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Preowned / Used HiFi Sold : Used Loudspeakers



Sonus Faber Amati Homage Loudspeakers   (Sold - USA)

Excellent, very well kept, no longer in use for 1 year, kept in box.  Glossy orange maple.  One owner only,  bought in October 1999.  Serial number is 3-digit #18x.  Original packing, boxes and owner's manual/literature.

Condition of this pair is excellent. 9 out of 10. One point deducted for some light matting of the lacquer in top plate corner surface. This is a natural process of lacquer aging.

The second commemorative loudspeaker model dedicated to Andrea Amati, one of the grand masters of violin making of Cremona, Italy.  These are excellent 3-way speakers with double bass LF units. The sound is exceptional in the Sonus Faber tradition, with a delicacy especially with acoustic instruments and natural voice. Perfect for jazz, classical, light rock, and with the right amplification can rock hard too. High sensitivity therefore easy to drive.


70 kgs. each.

Measured impedance: 4 ohms nominal. Measured sensitivity: 92dB/W/m. Power requirements: 30-300W.

Selling Price:






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Actual photos, click for more

Click Me! for the Stereophile review, which includes specifications.


Click Me! for the Stereo Times review.


Sonus Faber Electa Amator 2 loudspeakers   (SOLD - Singapore)

Very good condition, walnut, includes original SF  stands as shown in photo, but base is metal.


European High-End Audio of the Year '98-'99

"This exquisite Italian loudspeaker represents a complete redesign of the famous Electa Amator, but with new components and a fresh sound concept. Scanspeak drive units of the highest quality, specially designed in conjunction with Sonus Faber, are perfectly matched and acoustically optimised within a beautifully-crafted real-wood and leather enclosure. The sound is very natural with total transparency and outstanding resolution, even when playing the most demanding music. Its solid engineering and unique execution make this loudspeaker truly representative of the high-end ethos."

Selling Price:

SGD 3500

USD 2100

EUR 1700

GBP 1150


Electa Amator II
8 ohms
30-200 W
35-20000 Hz
88 dB
11 kg
Silverline Audio Sonata II loudspeakers   (SOLD - Singapore)

Near-mint condition, premium bird's eye maple finish.


"The Silverline Audio Sonata II is one of the most musically satisfying speakers on the market today. The musical reproduction of these speakers, from top to bottom is absolutely seamless. In addition to that, these speakers will cater for both your sonic, as well as your aesthetic priorities, they are beautifully finished in a special order bird•s eye maple execution that is not available on the market and is in fact a rare find.


These speakers have a sensitivity of 95dB and have a very tube friendly 8-ohm nominal impedance, making them very easy to drive and requiring as little as 10 watts power to perform exquisitely. The frequency response of these speakers is given as 25Hz to 28kHz, giving you transparent musical clarity and exact musical reproduction across the spectrum.


Throw any type of music at these speakers and they will respond flawlessly. While some speakers need volume to deliver a quality performance, the Sonata II are a joy to listen to at even very low volumes.

The Sonata II are capable of offering some of the most refined sound that you may even hear and certainly one of the most coherent sounds available today. The Sonata II are exceptionally neutral and totally pliable to the whims of your choice of amplification.

The key attributes of these speakers are : musicality, transparency; detail; imaging; outstanding tonal accuracy; life-like presentation; deep soundstage; glorious highs; a lush mid range presentation that grips your attention, tight precise bass; simple, dignified appearance; high efficiency; gorgeous aesthetics and finishing;

These speakers are 9 months old and in absolute perfect condition"


Click Me! for a review.

Selling Price:

SGD 7000

USD 4250

EUR 3500

GBP 2300



Original Price:

USD 6000 + USD 500 for premium bird's eye maple finish.

sample photo only




95db, 8 ohms

"German-made LPG soft-dome midrange and tweeter, 2" and 1" respectively, and 6" SEAS midbass driver. This new five-way design sported two 10" SEAS drivers. The upper woofer gets its own ported sub-enclosure, while the lower woofer is housed in yet another sub-enclosure, this one sealed."


Audio Physics Virgo I loudspeakers  (Sold - Singapore)

Good condition, bird's eye maple finish, no original box nor manual.





Click Me! for the Stereophile review.




