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Expressimo Audio


Where Innovation Never Sleeps



Expressimo Audio in California, USA has been in the forefront of offering solutions to improve Rega tonearms, and in offering other innovative products.  Managed by Sal Calaio, his creative mind has never ceased to churn out well-machined ground-breaking products.



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End of Record Tonearm Pickup Devices

The Heavy Weight
2HEX-TREME Tonearm End Stub



End of Record Tonearm Pickup Devices

"There is an important advantage lifting the arm up at a record's end. It eliminates excessive vinyl build up on the sides of the stylus and this is why. A stylus riding that last groove more then twice is creating heat, (at the stylus point are tons of pressure producing this heat) thus melting the vinyl • extra rotation • extra heat. Once this heavy build up occurs, it must be completely removed before the next play. A dirty stylus will damage the grooves therefore changing the sound. At least an hour should pass before playing the same record over again, this allows the vinyl to resume its shape."


Your stylus will love these pickup devices.  Say goodbye to leaping up from the sweet spot to lift the tonearm at record's end.  Received a telephone call when the cartridge was near record's end ?  Fell asleep while listening to vinyl, after a hard day's work ? In the middle of something urgent ?  No worries, these tonearm pickup devices will preserve your precious cartridge from unnecessary wear.



Maximum Height 2.812"

Minimum Height 2.375"


Should cover most tables with a plinth.

Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component


"Once properly adjusted it worked flawlessly and reliably, lifting the arm off the record gently and without surprises".

- Michael Fremer, Stereophile Oct 97 issue


Receiving 8 "walk on water" reviews

The LIFT is CNC machined from brass, hand de-burred-polished, & chrome plated. Height & Balance is easily adjusted.



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Below is The Lift installed on a Scheu Cello turntable


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New   The LIFT  2                    


LIFT 2 version will be taller for the  2" and 3" platters.



Similar to The LIFT, but taller, to accommodate thicker platters like the 80mm (3.15 inches) platters of the Scheu Premier MK2, for example.


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LIFT  Weights                   

Weights are the top part of the LIFT/LIFT2.  Heavier arms & cartridges  require a heavier weight to hold the arm up after it has tripped the LIFT swing arm.  Aside from the standard weight, extra weights are available, 2 and 4 grams heavier.  Priced separately, or exchange.

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The  Heavy  Weight

Expressimo Audio introduced The Heavy Weight for Rega, VPI, AQ tonearms in 1998, Origin Live in 1999. Since it•s introduction in 1998, The Heavy Weight has •Rocked• the Audio world!. Rave reviews Worldwide have been written by consumers and reviewers, considering it as "must have" counterweight for ALL Rega - VPI - Origin Live tonearms...


Stereophile Recommend Component


"It's Amazing !!"

- Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine May 2003 Vol. 26 No 26


It has revolutionized the way counterweights are designed and machined.

Thousands of Heavy Weights have been sold to satisfied customers worldwide, a testimonial to its effectiveness.


Check out much praise in hifi magazines and forums.


Adjustable Heavy Weight

"Staying ahead in an industry I love with passion, Expressimo Audio has just introduced The Adjustable Heavy Weights.

Suitable for 4.5g to 12g cartridges, laser marked with vertical alignment lines. Removing large set screw removes seven (7) grams of weight."


- Sal Calaio

"There is no tweak or product on this planet that makes such a dramatic sonic improvement in sound reproduction as The Heavy Weight. Some claim It•s •live• ! The Heavy Weight•s asymmetrical design is far superior to round donut types allowing for a lower mass and lower center of gravity... thus controlling the stylus from wiggling, jiggling and slapping back & fourth in the groove... all which muddies, distorts and cancels sounds.. a sonic disaster!.. The Heavy Weight can•t •roll• as donuts can...•It•s The Way The Heavy Weight Hangs• why you will •hear your vinyl for the first time•. I guarantee it!...

They say Imitation is the best form of flattery.

The Heavy Weight has captured the attention of several turntable -tonearm companies leading them to copy it•s asymmetrical design by replacing their old round rubber bouncing counterweights with a asymmetrical one. What•s with this?!. ... I thought these guys had their sh1t together! Obviously NOT!... "


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Tonearm End Stub


Introducing a new Rega RB 250-300-600-900 -1000 Tonearm End Stubs. Also for Origin Live and ALL Rage's.  Beautifully machined from 303 stainless steel to exacting tolerances insures proper fit. Superior Design and Function.


These end stubs offer superior improvement in solid arm - counterweight coupling. Stock end stubs can not be torqued tight as there is no provision to do so and in time they loosen allowing the counterweight to wiggle and the stylus to wiggle losing it•s tracking ability which will muddy up the sound, a sonic disaster. Expressimo end stubs are highly recommended by customers as a sonic improvement over stock..

Fits ALL REGA RB 250 -300- 600 -900 -1000 and some other Rega tonearms.. All Expressimo Audio end stubs are machined from stainless steel.

Expressimo Audio 2 HeX-Treme end stubs have a 5/32 hex broached into the end. A 5/32 Allen wrench (supplied) insures the end stub will torque 25 times tighter to the arm tube.

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