Gram Amp 2 Special Edition (SE) phono stage by Graham Slee

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Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition (SE) Phono Stage


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Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 SE - Feel The Heat, Feel The Passion

Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition Phono Stage


Retail Price: SGD 580


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Stereophile Recommended Component


The Absolute Sound - Issue 144 October/November 2003

- Editors Choice: Best Buy phono preamplifier


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Originally developed for the USA vinyl market and having won wondrous acclaim there, this Special Edition of the Gram Amp 2 is gathering a cult following World-wide.



Features At A Glance:

  • High-end sound still at a budget price

  • Very low noise and distortion

  • Giant dynamic range

  • Fast electronics - less record noise

  • For all MM and high output MC cartridges

  • Solid hand crafted Miniature space-saving case

  • Upgrade sound by using PSU1-24

A musically revealing phono preamplifier.


The Gram Amp 2 Special Edition phono preamplifier is a budget phono preamplifier which will amaze you with its stunning musicality.


It's more than just an upgrade of the original legendary Gram Amp 2 phono preamplifier. It's a "giant killer" phono preamplifier which can do more with a moving magnet cartridge than many a high-end phono preamplifier can do with a moving coil. But how?


Inside the new silver anodised aluminum Gram Amp 2 Special Edition is the original circuit which is the result of years of phono preamplifier development. Development which pulls much, much more out of your vinyl than you ever thought possible, not only at its price but at many times more.

Gram Amp 2SE




Gram Amp 2SE

The Gram Amp 2 Special Edition (SE) is suitable for all Moving Magnet and High Output Moving Coil cartridges. It boosts and equalises the stereo cartridge signal to "Domestic Line-Level", which makes it suitable for use with Integrated Amplifiers and Receivers, Active and Passive Preamplifiers, and Power Amplifiers via a Switched Attenuator.

Play into a spare Line, Auxiliary, or even an unused Tape or CD input. You'll not believe it but your ears will tell you there's so much more music coming from such a tiny box

Supplied complete with its own "Plug-Top" style power supply.

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Graham Slee

Era Gold MKV, Elevator EXP, Gram Amp 2 SE, Solo, Jazz Club, etc. ...we have a phono preamp stage or headphone amplifier to suit -  Click here

Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition Technology

Rather than changing a good design, we have built on its strengths through our component investigation program (thanks in part to the strict new European RoHS requirements). We're now building the Gram Amp 2 Special Edition with made-to-order niche audio components from manufacturers known for their high standards.

By making it fixed gain for Moving Magnet and High Output Moving Coil cartridges it doesn't suffer the MM versus MC equalisation conflicts that very often leads to compromise in a one-box-does-all design at this price level.


It shares the fast RIAA EQ network components we use in the Era Gold V, plus the low frequency stabilisation techniques we use throughout the phono preamplifier range.

It holds on tight to the music's tempo and has a seamless and accurate frequency range.

Dynamically (with a range of 90dB plus) it can effortlessly jump between the extremes of loud and soft passages while maintaining a believable stereo image and the full timbre of voices and instruments.

Like the lower cost Gram Amp 2 Communicator, the upgrade to a PSU1-24 from the supplied plug-top power supply is noticeable as the stage then focuses in on exciting new detail.

It will last through numerous system upgrades, delivering something new with each improvement.

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Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition (SE) Phono Stage