Description: Three-way, floorstanding, moving-coil loudspeaker: Drive-units: •" aluminum-dome tweeter, 4" treated paper-cone midrange unit, two 6" treated paper-cone, reflex-loaded woofers. Measured impedance: 4 ohms nominal. Measured sensitivity: 88.5dB/2.83V/m (B-weighted).
Dimensions: 6•" W by 16" D by 41" H.

Selling Price:

SGD 2900

USD 1750

EUR 1470

GBP 980



Original Price:

USD 4995

sample photo only


Avalon Radian speakers   (Sold - Holland)

One of the best Avalon speakers.  Dynamic and fast.  Very good condition, click on the pictures to view.  Tiger-eye lines on finish.



Selling Price:

SGD 4900

USD 2895

EUR 2320

GBP 1550

Original price = USD 11000


Actual Photos

Radian Specifications:

Driver Complement: 1" inverted dome Titanium tweeter
3 1/2" Nomex/Kevlar composite cone midrange
Dual 8" Nomex/Kevlar composite cone woofers
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (3.6 ohms minimum)
Frequency Response: 34 Hz to 24 kHz (+/- 1.5 dB, anechoic)
(In room, -3dB point ~20Hz)
Recommended Power: 50 to 500 watts
Dimensions: 48" high x 12" wide x 19" deep
Weight: 170 pounds (each)


Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE   (SOLD - Canada)

The popular Danish speakers, in bird's eye finish, original box, near-mint condition (see pictures).  Serial Numbers on the speakers are 2297 and 2298.  On the box, it states 716589 and 716590.


Currently used on 50 kg Target Audio 24" R6 stands.  Also available for sale separately.


Click Me! for reviews, technical overview, etc. from Dynaudio USA's website.


Click Me! for the Stereophile review.

Selling Price:

SGD 3000

USD 1770

EUR 1430

GBP 994



Original price: USD 3499

Actual Photos

Click on photo for more

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB
Recommended Amp. Power: Small size rooms: > 30 Watts
Medium size rooms: > 80 Watts
IEC Long Term Power Handling: > 170 Watts
Impedance, Nominal: 6 ohms
Impedance, (20-200 Hz): 3.6 - 23.9 ohms
Impedance, (200-20 kHz): 3.7 - 6.1 ohms
Impedance, Phase Shift (20-200 Hz): -53.2• - +28.5•
Impedance, Phase Shift (200-20 kHz): -5.0• - +12.0•
Impedance, HF (200 kHz): 6.9 ohms
Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 37 Hz - 27 kHz
Resonance Frequency: 40 Hz
Internal Cabinet Volume: 11.8 liters
Bass Principle: Bass Reflex
Weight: 10.1 kg. each
Dimensions (W x H x L): 8" x 15" x 11.5"
Crossover: The crossover is phase-aligned.
High quality crossover components only.
Crossover Frequencies: 2600Hz
Crossover Slope: 6dB/oct
Connection: Dynaudio terminal with WBT Gold Binding Posts (CE)
Recommended Placing: Stand
Remarks: Driver Complement:
28mm Soft Dome Tweeter .
Pure aluminum wire voice coil.
Hybrid Double magnet system (neodymium/ferrite) with rear chamber.

17cm one-piece moulded MSP polypropylene cone.
Extra long 75mm aluminum wire voice coil for long-throw excursion.
Neodymium magnet with XL-magnet (double magnet system).
Kapton voice coil former.

Front baffle in 20 mm MDF.
Port plugs included.

Titanium drivers and terminal.
Terminal is aluminum plate with CE compliant insulated WBT gold binding posts.


Wilson Audio WATCH Surround   (SOLD - Singapore)

Part of the Wilson Audio WATCH system, in blue mirrorglass finish, with original mounts and template.  A bargain.


"WATCH-Surround is a perfect example of performance disproportionate to size. With strong power handling capacity and low end frequency response reaching 45Hz, this speaker will take your surround sound to new heights. Unlike most surround speakers, WATCH-Surround is more than a noisemaker. It brings accuracy, dynamics, and emotion to your theater, and with it•s gorgeous Wilsongloss• finish, it looks right at home on your wall."

Selling Price:

SGD 4500

USD 2370

EUR 1900

GBP 1310



Original Price = USD 6300

Actual Photos, click on above photo to view more

Click Me! for more information and specifications


Avantgarde Duo 2.0 Loudspeakers (Horn)   (SOLD - Thailand)

Horn speakers from Germany, in excellent condition.  Red color.


