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We no longer carry Eighth Nerve products.

What is the Eighth Nerve?

The eighth nerve is the acoustic nerve in the human body. Also known as the eighth cranial nerve, it is this nerve that controls hearing and balance.

Eighth Nerve Room Treatment Products

Room treatment of audio or A/V rooms is one of the most important aspects in setting up good systems.  Sadly, this has been either neglected or overdone.  We now introduce Eighth Nerve products to enable systems to get much closer to their full potential, without killing the sound.


Unleash the music !!

With more control through Eighth Nerve products, music is unleashed, released from the confines imposed by the room.  Deeper, lower, controlled bass, better detail, transients, dynamics.  Find out how an investment in proper room treatment is paramount to getting the most out of your system.


Table Of Contents:


Response Controllers - including Singapore prices
Adapt Line - including Singapore prices     New !
Usage Diagrams for Response Controllers - diagram samples of typical usage
Installation Guides for Adapt Line    New !
Press Reviews
Customer Feedback
Customer System Pictures - samples of some customer systems with Eighth Nerve
Forum on Eighth Nerve products - your resource for information on Eighth Nerve
About Eighth Nerve





A musical solution
The value of Eighth Nerve acoustic products is the revolutionary way in which they work. Rather than merely sopping up sound with excessive dampening, they combine reflection with dampening and diffusion. Rather than killing the precious sound musicians strive to produce, our products cure acoustic problems without stripping vital harmonic information. Eighth Nerve controllers control room acoustics without dampening the vitality from the space. We believe that many competing treatments leave rooms feeling unbalanced and unfulfilling for music making.

Your teaching studio, rehearsal room, home theater or listening room
There is no mystery in regulating the acoustics of your space. Learning to identify the pressure zones unique to your room will teach you all you need to know to maximize the space's potential. Treating the pressure zones equalizes your room, which implicitly solves many acoustic problems.

Everything the human ear registers as sound is simply a fluctuation in air pressure. As these disturbances in air pressure travel within a space, they interact with the architectural features of that space. Imagine the vapor of dry ice traveling across the floor or smoke gathering at the ceiling. The particles build against and move along the uninterrupted planes of a room, i.e. walls, floor, and ceiling. Sound behaves in a similar way, albeit in waves that travel much more quickly.


Sound moves from its source outward to the walls, floor, and ceiling (the room's boundaries). As the waves reach those surfaces they pool into pockets of sound pressure. This buildup of pressure is a pressure zone. These zones are dictated by the shape, construction materials, and relationships among the room's boundaries.

Untreated pressure zones hamper musicians and listeners with distortion, echo, and unbalanced regions of the harmonic spectrum. Eighth Nerve Products tame spaces using methodology that is inherently musical- destroy distortion and preserve musical energy.

Most rooms share similar pressure zones because they have similar construction.

Corners at the ceiling
The most crucial areas to treat are where room surfaces meet. There, the traveling sound rebounds against oncoming sound pressure as well as a new physical barrier- another wall surface. It stands to reason that this effect will be most pronounced in corners where two walls and the ceiling converge. This shape acts somewhat like a concert shell or megaphone, amplifying and distorting sound. By using products mounted in the corners, this horn loading affect is foiled, and the sound pressure of that zone is attenuated.

Wall/wall and wall/ceiling Seams
The secondary pressure zones in most rooms are where walls meet one another. A similar zone exists in the middle of a wall where it meets the ceiling. Placement of products in these areas drains high levels of sound pressure while sound rebounds from their reflective surfaces.


Mid-wall and Mid-ceiling
Frequently rooms are too live for healthy, musically productive listening. In these circumstances, Eighth Nerve products are used to drain sound pressure from the room by capturing energy traveling along the wall surfaces. Dimensions and construction materials of the room dictate both number and placement of these products.

Lack of sound pressure
Sometimes, rooms have acoustical oddities as a result of too little sound pressure in important areas. Rooms with open doorways, sloping ceilings, unsymmetrical furnishings and windows, or strange dimensions pose a different challenge.


Products are then placed to create balancing pools of sound pressure. These tools allow the user to equalize sound pressure by creating moveable barriers. Even in acoustically balanced rooms, they yield rich results for ensemble players, recording technicians and audio enthusiasts.

Advanced treatments
While these concepts apply to most rooms, some architectural designs defy simple treatment. If you are interested in learning more about how to treat your space, call us now, Click Me! for our contact information.


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Response Controllers


Response Controllers are designed to overcome horn loading, bass problems, and echo while returning energy from the surfaces of the room. The structure of the original sound source is kept intact for both recordings and live music making.


