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Da Vinci Audio Labs : Nobile Tonearm

da Vinci Nobile tonearm
da Vinci Nobile tonearm

da Vinci Nobile tonearm


Da Vinci Audio Labs : Nobile Tonearm


Nobile Tonearm


The Nobile tonearm sets a milestone in musicality and emotionality.

Made from specifically selected materials such as carbon tube, steel, and aluminum, the combination blends together to achieve this unique representation of music.

The special hand polished bearing technology is developed by a Swiss clock manufacturer to bring forth the musical highlights clearly to even the most discerning music listener.


Made in Switzerland, Swiss precision !

Nobile Tonearm - Highlights :


•  Built with the highest quality true to the tradition of Da Vinci Audio Labs
•  10" and 12" Version
•  Bearing block = aluminum
•  Basis = steel
•  Double gimballed ruby bearing same as the Grand Reference Grandezza !
•  The jewel bearings are hand polished to achieve exceptional precision
•  Magnetic anti skating
•  Counterweights = steel
•  Tone arm tube = carbon
•  Aluminum Head shell
•  Direct cable 1m, other length on request
•  Protractor included

Technical details:

Tonearm specifications:

9" Unit

10" Unit

12" Unit

Distance - tonearm pivot to stylus tip:




Distance - tonearm pivot to turntable centre:




Cartridge offset angle:




Inner null radius:



66.04 mm

Outer null radius:





Read Da Vinci Tonearm Setup Guide ...


Anti-Skate is adjusted magnetically. 

Magnet, in gold color,  is seen in the image below

da Vinci Nobile tonearm

da Vinci Nobile tonearm da Vinci Nobile tonearm

Each da Vinci tonearm comes with the excellent alignment gauge shown below,

including a protractor to accurately measure distance of pivot to spindle. 

With these tools, getting the right overhang, and alignment on two points is a cinch.

da Vinci Nobile tonearm


da Vinci Nobile tonearm


da Vinci Nobile tonearm


da Vinci Nobile tonearm


The Nobile tonearms are terminated with Neutrik RCA plugs

da Vinci Nobile tonearm


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