"The DUO is a 2-way spherical horn system with integrated active subwoofer SUB225CTRL. Its incredible high sensitivity (104 dB/W/m) and its hybrid concept with self-powered subwoofer makes it easy to drive with any amplifier.

The DUO combines all of Avantgarde Acoustic•s technological and creative potential, resulting in a most sophisticated two way horn system. With its 670 mm midrange horn, a driver system of exclusive quality and precise integration of all components, this system offers unrivaled performance across the sound spectrum. "


160 kgs.

Selling Price:

SGD 13000

USD 7600

EUR 6430

GBP 4470



Original price:

USD 14970


Actual photos, click for more

For a review, Click Me! for a review by Soundstage


For more information, Click Me! to visit the Avantgarde Acoustics website


Rogers LS3/5A    (SOLD - Singapore)

Rogers LS3/5a , 15 ohm. Serial No: So15245A and B matched pair.  Walnut Finish.  One of the earlier series with single wiring.  Speakers' condition is good considering the age and also 100% working condition.


Selling Price:

SGD 1600

USD 950

EUR 770

GBP 520






Actual Photos



Epos Acoustics Epos ES14   (SOLD - South Korea)

With original stand, black ash, biwire version (later model).


Power Handling 100 Watts speech and music
Frequency Response 50Hz - 20kHz
Impedance 8 ohms Nominal
Sensitivity 87dB/1 watt/1 metre
Finish Black Ash, Mahogany or Walnut wood veneer
Dimensions 488mm(H) x 226mm(W) x 290mm(D)
Weight 11kg
An acoustically transparent foam grille is supplied

Selling Price:

SGD 650

USD 390

EUR 305

GBP 213

Actual photo


Triad InRoom Platinum PowerSub 18"    (Sold - Singapore)

Good condition active subwoofers from the home theater specialist Triad.  Black color.  Picture on right shows the Platinum  PowerSubs under the smaller Triad Silver PowerSubs.   (1 piece sold)


20 Hz - 180 Hz (+/-3dB), 18" woofers.


"Bass should be more than just toneless rumbling. It should be powerful, yet articulate at all playback levels, and not favor movies or music. And it should emanate from a compact cabinet that can easily be integrated into an environment.

The Triad InRoom Platinum PowerSub meets all these requirements, and is one of the finest subwoofers available at any price.

The acoustically inert, compact subwoofer weighs in at almost 100 lb., and features a cast-basket, long-throw 18" driver and a 500 watt amplifier. "


Selling Price:

SGD 1400

USD 830

EUR 690

GBP 485



Original Price = USD 4000


Actual pictures

Click Me! for more information and reviews from the Triad website.


Sonus Faber Cremona Center speaker  (SOLD - USA)

Near-mint, the perfect center speaker for the Cremona series of Sonus Faber.  Check out pictures on the right.


"A purpose-built center channel designed to complement Cremona, Amati or Guarneri in reference home theater systems. With the same attention to detail in driver selection, crossover design and cabinetry, as Cremona, the Center is destined to become the reference standard by which all others are judged. Its natural wood cabinet is beautifully finished in a neutral, matte Graphite• that prevents any reflected ambient light from washing out a projected image, as well as cosmetically complementing other wood finishes to which it may be matched. 90 dB sensitivity. Use with 50 - 200 watt amplifiers. 17.1• x 30.3• x 9• not including stand. 66 lbs.

The Cremona Center Stand employs a 15• high, arced single-column, which couples securely to the Center•s enclosure and ensures a stable and rigid foundation for the speaker. The stand is a work of art, crafted in wood and steel and finished matte black. 15.8• x 27.6• x 15.2•. 53 lbs."

Selling Price:

SGD 3000

USD 1785

EUR 1420

GBP 995



Original Price = USD 3995




Actual Pictures


Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 5.1 (Sold - Hongkong)

In excellent condition.  No box.  For overseas buyers, these will be packed securely in wooden crates.  Piano Black finish.



Description: Small, reflex-loaded monitor loudspeaker with separately enclosed, reflex-loaded woofer system. Drive-units: two 8" polymer-cone woofers, 7" treated-paper midrange unit, 1" inverted titanium-dome tweeter. Frequency response: 28Hz-21kHz, +0/-3dB. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Nominal Sensitivity: 93dB/W/m. Minimum power required: 10W.
Dimensions: 12" W by 39" H by 16.5" D. Weight: 324 lbs/pair.