These products are available by the piece or in the popular Roompack, Response Controllers are placed in corners, wall seams, and in mid-wall locations to equalize room acoustics.

Eighth Nerve Response products are easy to install, requiring only push pins or velcro or 3M double-sided Command tapes (to avoid damaging wall paints or wallpapers) for proper placement.


These products should always be placed with the harder, reflective surface facing into the room. 100% made in the USA. 

Eighth Nerve Corner


Set of 4  Set of 4 - SGD 189
16" x 16"  Each     - SGD 57


Corners should be installed in a room's upper corners, where two walls meet the ceiling. They control horn-loading effects and will make an immediate difference in the sound quality and harmonic structure of music. The Corners should elegantly straddle the corner area so that sound pressure can build behind the unit.


Eighth Nerve Echo


Set of 2   Set of 2 - SGD 113

16" x 10" Each     - SGD 66


Echoes have many applications and installation possibilities. The first place they are usually installed is on the centers of the front and rear walls, either an inch under the ceiling or straddling the wall and ceiling edge. You can further balance your room by placing 2 additional Echoes on the remaining walls of your listening space.

Eighth Nerve Seam


Set of 4     Set of 4 - SGD 378
48" x 7"    
Each     - SGD   104


Seams treat signal smearing due to laminar flow by controlling acoustic energy traveling along wall surfaces. In most cases, Seams will be applied vertically, halfway between the floor and ceiling in corners, or in mid-wall positions.


  Eighth Nerve Roompack


Set of 10   

SGD 660


This set of ten passive products is the cornerstone of most home audio acoustic treatments. It is comprised of four (4) Corners, four (4) Seams, and two (2) Echoes. Eighth Nerve has made it their goal to produce acoustic products at a price every music lover can afford.


Eighth Nerve Framed


Set of 1            SGD 189
36" x 7" x 5"


Framed Response controllers are designed for spaces with very high sound pressure levels. These are recommended in place of Seams for large, live rooms. Framed Response controllers were originally designed to treat music rehearsal spaces. They offer a musical solution to sound problems in spaces where a great deal of sound control is necessary. 


The Framed Responses will handle bass issues in the corners.  Speaker placement and placement of other Eighth Nerve products in the room will BALANCE the room and get rid of bass standing waves.


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Eighth Nerve Floorstander


Set of 1       SGD 350
48" x 12" x 3.5"


Response Floorstanders are mobile. They can be used to treat problem areas inside a room or simulate room boundaries for a more cohesive sonic picture. We recommend using them when a listening room or home theater has irregular open spaces or openings into other rooms. For instance, Floorstanders can simulate a wall in an entryway between your listening room and other rooms or hallways. The presence of a Floorstander allows sound pressure to build in that gap, balancing your listening environment.



Adapt Line (premium Eighth Nerve models)


"The new line is a premium product. It is designed to be attractive and inconspicuous as well as effective. It outperforms all other products. These products trap and eliminate more corner distortion than the Response products. They are built into a frame, which in addition to improving their performance also greatly improves the aesthetics. They're adaptable as well, allowing a slight tailoring of the resultant frequency response with their adjustable mounts. The performance increase they bring due to their innovative design and application has prompted us to file for protection from duplication. All of the products in this line are patent-pending."



Each     - SGD 189 


Each     - SGD 284

May be mounted vertically, diagonally, horizontally

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Usage Diagrams for Response Controllers


Room Pack Suggested Usage

for a typical enclosed room

Rectangular Room Layout - Eighth Nerve


L-Shape Room Treatment

L-Shape Room Layout - Eighth Nerve


When treating a room, the first thing to do is place a Corner in each of the upper corners.  The RoomPack has 4 Corners included. 


Some rooms may have protruding columns or recessed areas which result in more corners to fill.  More Corners can be added later to fill these up.  For now, just treat the 4 main corners.  They will make an immediate difference in the sound quality and harmonic structure of music.

The Corner must not be pushed in, but stretched instead to straddle the corner area, so that sound pressure can build/be trapped behind the unit.  Even with cornices which are common in Singapore homes, this should be stretched.  Small gaps at the sides are acceptable.  Due to the flexible points of the Corners, covering corner areas adorned with cornices should not a problem.  Use push pins or 3M Command tape on the 3 corners to mount them.  The reflective side must be facing the room.


Corner placement - sample pictures

Eighth Nerve Corner Placement - sample


Eighth Nerve Corner Placement - sample


Corner placement on cornice-adorned corners

There will be a slight gap than normal, which can't be helped, but the Corner is still effective

Eighth Nerve Corner Placement - sample with gap


Next is to mount the 2 Echoes included.  Use push pins or tape on all 4 corners of an Echo.  In the diagram above, one is mounted behind the listening position, and 1 on the ceiling-wall area halfway across the listening area. 


