Horning Hybrid, Hoerning Hybrid

Horning Hybrid, Hoerning Hybrid




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Horning Hybrid, Hoerning Hybrid


Horning Hybrid (Hǿrning, Hoerning)



Table Of Contents:

Horning Hybrid, Hoerning Hybrid

Introduction - Horning Hybrid




     • Introduction to Horning Loudspeakers


     • Aristoteles

     • Eufrodite MK3

     • Horning Agathon Ultimate

     • Alkibiades

     • Agalme Zigma




     •  Ultimate

SATI Amplification and Digital


     •  Sati 520b Ultimate

     •  Sati DAC

     •  Sati CD Transport


Awards / Reviews / Sightings - Horning Hybrid









Introduction : Horning Hybrid

Horning Hybrid (Hoerning Hybrid) ...


Discerning music lovers and critical reviewers the world over have praised the uniquely natural, effortless and tangible musical illusion created by our speakers with just a few Watts of amplifier power. High efficiency is a major priority, fully exploiting the superior sound of today's low-powered, single-ended tube amplifiers.

The natural musical performance of H•rning Horn Systems is the results of 20 years of intensive research into the audible properties of horn speakers and horn hybrid systems. Innovative research has made it possible to create a transducer with uniquely true to live dynamics, tonality and soundstaging, allowing the music to live and breathe in your room.

Our starting point was the outstanding dynamics and excellent bass impulse response of the horn, an ideal basis for mid and high fundamentals.

Once it had been widely accepted that bass horn systems lend an unnatural nasal coloration to the midrange, regardless of the horn geometry, horns fell out of favor, losing ground to sealed enclosure systems.


This issue was solved with the world patented H•rning H.D.A.Q.C.S. (H•rning Double Asymmetric Quarter Wave Cabinet/Enclosure System): a system with individual loading for each driver, but with common loading in a single hyperbolic shaped output pipe with port.



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Horning Eufrodite


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Horning Hybrid Loudspeakers


Introduction to the new H•rning Hybrid Loudspeaker Range with H.D.A.Q.C.S.

More than 20 years of intensive research into the Sonic properties of Hybrid Loudspeaker Systems has culminated in the H.D.A.Q.C.S. (H•rning Double Assymmetric Quarter Wave Cabinet/Enclosure System): a system with individual loading for each driver, but with common loading in a single hyperbolic shaped output pipe with port.


Port number two has its position where the subbass starts its loading and this port is variable for finetuning bass, midrange, treble, performance with the H•rning Variator.


This method of loading the low bass drive units and the 5" and 8"wideband drivers allow the construction of reasonably sized cabinets/enclosure, and outperforms systems with completely individual horns!


The high performance, powerful Lowther 5" and 8" wideband drive units which are employed in different versions in our Hybrid Speaker range are improved dramatically in their entire frequency range.


The powerful, highly efficient, low bass drive units have much better control experienced from the lowest octave to its upper bass.


The blend of the two units together with H•rning Tweeter gives a world-beating loudspeaker which you will enjoy day after day, year after year.


Today's speakers favor woofers with long diaphragm travel in order to move a certain amount of air from a fashionably small drive unit. This leads to slower recovery times, damaging bass timing and creating distortion.

In order to avoid such compromises, H•rning Hybrid Loudspeakers employ larger, but extremely fast drive units with very small diaphragm movement. This together with the employment of the H.D.A.Q.C.S. (which secure optimum level of cone control through its hard damping resonance/impedance properties which gives a flat curve and therefore easy amplifier load).

Furthermore, the H.D.A.Q.C.S. is responsible for the seamless integration between bass, midrange and treble. A midrange so natural makes you think that the wideband 5" and 8" Lowther driver are working completely free, without any kind of diaphragms around or voice coil spider. You will experience a naturally warm and precise reproduction of male and female voices.


The powerful, low mass H•rning Cone Tweeter (from 1.7 T to 2.2 T, from 96 dB to 99 dB/w/m) gives the best possible reproduction of sibilant sounds, an area where the Dome Tweeter has let us down since its appearance on the market. And when it comes to holographic presentation of rooms' four dimensions, you will find no better tweeter in the world.

All H•rning Loudspeakers utilize the H.D.A.Q.C.S. specially adapted to suit each individual model.




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Unleash the music from your low-power amplification !

No more excuses ...


The common misconception is that low-power tube or solid-state amplification can't "rock" properly, and are destined to only play vocals and less demanding music, or even some heavier music - although with a lack of  vitality and spirit, or weight, or at a slower pace. 


This is of course true when inappropriate speakers are matched to these amplifier types. 


With the Horning speakers, the full potential of low-powered but outstanding amplification shines through, in exceptional high fidelity.


Visually simple looks but with substance where it counts - superb sonics and design.  No embarrassment of having a high-end furniture-grade speaker that can't perform well as a musical tool.


The immediacy, presence, and speed of Tommy Horning's exceptional hybrid horn design is clearly unmistakable, and add to that delightfully defined, tactile bass ... without the megaphone effect common to many horn designs.

From simple sparse instrumentation to full-blown orchestra, to hard-driving rock, the Horning loudspeakers will allow low-power amplification to effortlessly play any music, wonderfully.  Undeniably, another sonic benchmark.


The Hornings prove that low-power amplification, whether tube or solid-state, can produce a powerful presentation rivaling that of hundreds of watts amps driving their own speaker types.  The Horning loudspeakers extracts the full hidden potential from low-powered but high quality, high calibre amplifiers


No more excuses of low power amps not being able to sound as powerful as hundreds-of-watts amplifiers.




For more insight into the design details of a Horning loudspeaker, Marshall Nack of Positive Review described it very well in his review of the Horning Agathon Ultimate speakers.  Click Me! to read more about it ...



Horning Agalme Zigma Statement

Horning Agalme

The Agalme Zigma Statement is Tommy Horning's latest masterpiece, completed in the year 2008.

Find out more about the Horning Agalme Zigma Statement loudspeakers


Horning Hybrid Eufrodite MK3

Horning Eufrodite

"The Eufrodite loudspeaker represents my crowning achievement in loudspeaker design. ..."

Find out more about the Horning Eufrodite MK3 loudspeakers


Horning Agathon Ultimate

Horning Agathon Ultimate

The Horning Agathon Ultimate, since its appearance on the market in 1994, has been a firm favorite among H•rning enthusiasts ....

Find out more about the Horning Agathon Ultimate loudspeakers



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Horning Hybrid Turntable



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Horning Hybrid SATI Amplification and Digital



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