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Preowned / Used HiFi Sold : Used Loudspeakers


Sonus Faber Amati Homage Loudspeakers (rare white maple)   (Sold)

Excellent condition, with original box, approx. 1.5 year old.  For the connoisseur, very rare white maple, only 3 in the world were made.  This one is serial no. 801, with manufacturing date as 2002 (sold only in 2004).  This model has much tighter tolerances in specs, with better hall of fame parts.  This results in a far better sound that makes the standard Amatis sound so dull. 


Compared to the new Amati Aniversario ?  This white maple Amati Homage is still the better version sonically and in parts quality, cost no object, specially crafted for a special person. Special serial number 801 (8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture).


Read a review by Stereophile - rave review.  But please note that this one offered for sale is a much better version.

Selling Price:

SGD 23800

USD 15250

EUR 12000

GBP 8500


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Sonus Faber Amati in rare light maple

Actual photos,

click for more


Three-way, floorstanding, dynamic loudspeaker.


   1.2" (28mm) soft-dome tweeter,

   7" (180mm) paper/carbon-fiber/titanium-cone midrange unit,

   two 8.3" (210mm) rigid paper/carbon-fiber-cone woofers.

Crossover: first-order "attenuated," 200Hz and 2.5kHz.

Frequency response: not specified.

LF extension: 24Hz.

Measured impedance: 4 ohms nominal.

Measured sensitivity: 92dB/W/m.

Power requirements: 30-300W.
Dimensions: 46" H by 101/2" W by 223/4" D. Weight: 154 lbs each.


Apogee Diva Loudspeakers  (Sold - Singapore)

Very good condition, legendary speakers from Apogee.  "Cream" colour, no box (will be boxed accordingly), includes separate crossovers.



Read User Manual - in pdf

Selling Price:

SGD 6000

USD 3846

EUR 3334

GBP 2143


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Apogee Diva

Actual photo,

click for more


Height 188 cm
Width 82 cm
Depth 7 cm
Bass driver Aluminium/Kapton panel (hand cut)
Midrange Aluminium/Kapton (3 segment)
Tweeter Aluminium single segment
Max Sound Level 115db SPL @ 4m with 100W amplifier in a 18'x25'x8' room
Sensitivity @ 3m 87dB
Frequency response 25Hz (-3dB) to 25kHz
Crossover frequencies (electronic) 550Hz bass to mid, 12kHz mid to tweeter
Suggested amp power 100W (into 8 ohms) 200W (into 4 ohms) with •20amp current
Impedance nominal 3 ohms
Weight 150lbs each
Finishes available Light grey, Anthracite, Taupe, faux marble plus faux wood finishes
Price at time of first sale (1988) •8000 / $7500
Current price in good condition •2500-•3500 / $2000-$4500

Klipsch La Scala Horn Loudspeakers   (Sold - Singapore)

Very good condition for its age.  Does not include box, will be packed accordingly.  No manual, but can be downloaded from website.  Light wood color, almost cherry.


Legendary speakers, part of Klipsch's Heritage series.


"The Heritage Series La Scala three-way loudspeaker provides a very Klipschorn•-like performance with sparkling highs; extreme output, yet smooth midrange; and the unsurpassed low distortion bass response of the patented Klipsch folded-horn woofer. Utilizing the same horn-loaded drivers used in the Klipschorn• and Belle Klipsch, the La Scala is highly efficient and can produce high volumes with very little power and undetectable distortion. The La Scala effectively unveils the recorded musical information, enabling you to hear the intricate detail and emotional response of the artist."


Read more information from Klipsch website (pdf format)

Selling Price:

SGD 3300

USD 2115

EUR 1833

GBP 1179


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Klipsch La Scala Loudspeakers

Actual photo,

click for more


Bandwidth 53hz - 17kHz+/-3dB
Sensitivity 104db @2.38 v /1 meter
Impedance 8 ohms nominal
Crossover Points 400hz and 4.5kHz
Output 121db Maximum continuous
Power Handling 100 watts (400 watts peak)
Enclosure and Drivers Three-way fully horn-loaded system using one 1" (2.54cm) phenolic diaphragm compression driver and one  2" (5.08cm) phenolic diaphragm compression driver with an exponential horn and one 15" (38.1cm) fiber composite cone woofer with an exponential folded horn
Net Weight 123 lbs (55.8kg) each
Height 35.5" (90.2cm)
Width 23.75" (60.3cm)
Depth 24.5" (62.2cm)
Duevel Venus speakers  (Sold - USA)

Excellent condition, less than 1 year old, with special finish (higher price).  Check out the photos.  No box, will be packed accordingly (read more about our packing).


