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Horning Agalme Zigma Statement Loudspeakers

Horning Agalme Zigma Statement Loudspeakers


The Agalme Zigma Statement is Tommy Horning's latest masterpiece, completed in the year 2008.


A no compromise, state of the art transducer. From the lowest organ notes to the subtlest overtones, the Agalme accurately recreates the musical event with none of the phase problems and sluggishness of today's popular high-end speakers.

The three-dimensionality, natural timbre and precise image focus of the Agalme Zigma Statement results in a breathtaking you-are-there listening experience, unrivalled by any other loudspeaker.

Lifelike impact ... spaciousness and natural timbre of living, breathing music.



Horning Agalme

Horning Eufrodite MK3 Technical Specifications:


16 x 8 inch bass drivers in push pull (8 bass drivers per speaker)

1 special custom built 6-inch heavily modified Lowther driver with 2.3 tesla magnet power in the airgab, with only 5 grams moving mass

1 high power cone one inch tweeter with 2.1 tesla magnet power in the airgab, and 0.2 grams moving mass

Overall sensitivity :

   101 db one watt in 4 ohm
   102 db at 30 hz and only 0.2 mm movement

20 hz  +/- 3db placed in a corner experimental from 30cm to 1 meter out in the room

50 cm wide 180 cm high and 65cm deep

110 kgs each

Horning Agalme


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