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dps Turntable Setup Instructions


Congratulations on your purchase of a dps turntable !


** Soundscape HiFi Note: The dps turntable is one of the easiest of set up, yet has one of the most effective isolation properties around.



1. Place the green damping mat onto the turntable equipment support or table and make sure that the table is perfectly level.

2. Place the granite base on top of the green damping mat.

3. Screw the three adjustable feet into the granite base.

4. Insert the 3 damper pads into the adjustable feet.

5. Place the motor onto the granite base at the front left corner (as shown in the diagram). Turn the motor so the wire goes to the bearing Feet Motor



6. Carefully place the wooden plinth on top of the 3 feet.

7. Carefully mount your tonearm to the acrylic top section.

8. Carefully place the acrylic top section on top of the wooden plinth and make sure that the granite base, wooden plinth and acrylic top are all in alignment from all four sides.

9. Insert 6 ml of oil into the spindle cup using the syringe supplied.

10. Insert 1,5 ml of oil into the bearing housing and then place it very carefully over the spindle.

11. Place the platter over the bearing housing.

12. With a sprit level placed on the platter, adjust the three feet so the platter is perfectly level.

13. Now is a good time to install the cartridge and set up the tonearm as documented in the manufacturers instructions.

14. Place the rubber belt over the platter and the pulley.

15. Connect the cable from the motor and insert the special 3 pin DIN connector into the rear panel of the turntable power supply. Also connect the earthing wire to the motor housing.

16. Connect the IEC plug from the mains lead into the mains socket on the rear panel of the power supply and then insert the other end into the mains supply. Make sure that the phasing is correct. Phase should be at the side with the white dot.

17. Switch the power supply on by first switching the switch on the rear panel to position "1" ("0" is off).

18. The turntable can now be turned on and off using the toggle switch on the front panel of the power supply.

19. Now finely adjust your tonearm and cartridge for optimum results

20. Have fun!

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dps Turntable Setup Instructions

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