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Da Vinci Audio Labs : Nifty Preamplifier With Phono

Da Vinci Audio Labs, Switzerland


Da Vinci Audio Labs : Nifty Preamplifier with Phono

Da Vinci Audio Labs Nifty Phono Preamplifier


Da Vinci Audio Labs of Switzerland extends its outstanding product range to more music lovers through a more affordable preamplifier with phono stage ... the Nifty preamplifier with phono stage.


Elegant rendition and styled to impress, unblemished sound. 

Class A, solid state, with LCR RIAA and own separate MC Transformer and output Transformer Potentiometer.


DaVinciAudio designed this very special moving coil transformer to reproduce a superb soundstage, and accuracy of the original performance. In short to bring you closer to the fascination of music.

MM PhonoPreAmplifier NIFTY:

This single ended, class A, solid state PhonoPreAmp "NIFTY• with LCR RIAA and Transformer potentiometer brings you closer to the pure fascination of music.


Da Vinci Nifty Preamp Design criteria:
1. Single ended class A operating point
2. Input gain switchable
3. Output transformer potentiometer

4. Own high quality special hand-wound transformers
5. Special for DaVinciAudio developed c-cores



NIFTY MC Transformer:


The NIFTY MC transformer can be purchased separately.

Da Vinci Nifty Transformer Design Criteria:

1. Own high quality special hand-wound transformer
2. Switchable gain 20 or 26dB
3. Switchable impedance

4. RX jack for impedance fine adjustment

5. Input RCA
6. Output RCA
7. Ground jack

It gives two impedances, related to low and high gains selected.

At 26dB gain, one can adjust 3 Ohm, 5 Ohm, 10 Ohm, 20 Ohm.
At 20dB gain one can adjust 40 Ohm, 80 Ohm, 160 Ohm and 400 Ohm.

The transformer is flexible and will cater to any cartridge impedance, no limits. Rather than put in loads of switches (which will affect the sound) for different impedance settings, one can cater to other cartridges whose impedances are not in the list through the RX plug fine adjustment. This is the method where one is able to use resistors without having to go inside the preamplifier, and eliminates any switches.

There are two extra RCA plugs (left and right) near the RCA outputs of the transformer, and are called RX plugs.

Just ask someone to solder a resistor into two RCA plugs (left and right), and this RCA plugs with resistors are plugged into the RX plugs in the transformer and that's it. There is a formula for which resistor to use which is provided.

If one needs certain impedance values, we can also get it provided from Da Vinci.


MM PhonoPre: h 240mm / large 200mm / d 300mm
MC Transformer: h 240mm / large 110mm / d 300mm
PowerSupply: h 85mm / large 150mm / d 350mm


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