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We no longer carry Graham Slee products.


GSP Audio / Graham Slee Projects

Graham Slee Project / GSP Audio



Phono Stages, Head Amps & Headphone Amps


Hand-built in Yorkshire, England


Graham Slee Projects (GSP Audio) - Established 1998, but with experience spanning 25 years, this UK company hand crafts and individually tests each of its products in its own workshop, products that give you true high-end performance beyond their respective price points. Everything is hand built and connectors hard wired in the traditional way.



Era Gold, Graham Slee Phono Stages

"Oboe" - Background photography by Kathy McCallum, USA


G R A H A M    S L E E


The Art of Analogue Audio Electronics
by Graham Slee Projects


Listening is a four dimensional experience.


The two dimensional aspect being the tonal balance. Stereo or surround sound makes listening three dimensional. The fourth dimension is the spirit, emotion or soul which paints a picture in our mind. It is the fourth dimension that is least understood, never covered by the textbook, overtaken by progress and considered eccentric by many professionals. The "wireless" generation will however instantly grasp what is meant.

The cheapest radio can conjure up a magical picture - how three or four people and a sound effects man gathered round a microphone can place you anywhere in the world or in a land of make-believe without leaving your seat is the real magic of listening, leaving an impression in your mind that will outlast any "earsplitandloudenboomen" exercise.

It is the fourth dimension of listening which Graham Slee Projects R&D time is most spent on to bring you the ultimate musical experience.



We are often asked, what is the most important part of an analogue playback system - cartridge, tonearm, or turntable itself ?  In our opinion, it is the phono stage, where all signals have to pass through.  Then the turntable, followed by the tonearm-cartridge-phono stage combination.  The tonearm and cartridge must match each other, as well as the cartridge and phono stage. 

Of course, one must also know one's sonic and music preferences, as well as the whole system composition, and budget too.  Then we can suggest a combination that will be suitable for our clients.  It's all a matter of understanding and matching the analogue components to get the sound closest to expectations.  It can be easy to screw up an analogue system without taking all these factors into consideration.



Table Of Contents: Graham Slee Projects


All Graham Slee models are covered by a 2-year warranty


Graham Slee Phono Stages (also called Phono Preamps) :


Gram Amp 2 SE (Special Edition)

MM / High-Output MC

SGD 580

Gram Amp 2SE

The Gram Amp 2 Special Edition (SE) is suitable for all Moving Magnet and High Output Moving Coil cartridges. It boosts and equalises the stereo cartridge signal to "Domestic Line-Level", which makes it suitable for use with Integrated Amplifiers and Receivers, Active and Passive Preamplifiers, and Power Amplifiers via a Switched Attenuator.


Gram Amp 3 Fanfare

Low-Output MC

SGD 680


Graham Slee Gram Amp 3 Fanfare MC Phono Stage

A complete dedicated Moving Coil RIAA phono stage in one box plus remote power supply. Suitable for all low output moving coil cartridges between 0.2 and 1.0 mV output. With the high performance you've come to expect from Graham Slee, this is an absolute bargain.


Era Gold V

MM / High-Output MC

SGD 1300

Graham Slee Era Gold V

"The Era Gold V is our "plain Jane baby" that confounds the "Pomp(ous) and (never mind the) circumstance" brigade of the Hi-Fi industry. It's the one our dealers stock by choice rather than being forced to under contract (in fact that applies to our whole range). It's the one that'll always sound the best to the straight guy or gal - it needs no sensory assistance (substances) to be enjoyed (...that stuff makes anything lie)."


Era Gold Reflex

MM / High-Output MC

SGD 1750

Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex phono stage

"As many an independent reviewer has found, the Graham Slee range offers superb real sounding musicality to all vinyl enthusiasts regardless of financial means.

The Era Gold REFLEX is the result of two years of tuning our highly respected Era Gold V to the limits of currently available technology."


Era Gold V + Elevator EXP

Low-Output MC

SGD 2700

Graham Slee Era Gold V with Elevator EXP

This award-winning combination, with a total gain of 65.5 db, is for use with low output MC cartridges.


True reference high-end phono stage set despite their small sizes.  A reference of both reviewers and consumers alike, and includes us as well.


Listen and compare to the "best" out there. 


Era Gold Reflex + Elevator EXP

Low-Output MC

SGD 3150

Era Gold Reflex

The latest statement high-end phono stage combination from Graham Slee.  The Era Gold V + Elevator EXP has garnered several accolades ... but wait until they hear the new Reflex + Elevator EXP ... a truly elevated performance.


Graham Slee Adjustable EQ Phono Stages (also called Phono Preamps) :


Jazz Club Switched EQ

MM / High-Output MC

SGD 1600

Jazz Club RIAA and modified EQ phono stage

Bring the stars of yesteryear back to life!

The 15 restoration EQ pre-sets on the Jazz Club vinyl and 78 RPM restoration pre-amplifier make old, sound new!

But it's not only for your old records, it's for your entire record collection. Enjoy master tape quality of your favourites and rediscover the delights of those records you'd committed to the bin!


Revelation adjustable EQ

MM / High-Output MC

SGD 2050

Graham Slee Revelation

Built on technology of the model Jazz Club, the Revelation is a higher model with similar functions as the Jazz Club, but with better sonics.


Jazz Club + Elevator EXP

Low-Output MC

SGD 2700

Jazz Club RIAA and modified EQ phono stage

Graham Slee Elevator EXP head amplifier

The Jazz Club combined with the Elevator EXP to play low-output MC cartridges.


Revelation + Elevator EXP

Low-Output MC

SGD 3450

Graham Slee Revelation

Graham Slee Elevator EXP head amplifier

The Revelation combined with the Elevator EXP to play low-output MC cartridges.



Graham Slee Head Amplifiers : (also termed as step-up)


Elevator EXP Head Amplifier

SGD 1400

Graham Slee Elevator EXP head amplifier

The complete lack of flywheel effect or hysterisis of transformers and correct cartridge matching, combine with the fast low noise video bandwidth of the EXP to provide an award winning performance.


Graham Slee Headphone Amplifiers :


Solo Monitor Class

SGD 1300

Graham Slee Solo Monitor Class headphone amplifier


The Solo is truly monitor class. Based on electronics normally only found in professional studio equipment - the Solo has a linear response with a big speaker sound you don't usually get with headphones.


Upgrades :


PSU1-24 Power Supply

SGD 380

Graham Slee PSU-1 Power Supply

What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision - June 2002

Upgrade for lower model Graham Slee products.  Standard equipment on the Era Gold, Solo, Reflex, Revelation, and Jazz Club.

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Graham Slee Projects / GSP Audio : Phono Stage, Headphone Amplifier

Gram Amp 2 SE (Special Edition)

Era Gold V

Era Gold Reflex

Era Gold V + Elevator EXP

Era Gold Reflex + Elevator EXP

Jazz Club Switched EQ

Elevator EXP Head Amplifier

Solo Monitor Class

Gram Amp 3 Fanfare

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