Read More at the Duevel website


Select Component Award by Soundstage! (

Click Me! to read review.


Selling Price:

SGD 4300

USD 2774

EUR 2389

GBP 1593


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Einstein Audio, Duevel

Actual photo, 

click for more


Omnidirectional 2-way-loudspeaker:
    Carbonfibre cone
22 cm
110 mm
Mid- / Highfrequency:
    Textile dome:
34 mm
100 mm
Phaselinear crossover
Power handling:
Beamwidth •3dB:
4 Ohm
88 dB SPL
100 W RMS
20 kg
5 Years

.... Character: Quickly and lively, at the bass rather slim than weighty, but dry and very deep. Featherweightly, very spatial sound with typical point source obsession potential, because there is no burdensome pressure on the ears. The loudspeakers don•t be afraid to stand in little and sovereign in middle rooms.

Robert Schmitz-Nienhaus (H•rerlebnis 34 - 2000)

JM-Reynaud Twins MK3 Loudspeakers   (Sold - Singapore)

Very good condition, with original box. Includes matching JMR Magic Stands.  Beech colour.


Read a review from Positive Feedback


Read a review from TNT-Audio

Selling Price:

SGD 850

USD 532

EUR 473

GBP 304


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Photos  to be

posted soon


Power handling capacity: 60 watts
Frequency response: 50 • 20,000 Hz
Peak power: 140w
Impedance: 4 ohm
Sensitivity: 91dB (2.83 volts)
Distortion: less than 0.8% (level 84 dB)
Dimensions: 15.7" x 7.9" x 10.6" (HWD)


REL Acoustics Strata III Subwoofer   (Sold - New Zealand)

Very good subwoofer, in excellent condition.  Sealed type enclosure, in cherry finish.  Active, 100 watts amplifier, downward-firing 250mm long-throw driver with cast chassis.  230 to 240 volts.


Read HiFi Choice Review

Read reviews from Rel Acoustics website




Selling Price:

SGD 900

USD 563

EUR 500

GBP 322


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Actual photos soon



Read specifications from the Rel Acoustics website

Ruark Equinox speakers  (Sold - Australia)

Good condition loudspeakers, very affordable price offered.  This was a classic British monitor speakers, among the top in its day.  External crossovers are within the stands itself. 


This used to be HiFi Choice's resident speakers used in their reviews.


Click Me! for a review ...


"Drivers include a 25mm, hand-treated, silk-dome (hail, hail!) tweeter with aluminium voice coil and a 165mm mid-bass unit, complete with treated pulp paper cone, pure rubber surround and voice coil wound onto Kapton former. A large vent on the rear baffle keeps the low frequencies going; the crossover point is at 2.8kHz."

Selling Price:

SGD 1400

USD 875

EUR 700

GBP 483


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Ruark Equinox

Actual photos,

click for more


Model: Ruark Equinox loudspeaker
Type: Two-way, bass reflex with integrated cabinet/stand
Frequency response: 45Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 87dB
Impedance: 6 ohms
Power handling: 25-150 watts

Weight: 25 kg each.

Avalon Acoustics Opus Loudspeakers   (Sold - Italy)

In excellent condition, check out the photos.  Curly Maple finish.  Approx. 4.5 years old.  Serial Nos. 0007 and 0008.  Includes original grilles, Apex couplers.  For overseas shipping, will be packed securely in wooden crates.


Opus is a 4-way design, with a unique high-definition down-firing subwoofer.  Released in Year 2000.