Echoes are mounted either an inch under the ceiling or straddling the wall and ceiling edge (stretched again, not pushed in).  Echoes will help reduce any perceived echoes in the room. 

The theory is that sound traveling across bare ceiling-wall intersections in all directions contribute to the echo effect.  Breaking them up with Echoes minimizes these effect significantly.  Hence, it is advised that the 2 Echoes be mounted in a perpendicular manner  i.e. not facing each other, but on different walls, to break up sound traveling between north-south, or east-west.   The reflective side must be facing the room.


Echo mounted an inch below ceiling

Eighth Nerve Echo Placement - sample


Straddling ceiling and wall

Eighth Nerve Echo Placement - sample


Echoes can also be used to treat bare parts of the wall,

or for first reflection points.  The Echo below is in a wooden frame,

watercolor painting done by our artist :) 

Notice part of an ivory color Seam also shown below left.

Eighth Nerve - painted


Another sample of a framed Echo, painting again

done by our resident artist

Eighth Nerve - sample, painted Echo in frame


Be careful of overdamping if using Echoes on the walls as shown above.  These take up little space but have a very powerful effect - with a high resolution system.


Then apply the Seams vertically, halfway between the floor and ceiling in wall corners.  This will help eliminate smearing and bass standing waves in the wall corners.  If more drastic measures are needed to control standing waves, the Framed Responses can be added later to replace the Seams.  Again, like the Corners, these should not be pushed in but stretched.  Due to its length, we recommend 10 tape strips or push pins or velcro to mount each Seam in a more elegant stretched manner, instead of a sagging look.  The reflective side must be facing the room.

That's the basic setup.  Then start listening and enjoy the improvements.  In some cases where there wasn't much smearing in the original untreated room, you can take out a couple of Seams if needed.  Or it can go the opposite where you may need something stronger, the Framed Response.


Framed Responses can either be placed on the floor, or raised as shown in the picture below.  They can be stacked as well for serious bass problems, and can even be placed sideways.



Framed Response - sample placement

Eighth Nerve Framed Placement - sample


Eighth Nerve Framed Placement - sample


Floorstander Response can be applied in many ways.  One of our favorite applications is to use it to anchor a strong image in between the speakers, and to adjust the perceived depth of this image by moving the Floorstander Response either forward or backward.  See picture below.


Eighth Nerve Floorstander - sample


One may be skeptical that these "tiny pillows" work.  Try, listen and believe !  Small but effective, not intended to pad large areas of your whole room and kill the sound.  This is not snake oil nor voodoo.  If you have never treated your room, or have treated it before with foams of all kinds, you may most likely feel, after installing Eighth Nerve, that you have just done a significant upgrade in equipment.  The room is the most important component in a hifi system, and a mini-compo in a good room will sound a lot better than a $100,000 well-matched system located in a normal untreated bathroom.  Experienced audiophiles know the value of room treatment and will vouch for it. 

Best of all, Eighth Nerve is affordable, where a complete Roompack only costs as much as probably one piece of room treatment product from other competitors.  Most of the time, audiophiles are put off by the incredibly high cost of acoustic treatments.  Of course one can use beds, mattresses, industrial foam, etc., but these are merely dampening.  Eighth Nerve attempts to cure acoustic problems without excessive dampening, without stripping vital harmonic information.  Moreover, it is an investment that is long-term, and reusable too when a move to a new room is made, for example.


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Installation Guides for Adapt Line


The following Installation Guides are in pdf format:

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Press Reviews


Eighth Nerve: When Room Acoustics Start To Go On Your Nerves ...


by David Abramson

... "Well," he began, "most audiophiles agree that room treatment is important but almost none of them have it. I don't think that it's due to lack of time or laziness. Most audiophiles are passionate about their hobby and spend a huge amount of time and effort improving their systems. It could be a factor of appearance in that the other members of their household don't share the same passion as they do and are opposed to the look of typical acoustic treatments. We spent a great deal of time designing the aesthetic of our new products for exactly that reason and to assuage that very real concern. But I think the biggest reason is that audiophiles don't really know the level of improvement that's possible. In almost every case no matter the price difference, a modestly priced system in a treated room will blow away a system in an untreated room. Any dealer can go to his client's house and install the Response products in less than 10 minutes and I guarantee that they won't be leaving with them. In over three years, not one person has returned these products after installing and listening to them. That speaks for itself."

