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Horning Eufrodite MK3 Loudspeakers

Horning Eufrodite


Horning Eufrodite MK3 Loudspeakers


The Eufrodite loudspeaker represents my crowning achievement in loudspeaker design.


Purity of tone, dynamic agility, and full range reproduction of the musical event are brought to you via a hand-made, furniture grade cabinet that fits comfortably into most living environments.


It doesn•t rely on a complex network of amplifiers and sub-woofers to reproduce the full breadth and range of the complexities of recorded music. These additional components are just as likely to mask the necessary crystalline clarity of a reference speaker as to aid it.


We recommend one excellent amplifier of your choice. Only this approach allows the full coherency necessary to portray a true feeling of musicians in your home.

The Eufrodite, like all Horning designs, was made for the love of music.  The notion of HiFi becomes superfluous. When confronted with your favorite musical moments with heretofore only imagined realism, your body will take over. Your foot will begin to tap and you•ll be lost in the musical moment.

The Eufrodite makes audiophiles into music lovers. The only way to achieve this is through the most exacting musical realism. Timing, control, timber, tone, and the natural reverberations of wood and metal that occur in music all exist as colors on a pallet. No attribute is employed at the expense of another, rather these are combined to paint a coherent musical masterpiece.

Yours sincerely



Sonic and musical performance as a whole is our top priority when evaluating a system, and the Horning Eufrodite MK3 speakers deliver with aplomb. We agree with one review, to quote - "you hear the sound, but you also feel it all around you. It doesn't stay put in front by the speakers, but kind of envelopes the listener."


Most visitors who have listened at length to the Horning Eufrodite MK3 loudspeakers have a common question - what makes them deliver excellent bass quality - texture, definition, resolution ?


Horning Eufrodite


Of course, bass is not everything, but the Horning's bass quality indeed can catch one's attention, especially since these Horning speakers are of the high sensitivity horn design family. 


One visitor thought we were driving them with hundreds of watts, but we were actually only using a parallel single-ended 20-watt tube amplifier.

We are very particular about bass quality, and we would rather have a system with high quality bass than high quantity, average quality. A lot of music are enhanced with the presence of bass or percussion instruments, driving along the rhythm - jazz, vocals, country, rock, classical, etc. - it's just inescapable.


We are certainly pleased with the Horning loudspeakers' bass performance in both quality and quantity, never lumbering behind the other parts of the sonic spectrum, which includes output from the very fast heavily modified Lowther midrange drivers.


We noted that Tommy Horning, designer of the Horning Hybrid range of products, shared our sentiments. To quote him - "Our starting point was the outstanding dynamics and excellent bass impulse response of the horn, an ideal basis for mid and high fundamentals."

Besides the patented quarterwave loading system, what also contributes to the excellent bass is the proper implementation of several short-throw bass drivers in parallel on a Horning loudspeaker.  This results in minimal bass driver movement which means much lower distortion.  The cabinet is also undamped, and is an acoustic transformer by itself, and with the minimal reflections, one can position the speakers much closer to the wall.


The 5" Lowther driver (normally full-range, but transformed into a midrange driver in Horning speakers) really needs no introduction,  and it has been heavily modified by Tommy Horning to enhance its performance.  For many who are used to more mainstream drivers, of whatever material - ceramic, rubber, diamond, etc. -, it may take some getting used too.  A good Lowther driver is like a wide open window, no artificial sweeteners - its main characteristics are "speed, high sensitivity, detailed reproduction, dynamics, and transparency (even at low levels), immediacy.   It can give you the feeling that the musicians are more present ... lifelike."

Horning Eufrodite


The tweeter is Tommy's own design, an uncommonly used cone tweeter.

The best thing that we like about the Horning speakers are the way they inject new life into records (audiophile or non-audiophile mastering) previously thought of as sounding "flat".  The Hornings guarantee rediscovery of one's album collection.


We can go on describing the sound or the design, but we would rather have you drop by and listen ... and they are still getting better each day.


For more insight into the design details of a Horning loudspeaker, Marshall Nack of Positive Review described it very well in his review of the Horning Agathon Ultimate speakers.  Click Me! to read more about it ...

Horning Eufrodite MK3 Technical Specifications:

frequency response 28Hz to 20kHz plus minus 3 db

Horning Eufrodite

impedance 4 ohm flat , very easy load
power 30 watt/60 watt music
efficiency 97 db one watt
tweeter open Isopunkt modified cone tweeter

6 db pr octave with 12 kHz

wideband / midrange Lowther DX55

acoustically 200 Hz and 12 kHz6 to 12 db pr octave

bass / sub bass 4 x 8-inch woofer system per speaker, in compound and HDQRS system

acoustical under 200 Hz 6 db SA >>pr octave


Horning reference cable: soft annealed ultra pure 99.999% copper wire. 300 individually isolated 0.1mm strand. Covered with natural silk


the Horning reference cable can also be ordered for external wiring (speaker cables) between amplifier and Eufrodite


1200 x 220 x 650 mm

65 kg each


"This cone tweeter is better than any of the new fancy styled tweeters such as tweeters made of diamond and titanium. The Horning tweeter is free from the resonances at ultra high frequencies, which is a characteristic of diamond tweeters response over 20 khz.   While the resonances occur at the non-audible frequency band as high as 100 khz, it will cause phase shift in the audible range from 10 khz onwards.

The Horning open cone tweeter has a very smooth roll off above 20 khz and is completely free from resonances and phase shift under 20 khz. The application of an anti-resonance material to the tweeter sourced from mother nature in the middle-east has enabled me to achieve uncharted high frequency quality hitherto.


The cone tweeter is also far better than any dome tweeter which is handicapped by the big and heavy voice coil that hampers speedy response. Although it does not measure as impressive as other tweeters from the perspective of frequency extension, the horning tweeter can portray much better natural timbre characteristics than any other tweeters. It is a great contribution to the overall state of the art performance of the Eufrodite.

The Horning modified Lowther DX55 prolongs the merits of the tweeters to the most important midrange area. The Lowther driver is responsible for the faithful reproduction of true-to-life human voices and instrumental timbre. The listener feels absolutely •you are there• with the artists on the recordings.


The Horning modified DX55 wideband driver which is powered by a 2.2 tesla magnet. In order to control this magnet is the DX55, a dust cap is applied in the centre to reinforce the strength of the paper voice coil to reduce stress at high passages, which explains the complete absence of shorting behaviour from the DX55, when you use them solely as one full range driver.

The DX55 has very smooth response up to 12khz where it starts rolling off acoustically. Also, there are no filtering coils under 2khz. Through the horning modification, it also gains superior musical realism free from any nasal character known from horn speakers either with or without front horns where the addition of the mid-range front horn often limits and hinders the development of the soundstage.

Under 200 Hz, there are a total of eight 8 inch bass drivers working in push pull (compound) mode. Each driver has a 20 gram dynamic mass and working in the push pull fashion gives a superior bass performance over any traditional bass reflex and air chamber working with 8 to15 inch bass drivers. The traditional way is to produce a bass system with very long cone travelling time.

The longer the travel is the slower is the reactions and hence higher distortion and coloration. The less the bass driver has to move back and forth, the higher is the accuracy of low registers. What you get in return is natural bass motion.

The 8 push pull working bass drivers are functioning in the patented Horning Hybrid loudspeaker cabinet which loads the drivers perfectly so that they do not have to travel more than +/- 1 mm under high sound pressure. This gives a superior high quality bass performance without compression."



Yours sincerely



Horning Eufrodite Horning Eufrodite

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