  Awesome, to put it mildly.  Magical ... a client sums it up in one word.

 Da Vinci Analog Set


* Pictures taken from a client's system ...


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Da Vinci Audio Labs Products

Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm

Grandezza Cartridge

In Unison Turntable

Nobile Tonearm

Da Vinci AAS Gabriel Turntable

Da Vinci Master's Reference Virtu Monoblock Power Amplifier

Da Vinci Preziosa S Phono Stage (MC, Tube-based)

Da Vinci Nifty Preamplifier