Click Me! for more information


Click Me! for a review

Selling Price:

SGD 14000

USD 8750

EUR 7000

GBP 4667


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Actual photos, click for more




Driver Complement:

   1 inch concave ceramic dome tweeter

   3.5 inch concave ceramic dome midrange

   9 inch Nomex-Kevlar composite cone woofer

   9 inch woven carbon fiber cone subwoofer


Sensitivity: 87db

Impedance: 5 ohms nominal (4.5 ohms minimum)

Frequency Response: 28Hz to 24KHz (+/- 1.5db anechoic)

Recommended Amplifier Power: 30 to 300 watts

Dimensions: Height, 41 inches

                      Width: 10 inches

                      Depth: 16 inches

Weight: Before packing - 95 lbs each (43.1 kg each)

Totem Forest speakers   (Sold - Singapore)

Excellent condition, in maple, a premium finish worth SGD 400 more compared to normal finish.  1.5 years old, no box, will be packed professionally for shipping.


Easy to drive by good amplifiers, our 12-watt Leben CS300 drives it effortlessly, hear them at our showroom.  At this offered price, then these Totems are a good choice to be used with the Leben CS300 or other good amps. For those interested,  we can still offer a package deal for this pair of Totems with the amplifier.


" Energy, impact, emotion, clarity of words in any language, richness of low tones, silkiness of strings, warmth and brashness of brass, separation of timbres...all elements that combine to produce exquisite music. From these speakers emerges a multitude of details, of effects, of inflections, of surprising subtleties, everything which, as you know, make music spellbinding! - UHF Magazine, Issue 56.  Click Me! for the full review


"The Forests' imaging was first-rate, and reminiscent of the Revel Salons'. Like the Totem Mani-2s, the Forests seemed to disappear, and leave no audible clues of positions" ... "The Forest's highs were transparent and beguiling, with no brightness, steeliness, or metallic edge." - Stereophile, Apr 2001.  Click Me! for the full review.

Selling Price:

SGD 3600

USD 2250

EUR 1800

GBP 1241


Original Price:

USD 3200


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Totem Forest Speakers

Actual photos,

click for more



Two-way, floorstanding, reflex-loaded dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) aluminum-dome tweeter, 6.5" carbon-fiber-cone bass/mid unit with 3" voice-coil. Crossover frequency: 2.5Hz. Crossover slopes: 12dB/octave. Frequency response: 33Hz-20kHz, •2dB. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m (2.83V). Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 6.4 ohms minimum. Amplifier requirements: 120W continuous, 200W peak.

Dimensions: 36" (910mm) H by 8" (205mm) W by 10.6" (267mm) D. Weight: 36 lbs (16.2kg each). Volume: 25 liters.

Tannoy GRF Memory speakers   (Sold - Vietnam)

Very good condition loudspeakers from Tannoy's Prestige series.  "Point source technology Tannoy Dual ConcentricTM drive units, all of which are meticulously hand crafted in a substantial die cast frame."  Slight scuffs on top of right speaker that can easily be fixed with wood polish.


"The Tannoy GRF Memory won the prestigious Stereo Sound "State-of-the-Art" Award. In fact, Tannoy loudspeakers have a devoted following in Japan where Tannoy are the largest hi-fi loudspeaker import."


For more info and specs, Click Me!

Selling Price:

SGD 6500

USD 4062

EUR 3250

GBP 2241


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Actual photos,

click for more

Rogers LS3/5A Loudspeakers   (Sold - Singapore)

Legendary small speakers, in relatively good condition, considering its age.  Minor imperfections cosmetically, but still presentable and perfectly working - check out the photos.  Walnut-like finish, lightly touched-up.  Rare early version, 15 ohms nominal impedance.  Rare white belly version.  No box, no user manual, will be boxed accordingly for shipping.


