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Isenberg Audio Phono845


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The Isenberg Audio Phono845 phono stage provides amplification for very low output phono cartridges (MC - 0.3 mv maximum output).


It was originally built to give the Jan Allaerts model MC2 Finish and model MC2 Formula 1 cartridges the environment for the best possible working condition. 


Recommended by Jan Allaerts himself, the signal paths are designed to the requirements of the JA MC2 Formula 1which certainly includes the JA MC2 Finish.  This no-compromise design is made for MC cartridges only and it has no frills like dip switches, for example.  Everything is tight and fixed.  The cases are like armour plates.


Electronic-wise, the Phono845 is consequently a dual mono design. Each channel has a 4-step work up for the current-supply.  The amplifying section has double shielding made of steel and mu-metal.  The signal noise ratio is extremely high.  Power supply is separate.

XLR and RCA outputs can be used simultaneously.  Every unit is handmade, as well as the assembly and the wiring. 


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  • RCA Input

  • Amplification: 70dB RCA Output

  • Amplification: 76dB XLR Output

  • Signal-To-Noise A-Weighted: > 80 dB

  • Equalization: RIAA / IEC

  • 30Kg including shipping boxes

  • User Manual in English

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Jan Allaerts comments:


"Recently we have had the opportunity to listen to the Isenberg Audio phonostage phono845 through our test equipment with our MC2 Formula 1 cartridge.


Right from the start we were amazed with the cool temper and with the natural accuracy of instruments. The space and depth - just unprecedented."


Click Me! for the full text.

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