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Living Voice Vox Olympian


The Living Voice Flagship :

Living Voice Vox Olympian


"The result of almost a decade's painstaking design, listening and refinement - the Living Voice Vox Olympian horn loudspeaker. 


Click Me! to read the 6 Moons industry feature which covers some of the background and development history of our finest loudspeaker to date."


Living Voice Vox Olympian


Living Voice Vox Olympian


"The Living Voice Vox Olympian represents the embodiment of an individual ideal of excellence. Rightly so, for our personal individuality, and that of those who inspire, move and touch us should be something to be celebrated, cherished, and ultimately treasured.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the reproduced works of music of the world•s great artists.

Music starts where words end. The best music • in itself a hugely personal judgement • has an ability to touch the human spirit and reveal the depths of our soul like no other art form. It can alter our mood, lift our spirits, evoke wonderful memories and great passion, conjure cinematic imagery, energise us and remind us of our very mortality.

The Vox Olympian, then, above all else, is a celebration.

This loudspeaker has been a huge undertaking; two decades of evolution and learning, five years of intensive prototyping and development. It is about passion and understanding: a synthesis of the objective, and the intuitive. The Vox Olympian is a distillation of everything that I personally value in musical experience.


The ambition was to create a work of art in the true sense, with every aspect considered as part of a harmonious balance • a blend of natural geometric forms fabricated from intrinsically beautiful materials. Synthesising artisanal furniture-making technique with precision engineering, it possesses an old world value system where uncompromised quality is the principal driving force.

But most importantly, it is a creation able to transport you to individual, resonant, emotional worlds, creating a seamless musical experience peerless in its artistic persuasion.

Each pair of Vox Olympians is a unique product, built to order in the woods and finishes of your individual preference, or as specified by your interior designer. The finish levels include: a rustic, oiled, unsealed open wood grain with matt lustre; classic sealed open-grain with low satin lustre; hand-rubbed full-grain French polish with opulent yet elegant 30% gloss and finally, beyond these traditional artisan based techniques, you can specify opaque, high build polyester lacquers in any colour of your choosing with a lustre level ranging from matt to full gloss.


As part of the bespoke service, each pair of Vox Olympians sold anywhere in the world will be optimised, in-situ, for maximum performance in their given environment by their designer.
Is this the world•s best loudspeaker? In truth, it•s not for us to say, we prefer to leave it for others to others to judge."


Kevin Scott

Vox Olympian Designer,

Living Voice,
September 2010


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