"The LS3/5a was designed by the BBC primarily for outside broadcast use where space is at a premium, although in practice they are used in many different broadcast environments including control rooms and edit suites. "


Click Me! for the LS3/5A FAQ


Click Me! for information/tips on LS3/5A


And many other references for LS3/5A on the web, do a search

Selling Price:

SGD 2000

USD 1250

EUR 1000

GBP 667


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Actual photos, click for more




15 ohms nominal impedance

Handling Capacity : 25 watts speech & music (Maximum sound level ideally 95db)

Dimensions: 185mm x 300mm x 160mm (7 1/2" x 6 3/8" x 12")

Weight: 5.5kg each

B&W John Bowers Silver Signature loudspeakers  (Sold - Singapore)

Legendary speakers, released to commemorate B&W's 25th anniversary.  Not only a collector's piece, but one of B&W's best sounding speakers.  Excellent condition, check out the photos.  With box, external crossovers, original silver speaker cables.   Finish: Bobinga wood.


"Bubinga is an African wood, often with striking figure patterns. It is often used in furniture veneers, and its beautiful color makes it excellent for jewelry boxes."


Serial Numbers: 01861 and 01862


Former Stereophile Class A speakers

Stereophile Product of the Year  - Speakers


"It's initially hard to see why a pair should cost US$8000 ... The name gives it away: other than the anodized aluminum tweeter diaphragm, every metal part in the Silver Signature is silver, from the drive-unit voice-coils to the crossover inductors and capacitors, and from the binding posts to the ornamental crosses providing the drive-units with a moderate degree of protection from prying fingers."


"But one thing is certain: I'm buying the review pair to keep as long-term references. That's how good I felt this loudspeaker to be. If US$8000 is burning a hole in your pocket, I encourage you to try these superb B&Ws for yourself."


Read more ... Stereophile Review (for serial numbers 00407 & 00408)

Selling Price:

SGD 6500

USD 4070

EUR 3250

GBP 2167


Original Price:

USD 8000


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Actual photos, click for more



Two-way, stand-mounted, reflex-loaded loudspeaker with Matrix cabinet construction, remote crossover, and all-silver wiring.

Drive-units: 1" (25mm) metal-dome tweeter, 7" (170mm) woven-Kevlar cone woofer.

Measured crossover frequency: 4.2kHz.

Electrical crossover slopes: 2nd-order low-pass, 12dB/octave; 3rd-order high-pass, 18dB/octave.

Frequency response: 100Hz-15kHz •1.5dB, 1/3-octave-weighted; 35Hz-22kHz, -3dB in typical listening room.

Channel matching: typically within 0.25dB.

Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m (2.83V).

Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 5.6 ohms).

Amplifier requirements: 30-120W.
Dimensions: 17.75" (450mm) H by 10" (254mm) W by 9.625" (300mm) D.

Weight: 23 lbs (10.5kg) each.

Rockport Technologies Antares loudspeakers   (Sold - South Korea)

Very good condition, 2 years old, minor hairline marks on finish from moving and positioning, can't help it due to its high-gloss black finish.



Click Me! for the Stereophile review.


* Shipping from France *

Selling Price:

SGD 45000 obo

USD 27000

EUR 21500

GBP 15500


Original price = USD 41500



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Actual Photos, Click to enlarge



Description: Three-way, floorstanding, dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" ferrofluid-cooled Dynaudio Esotar silk-dome tweeter, 6" Audiotechnology cone midrange driver, 13" Audiotechnology cone woofer. Crossover frequencies: 130Hz, 2.1kHz. Frequency response: not specified. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Sensitivity: 89dB/W/m. Power handling: 50W minimum.

Dimensions: 47" H by 16.75" W by 28" D. Weight: 400 lbs each.

Finish: High-gloss black.


Dynaudio Contour S1.4 loudspeakers   (Sold - Australia)

Bought on Jan-31-2004 from local Dynaudio distributor.  Includes 5 years agent transferable warranty.  First owner.  Excellent condition, like new.  All original items still available except box.  Maple finish.  Current model.


We ship worldwide.  These speakers for example will cost USD 290 by air to anywhere in the USA, door-to-door.  GBP 145 to the UK.  For other countries, please email.


Click Me! for more information from Dynaudio's  website.