Selling Price:

SGD 10500

USD 6200

EUR 4999

GBP 3500



Original Price:

USD 16290

Actual photos


Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor loudspeakers   (SOLD - Philippines)

Near-mint, in graphite finish.  Few months old only.  Click on the picture at the right to see more and bigger pictures.  Stands not included.


"A stunning new 2-way compact loudspeaker from Sonus faber created and built in the tradition of Cremona. Using the advanced design techniques perfected on Cremona, this smaller and highly versatile speaker is envisioned for 2-channel applications as an alternative when the full-sized version may not be appropriate. Expect the same superb imaging, midrange purity and musicality of its larger brother. Additionally, the Cremona Auditor performs perfectly as a rear or side speaker in home theater systems and is ideal for use in both stereo and multi-room systems.13• x 17.6• x 13.7•. 42 lbs./pr"


Click Me! for more information and pricing.

Selling Price:

SGD 3500

USD 2050

EUR 1720

GBP 1205



Original Price = USD 3595 without stands


USD 650 for stands

Actual Pictures


Avalon Acoustics Eidolon Loudspeaker   (SOLD - Singapore)

Cherry wood finish, in good condition (sample picture at right is burl).  One of the best Avalon speakers around.  This is not the Diamond version which costs a lot more. 


"Avalon's Eidolon is a landmark achievement in loudspeaker design. And although Eidolon's price is a serious amount of money for a pair of loudspeakers, many more costly designs don't approach the Eidolon's performance."



"The Eidolon did all the audiophile whiz-bang stuff, but more importantly, the Eidolon had an unparalleled ability to communicate the music's meaning and expression at the deepest level.


"Am I saying the Eidolon is the finest loudspeaker in the world? Let's put it this way: I can't think of another loudspeaker I'd rather own. "


Click Me! for the full review from Fi magazine, by Robert Harley


Selling Price:

SGD 20000 obo

USD 11550

EUR 9920

GBP 6820



Original Price = USD 34000

GBP 20000






Click Me! for the latest review, Feb. 2003, HiFi News by Martin Colloms


Click Me! for more information/specs from the Avalon Acoustics website


Avalon Acoustics Radian Loudspeaker   (SOLD - Singapore)

Walnut wood finish, in good condition.  This is not the HC version which was designed for unique systems and requires high-current amps.  This non-HC version is matched easier to various amplifiers.


"The Radian's innovative design was conceived and meticulously built to capture the dynamic impact of live music while providing unmatched dispersion characteristics. Technical innovations include separate aperiodically damped internal chambers for superior resonance control and newly developed proprietary damping circuits to ensure superlative time domain characteristics. The Radian has the unique ability to accurately recreate the most subtle musical details while authoritatively delving into the deepest bass passages."

Selling Price:

SGD 4800

USD 2800

EUR 2350

GBP 1650



Original Price = USD 11000



[Radian Image]



Driver Complement: 1" inverted dome Titanium tweeter
3 1/2" Nomex/Kevlar composite cone midrange
Dual 8" Nomex/Kevlar composite cone woofers
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (3.6 ohms minimum)
Frequency Response: 34 Hz to 24 kHz (+/- 1.5 dB, anechoic)
(In room, -3dB point ~20Hz)
Recommended Power: 50 to 500 watts
Dimensions: 48" high x 12" wide x 19" deep
Weight: 170 pounds (each)


Naim Audio Allae loudspeakers    (SOLD - South Korea)

Latest model Naim Audio loudspeaker. Beautifully finished in American Cherry wood finish. Like new condition, with owner's manual.  Original packaging discarded, but we can pack it in a Living Voice Auditorium speaker box or other boxes.


Frequency response (in room)

30Hz - 20kHz • 3dB




6 Ohms (minimum)

Power handling

100W (music programme)

Dimensions H x W x D

940mm x 240mm x 280mm

Selling Price:

SGD 3300

USD 1920

EUR 1650

GBP 1130




Click Me! for more information from the Naim Audio website



Rogers JR 149 loudspeakers   (SOLD - Singapore)

good condition, with new grilles, later model.  A classic piece made by Jim Rogers, collector's item.  What are JR 149s ?  They are variants of LS3/5A, well-known among serious LS3/5A enthusiasts.  No box.  SGD 1200.  


