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Hutter HiFi Racks



Hutter HiFi Rack - factory

Cabinet maker Hutter in the middle of Peter Rosegger's "Waldheimat" (forest home).

Hutter is based in Birkfeld in the province of Styria, Austria. It was local poet Peter Rosegger who in his early works described this enchanting area as "Waldheimat" (forest home).

The landscape around Birkfeld is dominated by large forests in a perfect environment which remains untouched by negative environmental influences from outside. Our company therefore is able to take advantage of a wide range of local timber.


On-site storage facilities enable us to process high quality raw materials.


Hutter Racks Table Of Contents:



Hutter Racks - Sample Photographs


Hutter HiFi Rack - customer photo

Hutter HiFi Rack - customer photo

Hutter HiFi Rack - customer photo

Hutter HiFi Rack - customer photo


Above: A Naim system above resting on a 6-tier Hutter Racktime Basic rack.


Right: A Lavardin IT amplifier and a Scheu Premier turntable on a black Hutter Racktime Basic 2 (4-tier) rack.

Hutter rack - black

Below: The Hutter Racktime Basic 2 (4-tier) on the left and a Racktime with a Hutter record shelf (all in European maple) viewed at an angle at Soundscape HiFi And Music's showroom.


Right: A 7-tier Hutter Racktime Basic system, in black, holding Pass Labs components.


Hutter HiFi Rack - showroom photo

Hutter HiFi Rack - black - customer photo


Hutter HiFi Rack - showroom photo

Left: an upgraded version of the racks shown above.


Note that a CD Shelf has been added on the left, and another shelf added on the right.


Besides the sonic gains,  flexibility and modularity are definitely one of their greatest advantages.




Some great equipment on Hutter : dps turntable, Leben CS600 amplifier, Boulder 850 monoblocks,

Simaudio MOON Evolution series, Graham Slee phono stage

HutterRacktime Basic racks at Soundscape HiFi showroom


Here's a nice picture of a Hutter customer's top Naim system (3 NAP500 power amplifiers driving DBLs active owned by Joel) on Hutter RackTime and RackTime Basic shelves.


If you want more info on the system, Click Me!


Hutter HiFi Rack - customer photo
Hutter HiFi Rack - customer photo

Here's a combination of 3 sets of 3-tier Hutter RackTime Basic 2 used by one of our clients. 


Click Me! to view more of the system.


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Hutter RackTime Basic

"From the forests of Austria comes Hifi Holz Hutter, a furniture maker with over fifty years experience and led by architect and Vienna Technical University graduate Armin Hutter.


The alpine forests are world famous for their tradition of old-world craftsmanship. Hutter continues this tradition by his commitment to producing furniture made of the highest quality alpine spruce and engineered not only for aesthetics but functionality."


High-end hifi racks.  Not only chic and modern, but allows your precious hifi equipment to perform at their best, without the hindrance of colorations.  Set your music free !  This is the most important contribution of these racks.  


In our experience, it easily made evident the limitations of our beautiful and artistic former reference rack, which was twice the price of a Hutter RackTime Basic 2.  Modular, one can easily expand when need arises.

"Racktime" is made of solid triple layered spruce, with different thickness and a special quality of the layers.


As wood finish, veneers are also glued in several layers and different qualities. (The exact design inside the elements is one of the secrets about the sound.)  


As varnish, water- varnish that is corresponding to the highest environment protection standards in Europe is used.  For "sound- technical" reasons, the same varnish as used by the famous Austrian grand- piano maker "B•sendorfer" is utilized. 


The connectors are made of solid non-ferrous aluminum. They are available in two different finishes: brushed nickel or brushed brass.


These connectors come in various heights.  50mm, 97mm, 150mm, 190mm, 330mm.


Hutter HiFi Rack - Basic 1

Basic 1

Hutter HiFi Rack - Basic 2

Basic 2




Hutter HiFi Rack - Basic 3

Basic 3

Above are the popular Hutter rack models, the Racktime Basic series.  Naim Audio equipment used as samples.


Maximum load per shelf is 176 lbs (79.83 kgs).


+ Good looking
+ Easy to set up
+ Flexible / modular

+ AND, most importantly, excellent sound


Racktime hifi racks are found in the demo rooms of:

HiFi +

Naim Audio

British Audio Journal

Purist Audio Design


Panasonic Austria

Accuphase Germany

Stereo - Germany

Audio - Germany

Stereoplay - Germany



A Close-up view of the HiFi Base isolation, spikes and rubber feet to protect wooden floors.  These can be replaced with spikes, if requested.

Hutter HiFi Rack - Base

A closer view of the CD cabinet option.