Selling Price:

SGD 2400

USD 1500

EUR 1200

GBP 800


Original price = USD 2800



Click Me!

to Email Us

Actual Photos, Click for more



Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB
Recommended Amp. Power: Small size rooms: >30 watts
Medium size rooms: >80 watts
Large size rooms: -- watts
IEC Long Term Power Handling: 160 watts
Impedance, Nominal: 4 ohms
Impedance, (20-200 Hz): 3.7 - 33.1 ohms
Impedance, (200-20 kHz): 3.8 - 9.3 ohms
Impedance, Phase Shift (20-200 Hz): -53.9• - +30.4•
Impedance, Phase Shift (200-20 kHz): -4.5• - +19.3•
Impedance, HF (200 kHz): 13.5 ohms
Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 41 Hz - 25 kHz
Resonance Frequency: 46 Hz
Internal Cabinet Volume: 13 litres
Bass Principle: Bass reflex
Weight: 27.7 lbs. (12.6 kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.4• x 15.9• x 14.2• (188 x 404 x 360 mm)
Crossover: 2 way. The crossover is impedance corrected
Crossover Frequencies: 1900 Hz
Crossover Slope: 6 dB/oct
Connection: WBT Gold plated binding posts (for spades and 4 mm plugs)
Recommended Placing: Dynaudio Stand2
Remarks: Tweeter:
28 mm soft dome - technology from Esotar- Magnetic fluid. 5 mm machined aluminium front, with high heat-dissipation, integrated in baffle. Pure aluminium wire voice coil.

Die-cast chassis. 17 cm one-piece moulded MSP polypropylene cone. 75 mm long throw pure aluminium wire voice coil, wound on Kapton
Neodymium magnet ring.

Thick glass fibre-reinforced PCB with extra copper thickness. Capacitors with low loss dielectricum. Zero compression resistors. Inductors wound on •air cores•.

20 mm MDF with internal MDF bracing and bituminous damping panels. Metal baffle sandwiched to the cabinet through a damping panel. Large 70 mm diameter vent with trumpet shape in both ends, vent plugs included. Available in different veneers, maple, cherry, rosewood, and black ash. Custom finishes upon request. Grille with magnetic lock system included. Spikes included.



Click Me! for more information from Dynaudio USA'S website


Avalon Acoustics Eidolon loudspeakers   (Sold - Singapore)

3-Way loudspeakers in very good condition, 6 years old.  Cherry finish, still current model. 


No manual, but it can be downloaded from Avalon website.  Click Me! to read (will take time - large file).


For shipping, will be packed in specially made wooden crates.



Click Me! for more information from Avalon website


Click Me! for the Hi-Fi News review by Martin Colloms


Selling Price:

SGD 20000

USD 12500

EUR 10000

GBP 6667


Original price =  USD 19500



Click Me!

to Email Us

Click Me! for

sample photo from

Avalon website. 


Actual photos to be posted.



Driver complement

1 inch concave ceramic dome tweeter

3.5 inch concave ceramic dome midrange

11 inch Nomex-Kevlar composite cone woofer

Sensitivity 87 db
Impedance 4 ohms nominal (3.6 ohms minimum)
Frequency Response 26Hz to 34KHz (+/- 1.5 db anechoic)
Recommended Amplifier Power 50 to 500 watts
Dimensions Height: 43.5 inches
Width: 12 inches
Depth: 17 inches
Weight 300 lbs (136 kg unpacked) / 150 lbs each


Avalon Radian HC loudspeakers   (walnut)    (Sold - Italy)

One of the better Avalon speaker models, most open and dynamic of the lot.  Walnut, very good condition, does not include spikes.  Owner was worried about the speakers falling down, replaced the spikes with rubber feet, and kept the spikes, unfortunately never to be seen again.

Selling Price:

SGD 8000

USD 4700

EUR 3800

GBP 2550


Click Me!

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Actual photo,

click for more

"Retaining the overall technical specifications of the standard Radian, the HC version employs an entirely redesigned crossover. The Radian HC was specifically conceived for unique system configurations, wherein high current amplification and properly tuned transmission lines (Loudspeaker cables) are available to drive the loudspeaker system.

By optimizing crossover parameters with the pre-assumption that the correct time-domain information will be available at the loudspeaker input terminals, many sonic benefits are obtainable with the High Current version of the Radian. Most notable among these benefits are: improved instrumental harmonic integrity, overall micro-dynamic resolution and inter-transient silence, and general improvement in low level detail resolution. Secondary improvements include: finer imaging definition, focus, and instrumental stage placement. The finest system set-ups (equipment and room treatment) with the Radian will provide stunning 3-D holographic imaging."