The bottom part looks like the picture on the left, indicating a later model. 


For more information on the JR 149 , Click Me!



Totem Acoustic Forest     (SOLD - Singapore)

sample picture

Loudspeakers (includes the optional grille). Speakers in mint condition and still under warranty (About 13 months old).  Warranty applicable only in Singapore.  Includes all original boxes and manual. 


Mahogany finish

SGD 3900 or nearest offer (ono) (USD 2260, EUR 1930, GBP 1348).  Original price was USD 3000.  


Two-way, floorstanding, reflex-loaded dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) aluminum-dome tweeter, 6.5" carbon-fiber-cone bass/mid unit with 3" voice-coil. Crossover frequency: 2.5Hz. Crossover slopes: 12dB/octave. Frequency response: 33Hz-20kHz, •2dB. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m (2.83V). Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 6.4 ohms minimum. Amplifier requirements: 120W continuous, 200W peak.

Dimensions: 36" (910mm) H by 8" (205mm) W by 10.6" (267mm) D. Weight: 36 lbs (16.2kg). Volume: 25 liters.


" Energy, impact, emotion, clarity of words in any language, richness of low tones, silkiness of strings, warmth and brashness of brass, separation of timbres...all elements that combine to produce exquisite music. From these speakers emerges a multitude of details, of effects, of inflections, of surprising subtleties, everything which, as you know, make music spellbinding! - UHF Magazine, Issue 56.  Click Me! for the full review


"The Forests' imaging was first-rate, and reminiscent of the Revel Salons'. Like the Totem Mani-2s, the Forests seemed to disappear, and leave no audible clues of positions" ... "The Forest's highs were transparent and beguiling, with no brightness, steeliness, or metallic edge." - Stereophile, Apr 2001.  Click Me! for the full review.


Click Me! for Audio Review comments ...



Ruark Equinox  Loudspeakers   (SOLD - Spain)

in excellent condition, purchased brand-new in Dec 2001.  Original packing boxes intact (4 pieces), bi-wire terminals, with original jumpers.  Dark Rosewood.   They come with matching stands which also house the crossover networks.    SGD 2200 obo.  


Stereophile Class B  (Click Me! to see list)




System Type: Bass reflex, 2 way
Cabinet: Advanced cabinet design (ACDTM) with multiple bracing for resonance control. Integrated stand houses external crossover network for optimum performance and isolation.
Drive Units: Tweeter-
28mm treated silk fabric dome, dual chamber system with aluminium voice coil ferrofluid cooled and damped
180mm precision die cast low reflection chassis mounted with rigid air-dried and treated pulp paper cone with pure rubber surround. Long throw 40mm diameter voice coil wound onto Kapton former. Fully optimised vented magnet assembly.
Crossover: Highest precision audio grade components (11 element) Crossover point 2.8KHz isolated and housed independently in dedicated stand
Frequency Response:
(Free Space Conditions)
45Hz - 20KHz+/-3dB
* Ruark Equinox speakers *Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Amplifier Requirements: 20/150 watts
Sensitivity: 87dB/watt
Dimensions HxWxD: 88cm x 25cm x 34cm
Weight each unpacked: 30Kg including stand



Avalon Opus Loudspeakers    (SOLD - UK)

 - burl wood finish (USD 3500 more than standard finish).  1 to 1.5 years old, perfect except for 3 marks on one side due to being bumped accidentally, cosmetic only (Please write to us for more pictures of the speakers).  Selling for SGD 14,000 neg. (USD 8000), original price was SGD 31,841 (USD 18195).  


Click on pictures for bigger views

Click Me! for review.

Click Me! for specs.



Naim SBL Loudspeakers    (SOLD - Japan)

Black, SGD 2000 (USD 1137) - excellent working condition, external crossovers intact



Avalon Radian Loudspeakers    (SOLD - Singapore)

In excellent condition.  SGD 8000 neg. (USD 4570).  Audition with Audio Research/Jeff Rowland/Basis Debut Gold TT. 


[Radian Image]  Click on picture for specs.



Naim SBL Speakers   (SOLD - Singapore)

walnut (SGD 2800/US$ 1560) - updated drivers, 1995 version.  Or exchange with Nait 5 or Naim CD 3.5 or CD 5 ... 

Walnut version pictures below.  Click on them to see larger picture.


Left Speaker
Right Speaker


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