It certainly does, my friend - it certainly does. In a cloud of low-emissions exhaust, he was gone. So what's your excuse now? Big improvements are indeed possible with Eighth Nerve room treatment products. And for not a lot of money. I've also heard this for myself and detailed for you the immense sonic value of meticulous -- not merely pretty good -- setup. I figure I have done my part in helping to eradicate what Nathan reckons is our audio community's biggest excuse: ignorance of the possible. I can now sleep the sleep of the just upon my Sonex-paneled mattress.

By the way, I bought the Eighth Nerve Response acoustic room treatment products. (Check's in the mail, Nathan). And it's no secret that I think you should, too.

Read the full review ....



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Customer Feedback


"The Frames are wonderful, full stop.

I don't know how they do it, but the improvements are obvious. It does improve your room acoustics.  In a simple word, it makes the sound bolder, rounder and cleaner. To a certain extent, the Frames elevate the soundstage, and vocals are really at human height. And the low level bass, it is just beautiful, I don't quite feel it, but after a while you will notice that it helps maintain the rhythm of the song, excellent. I always think, like I always told you, that I have enough bass, but with the frames, you know that you can get even lower but tighter. I was simply stunned by the texture of the cello in PLAY FIDDLE PLAY of Three Blind Mice's LP "Blue City", it was so rich and so real."

- feedback from RS, with permission to reprint

eCoustics.com - Everything Hi-Fi Online Click Me! for a review done by a customer at the Ecoustics forum.

More customer feedback found at the Eight Nerve forum.  See link below.


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Eighth Nerve Forum


Click Me! to visit the Eight Nerve forum, your resource for getting the most out of Eighth Nerve products.  Customer feedback available as well.

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What's inside Eighth Nerve products ?

"Eighth Nerve Response pillows contain fiberglass covered on one side with a foil scrim that is reflective in nature. Our Framed Response and Floorstanders use a mineral wool for absorption that we've determined does the work we want. The frames' faces are covered with a reflective foil underneath inside the fabric shell. We provide material safety data sheets to any customer who inquires. While there is nothing mystical in the materials, we've chosen the materials carefully to do the best work for the best price with the best build quality, appearance, and functionality."

" ... we are trying to make a product for a fair price vs. the cost of making it or buying from other, more expensive manufacturers. This is especially true for our educational/commercial/pro-audio customers. Ultimately the value of the products is in our commitment to service WITH these products that work so well."

Is this an "off-shoot" of Michael Green's original product, or something entirely new?

"Our pillow products are certainly a competing product to those that you mention while different in some ways. Some in our company had brief relationships with Roomtunes, but Eighth Nerve is in no way connected to that entity.

We built our business on quality, low cost, and a slavish regard for service to our clients."

What are the goals of the treatment ?

"Alleviating the distortion of pressure zones with our products is the ultimate goal of treatment. The products absorb distorted energy building in those areas without stripping away all the high frequency life from the room. This process sharpens detail, clears up imaging, frequently erases the aural signature of room boundaries, and presents a more balanced, coherent frequency spectrum.  The basic goals of our treatments clean and clarify the presentation of your existing gear. "


And in our experience, treating the room boundaries significantly improve bass control and definition, for systems with problematic bass.




About Eighth Nerve


Who We Are.


Eighth Nerve is one of the world•s most innovative manufacturers of professional and high performance acoustical products, and accessories. Eighth Nerve•s designs offer audiophiles, musicians, engineers, educators, and others elegant and effective performance -- the best possible sound at the most reasonable price.

In addition to our relentless pursuit of quality and value, outstanding customer service is our top priority. We value and cherish our clients; no job or customer is too big or small. In addition to the best sounding acoustical and audio products on the planet, we offer consulting and design services to allow our customers to achieve the best results the first time.

Where We Are.

The offices of Eighth Nerve are located inside Audio Revolutions on Nashville's historic Music Row. Audio Revolutions is one of the finest hi-fi stores in the Southeast, showcasing Avantgarde Acoustics, Resolution Audio, Arcam, Triangle, as well as many other premier brands.



William Laurent is the former President of a small New York City based Data Warehousing consultancy. After narrowly surviving the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Mr. Laurent left Ground Zero for Nashville and took over as President of Eighth Nerve. William has attended Temple University, Columbia University, and West Chester University. He holds an M.F.A in Musicology, sporadically finding time to compose original material. He is a dedicated Patron of the Arts and philanthropist who splits his time between Nashville, New York, and Southeast Asia.

Nathan Loyer is the chief designer and President of Eighth Nerve. Mr. Loyer left New York City after running several successful software companies in Manhattan to pursue his interests in audio design and manufacturing. With a background in physics, marketing and design, and business management, Mr. Loyer now dedicates all of his experience and time to Eighth Nerve.





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