Hutter HiFi Rack - CD shelf

Hutter HiFi Rack - triple-layer construction

Hutter shelves are made of triple-layer spruce, which is then wood-veneered, and varnished with the same varnish used on the famous Austrian Bosendorfer pianos.


Spruce is selected due to its low resonance properties.  Spruce is a wood of choice in making quality guitars as well.


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Hutter Racks Consumer Comments


From LTO, Soundscape HiFi And Music customer - reprinted with permission

"Just to let you know that I am getting HUGE improvement with Hutter (Racktime Basic). It's almost like a Supercap upgrade from 1 HiCap.  Generally, on both CDP and vinyl, cleaner sound, more detail, better bass lines and not at the expense of musicality at all. In fact, I find my system more musical with the Hutter.

Very happy with my purchase. Thanks! :)


I heartily recommend Hutter to all Naimies."


Click Me! to view LTO's system.


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Hutter RackTime Basic Magazine Reviews


Jason Hector - HiFi + Issue 4 December 1999

"The first thing that strikes you about the sound is the scale, it simply becomes bigger' and more naturally powerful, without the sluggish tendencies which often afflict racks which do this. On the contrary the changes with the Hutter were entirely positive."


"What else did the Hutter do? Well it certainly helped to increase the resolution, allowing a hear-through, transparent quality with instruments better able to display their distinct voices. Nowhere was this more apparent than with drums. Now drums are some of the most difficult sounds to reproduce, covering a wide frequency spectrum with very strong transients.


My system has always done well here, but the Racktime system really outshone my Quadraspire rack in bringing out the best.

 Playing Greetings From Timbuk3 drums gained the required force, and had increased definition, so that the evolution of the strike was palpable, whereas previously it was slightly amorphous.


I put this down to better harmonic retrieval and delivery The Quadraspire tables have always made for an expressive system, but the Hutter allowed new depth and insight into the workings of the band. "


"The Racktime has taken up residence chez Hector."


Click Me! for the full review.


Latest Follow-Up by Jason Hector in HiFi+, Issue 25 - Aug/Sep 2003

"... It is extremely easy to set-up with very predictable results.  I have only praise for this product.  It again allows the system to be natural and deliver a musical performance (if it did not manage this task it would have been straight out the door I can assure you) but it also digs deep into the detail in a recording and, most impressively, it manages to let the system create music in the correct scale.  What do I mean by this ? 


Well, a Hutter supported system seems to create a sound that is in keeping with the music, so a small ensemble exists in a real space, with instruments that are neither Rosanne Barr overblown nor Calista Flockhart skinny.

 Similarly a large orchestral piece is presented in full scale, not some 1:24 representation; a very satisfying result. 


Over the time I have used the Hutter it has continued to impress.  No matter what you throw at it, it just seems to get out of the way, letting each box do its thing and the fit and finish puts it in a different league compared to most of its competition. 


It is furniture in the best sense of the word."


Matt Tulini, Enjoy The Music

"The simple, minimalist aesthetics and clearly evident attention Hutter has given to the rack's build quality and finish will be appreciated by all who see this rack. It is definitely a classy piece of furniture that would impress anyone.


The blonde maple finish sent to me is probably the perfect choice for the audiophile who wants to assuage the fears of his skeptical wife. The light and bright maple finish, simple design, and heavy, woody looks make this rack seem to slip into a different furniture category; somewhat more like a bookshelf or an end table as opposed to a place to hold your hi fi gear.


 Indeed, most components and shelves these days have a sterile black or silver look. It's refreshing to see a piece of hi-fi furniture that actually looks like furniture and not just like another piece of gear."


Click Me! for the full article.


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Hutter Components / Measurements / Prices


Click Me! to browse component list. From here, you can view measurements and derive various configurations.


RackTime Basic Configurations:  (please contact us for other configurations)
Model Components Price (SGD)

Basic 1

1 unit Base Basic   (B600BASIC)

     Depth = 475mm

     Height = 90mm

     Width = 600mm

     Spikes Height = 25mm

     Height Adjustable Rubber Feet for optional use


3 units Element Basic   (E600BASIC)

     Depth = 475mm

     Height = 90mm

     Width = 600mm

     Inside Height including connectors = 159mm

     Connectors included = 50mm, 4 pieces        









Basic 2

1 unit Hi-Fi Base   (B600H)

     Depth = 475mm

     Height = 100mm

     Width = 600mm

    1 triple layered base, including cones, 50mm

           connectors, height-adjustable rubber feet for

           optional use


3 units Element Basic   (E600BASIC)

     Depth = 475mm

     Height = 90mm

     Width = 600mm

     Inside Height including connectors = 159mm

     Connectors included = 50mm, 4 pieces    



Basic 3

1 unit Hi-Fi Base   (B600H)

     Depth = 475mm

     Height = 100mm

     Width = 600mm

    1 triple layered base, including cones, 50mm

           connectors, height-adjustable rubber feet for

           optional use


3 units Element Basic   (E600BASIC)

     Depth = 475mm

     Height = 90mm

     Width = 600mm

     Inside Height including connectors = 159mm

     Connectors included = 50mm, 4 pieces    


1 unit CD Drawer    (L600 CDB)

     Depth = 475mm

     Height = 230mm

     Width = 600mm

     Inside Height including connectors = 250mm

     Connectors included = 50mm, 4 pieces

     includes CD "browser inlay" for 75 CD  



* Prices are subject to change anytime
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Hutter FAQ


Why do I need a rack and what should I look for in a rack ?  How do you characterize the Hutter sound ?