Driver Complement: 1" inverted dome Titanium tweeter
3 1/2" Nomex/Kevlar composite cone midrange
Dual 8" Nomex/Kevlar composite cone woofers
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (3.6 ohms minimum)
Frequency Response: 34 Hz to 24 kHz (+/- 1.5 dB, anechoic)
(In room, -3dB point ~20Hz)
Recommended Power: 50 to 500 watts
Dimensions: 48" high x 12" wide x 19" deep
Weight: 170 pounds (each)


Verity Audio Fidelio loudspeakers     (Sold - Singapore)

Excellent condition, with full original packing and manuals, traded-in item for Living Voice.


The Fidelio is a many time prize-winning loudspeaker who got four major distinctions since its introduction in 1998: Recommended Component Class A in Stereophile, Reviewer's Choice and Aesthetics & Sound awards by Soundstage Magazine and Product of the Year 2000 in Korea by Hi Fi Journal.



Click Me! for the Soundstage! review


Click Me! for the Audiophilia review

Selling Price:

SGD 6500

USD 3850

EUR 3160

GBP 2160


Original Price: USD 7150


Click Me!

to Email Us

Verity Audio Fidelio Loudspeaker

Actual photos to be posted soon



"Sensitivity is rated as 88dB/W/m, and nominal impedance is said to be 8 ohms. The designers tell me that the impedance never dips below 6 ohms, which, if true, makes the Fidelio an easy drive for most amplifiers."


Size: 37.5"H x 10.3"W x 13.7"D

Weight: 52 pounds / 23.6 kg each

Frequency Response: 35 Hz to 22 000 Hz • 3.0 dB



"The drivers here are a soft dome tweeter and a 5" "underhung symmetrical drive" midrange with polypropylene cone. Both are designed for "quick rise-time symmetrical drive for light speed and authentic transients." In the bottom section a 7" long throw woofer with a carbon fibre impregnated cone is employed at rear in a ported enclosure. A single set of high quality gold plated 5-way posts is provided below the port. The "finest Italian polyester based lacquer" forms the finish for the cabinet, applied over black satin paint. Piano black finish is available on special order."


Martin Logan Clarity loudspeakers    (Sold - Singapore)

New model, released in 2003.  2003 International CES Showcase Award - Innovations 2003 Award.


7 months old only, with full warranty from local distributor.  With manual, no original box.  Trade-In item -  will be available this month (awaiting arrival of replacement speakers).




31 lbs/each
53" H x 10.2" W x 12.25" D (135 x 25.9 x 31.1cm)


Selling Price:

SGD 2900

USD 1700

EUR 1390

GBP 940


Click Me!

to Email Us

Click Me! for more information from the Martin Logan website


Martin Logan Ascent i   (Sold - Singapore)

New model, only released in 2003.  Trade-in item, mint condition, 3.5 months old only with receipt, not even broken-in yet.  With manual, no box. 


"Descended from the precision performance characteristics and aesthetic of the Prodigy, Ascent i incorporates a new Generation 2 stat panel featuring ClearSpar technology, extended and accurate low-end performance, 3/8• Prodigy spikes, and enhanced cabinet and stator finishes"

Selling Price:


SGD 5500

USD 3250

EUR 2650

GBP 1770


Original Price = SGD 8000 / USD 4700


Click Me!

to Email Us

Actual photos, click for more

Click Me! for more information from the Martin Logan website


Cello Elves  (Sold - Singapore)

Very good condition, light wood maple finish (not black).

"The Elves Speaker is an attractive, dynamic, time-aligned design with high efficiency and wide dynamic range.

The Elves compact size permits extraordinary flexibility. One pair can be placed on stands or hung on a wall in a simple stereo system. One can be used as the center channel in a home theater system. The Elves are ideally suited to surround channel applications as well."

Click Me! for more information

Selling Price:

SGD 5000

USD 2925

EUR 2395

GBP 1680


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