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Singapore HiFi-Related Websites

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HiFi Forums

*** All forum are in the English language, unless otherwise stated

ACA Greek High-End forum (in English)
Analogue Audio Association Forum Germany's most popular forum for analogue (German)
Audio Annex General, Vinyl, etc.
Audio Asylum General, Vinyl, Speakers, etc.
Audio Circle Forums Lots of sub-forums, includes Manufacturer forums
Audio-Colour China HiFi Forum
Audio Forum Norway Norwegian hifi forum
AudioKarma.Org General Audio, Vintage, Vinyl, Speakers, etc.
AV Buzz Hongkong audio and video website with forum
The Echo Loft

Singapore's first main hifi forum

Ecoustics.com Ecoustics.com's hifi forum
Pink Fish Media Forum brought to you by Pink Media
Flat Fidelity Singapore flat earth forum
Exposure HiFi Forum Exposure Audio's forum
Harmonic Discord discussion forum in English
Hi-Fi Choice UK magazine's forum
Hi-Fi Class Spanish hifi forum
Hifi.co.yu Yugoslavian hifi forum, in native language
HiFi & Friends German hifi forum - German language
HiFi Forum German hifi forum - German language
HiFi Import Hifi forum from Denmark, in native language
The Hi-Fi Corner Naim Audio forum
KLANS Kuala Lumpur Audio Nuts
Lowyat.net v2 Malaysia's Tech Enthusiast Resource Community - with audiophile section
Malaysia HiFi Forum Malaysia HiFi - HiFi & Audio Review Forum
Planet Audio Singapore hifi forum
Review 33.com

Hongkong forum, Chinese-language, with some English

The Vinyl Engine All about vinyl equipment and software !
Wired State

Philippine hifi forum -  some posts may not be in English

World Audio Design Forum hosted in the UK
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the archives ... huge ! those with slower PCs will find this daunting

rec.audio* Frequently Asked Questions The famous FAQ of rec.audio newsgroup. For newbies.
Audio Asylum FAQ Hosted by Audio Asylum. Good info on several topics.
Audio Basics the complete 1982 Back Issue Set
Audio Cable FAQ by Jon M. Risch. Hosted by Audio Asylum. Good info on cables.
Audioquest's FAQ Page  brought to you by Audioquest
AudioVideo101.com Knowledge Center Dictionary

Superb and comprehensive repository of terms and detailed definitions designed to take the mystery out of home entertainment. 

FAQs and Charters Menu 

brought to you by Paula's House Of Music. An excellent collection of FAQs from Vinyl & CD Newsgroups !

Galen Carol's How To's

System Tuning, Biamping, Room Acoustics, Turntable Setup, etc.

How To's  brought to you by The Cable Company
How To Set-Up A Turntable brought to you by Graham Slee of GSP Audio
Cary Audio Design FAQ 

this can be a general FAQ on tube equipment & tubes. Speakers compatible with low powered amps, how long will tubes last, etc.

Home Theater FAQ  some notes on Home Theater by Michael LaLena (lalena.com)
Repairs FAQ 

fancy repairing your CD player or amp yourself ? But before you do, read our disclaimer, as we're not responsible for any loss you incur by doing so !

RTI FAQ RTI's FAQ on records
Stereo411.com's Audio FAQ  more general info on audio ...
Van Den Hul

Frequently Asked questions about phono cartridges or “Everything you always wanted to know about phono replay but were afraid to ask... ”

Vinyl FAQ

"The Vinyl Alignment Solution (VAS) represents a completely new and innovative approach to cartridge alignment for Hi-Fi turntables."

Wiring FAQ 

some notes on wiring of speakers or amps - by Michael LaLena (lalena.com)

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HiFi Publications

Absolute Sound, The
Audio Revolution, The
ACA - Greek High-End audio club (in English)
Audio & Music Bulletin
Audio Ideas Guide  - Canada, online version
Audio Musings
Audio Video South Africa
AudioFile - The Star (Malaysia) online Audio section
Audiophile Audition
AVGuide - TAS Reviews - free !
Bound For Sound
Enjoy The Music
Eyefi - Norwegian hifi magazine
Hi-Fi Choice
Hi-Fi World
Hifimagasinet - Swedish hifi magazine
High Fidelity - Danish audio magazine
Music Angle - by Michael Fremer, Stereophile reviewer, analogue proponent
Planet HiFi
Positive Feedback Online
Sound And Sight Journal - Singapore's premier Chinese-language hifi journal
Stereo411.com  - "A growing database of hi-fi audio and video information"
Stereo Times,The
The Perfect Vision
TNT Audio - Italy, with English version.  Very good.
UltraAudio.com - ultra high-end components magazine
What Hi*Fi?
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Other Useful HiFi Information / Websites

The Analog Dept. "The focus at this website is to provide useful information freely to audiophiles interested in the hardware that plays the vinyl Lp."
Audio World

Since 1996, AudioWorld Online provides news summaries, features, and a detailed directory of audio-related sites and links. Covering professional audio, high-end and hi-fi audio, home theater, automotive sound, desktop audio, audio networking, MP3 and multichannel audio

The Cartridge Database

The cartridge database is populated with information from a variety of sources. It includes both current models and discontinued classics

Damage Risk Criteria Recommended maximum NOISE LEVELs for given exposure periods, such that OCCUPATIONAL DEAFNESS is minimized.
Glossary of Record Collecting Terms

Very good glossary, and links to more information on collecting records

Instrument Frequency Ranges Approximate frequency ranges of musical instruments

KAB Phono Preamp Parameter Computer

Look up your cartridge output and type it into the space provided. The optimum gain of your phono stage will be calculated.  Approximate results.

Nuance & Fluence

HiFi Community website based in Istanbul.  Declared as "one of the two best international hi-end audio web sites" by Myles Astor, Editor-In-Chief, Ultimate Audio, Vol. 3, No. 3, Fall 1999

Sound Levels (in dBSPL)

Table of Sound Levels and Corresponding Sound Pressure and Sound Intensity

Sound Map Mostly in Thai, some in English.  Includes a nice article/illustration on "Smart Stereo Setup"
Vinyl Alignment website New approach to cartridge alignment, using a computer
The Vinyl Engine Library  

resource for user manuals - tonearms, turntables, cartridges, phono stages

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HiFi Directories

Andrew's Audio Links Lots of links relating to hifi
Audio Related Internet Worldwide Web & FTP Sites Tons of links
Audio World News, show reports, directory
Go2Audio Directory directory of audio - and music- related web sites!
HiFi Resource Collection of links to information on high end home audio and home theater equipment and services
Vinyl Connections Vinyl Sales & Vinyl/Audio Resources
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Non-HiFi Useful Information

Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia
International Dialing Codes International Dialing Codes
Yahoo Yahoo Search Engine, International News


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Living Voice

Lavardin Technologies

Artemis Labs

Jan Allaerts

Isenberg Audio

Da Vinci Audio Labs

Kondo Audio Note Japan

Horning Hybrid


Tron Electric

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