Besides tidying up the listening room, the significance of racks in getting the  hifi system to sound its best cannot be understated. 


In our experience with other racks, including those priced much much higher than Hutter, these can introduce various colourations to the sound, irregardless of the isolation theory claimed.  This may be due in part to the shelf material or the design itself. This can be a boon to some systems, of course, like probably adding needed warmth to the sound, or needed excitement.  But in our opinion, this is a major pitfall, as further upgrade plans will now have to take the rack's colour into consideration.


The Hutter racks can be characterized as having minimal effect on the reproduced sound.  It does not accentuate any part of the sonic spectrum, nor seem to add additional artifacts.  It allows one to hear closer into the sound the stacked components were meant to reproduce.  Hutter Racks get out of the way.


In effect, one can forget about the rack's sonic contribution when changing gear or upgrading.  This leads to a more valid, more authentic sonic evaluation of equipment.  With another rack that has its own strong sonic signature, it just makes setting up a system correctly more complicated.


Untainted, good equipment will convey their message more truthfully, more accurately, and in full glory.


We highly recommend that the bases of Hutter racks be leveled with a proper spirit level.  If using the two-part HiFi Base, level the bottom part, then the upper part.  Spikes on the upper part have to be as short as possible, with nuts tightened finger tight only. The rest of the shelves will precisely be level without additional effort if the bases are leveled correctly.



Will there be any further improvements if I use additional isolation / damping / coupling products (e.g. platforms, DH cones, roller blocks etc.) on your Racktime?  If so, what sort of designs will compliment your Racktime well?

"This also depends on the components used. If you use components where such products did a fine job until now, it may also help in future. The improvements may no longer be that dramatic as the Racktime system itself  already results in a big improvement.

It also can happen that the Racktime system does all the work for those small tweaks.  We have these experience, but you'll have to try with your own equipment."

Does your Platform 1 work as well as your Racktime racks ?

"Racktime works totally different from the Platform One.


The internal design of these two elements are totally different.

We  are that honest to say that you also have to try, although in our experience, in 90% of the cases, Platform One gave a slight improvement in sound when used on the RackTime."
Can you tell me more about the structure of a Racktime ?  

"The materials used by our company are handcrafted and developed with partners from the Austrian hi-fi and acoustic industry.

"Racktime" is manufactured of massive triple layered spruce wood. Every layer has a different thickness with specific qualities. As surface material we use two layers of veneer on every side that consist of different thickness per layer too.

Spruce is used because it has similar characteristics to synthetic materials, a very wide internal structure, which allows it to absorb resonances very well. The difference in thickness of the layers is to absorb resonances better, and also that it gets more internal stability  (it works in a certain way also with air!).

As varnish, we use a water based lacquer system that corresponds to the highest quality & environmental standards in Europe. By the way it is the same varnish the famous Austrian piano maker "B•sendorfer" uses for its products.

The lacquer is also very important to the system. In our research on another field of our company business we found out that the used lacquer does influence the sound in a quite important way.
The connector elements of our Racktime system are made of solid Aluminium. The surface is available either in unpolished brass or unpolished nickel. The combination of wood and metal elements that are only stacked about 2cm into the wood, and does not go through the whole system, also gives an excellent decoupling effect. That depends on physics, that wood and metal have total different specific weights.
Platform One also works in a similar way; but instead of wood, we use special plastic materials that are inside a fixed structure. The core of the system is a free-floating platform set in a wooden frame which can float freely horizontally and vertically.  This construction absorbs all vibrations guaranteeing a maximum of sound and vibration de-coupling."


In my current system, I find that I really like the effect of air isolation (Townsend CD sink, bicycle inner tube etc). Is your design built on similar principal?

"Well as explained above it works in certain ways similar, but as noted, from experience, that every system part can react differently to such sound improvers.

In our opinion you do not have to use some other sound improvers with our systems but we would try if inclined to because every system does react different."

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Hutter Solution Examples in Pictures


** Click on the pictures below to enlarge

Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration
Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration Hutter HiFi Rack - Sample Configuration


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